Best Puncture Proof Camping Air Mattress

Best Puncture Proof Camping Air Mattress

If you are looking for a temporary sleeping arrangement, a puncture proof air mattress would be an ideal option. However, is there really a puncture proof mattress? Can you really find a cat or dog proof air mattress?
The direct answer is: No

However, we can improve our odds of not having to worry about aid leaks by investing in a high-quality heavy duty air mattress.

The best puncture resistant air mattresses do not come cheap. These are high-quality beds that have a heavy-duty base, are made from thicker materials, and have multiple layers to protect the surface from sharp objects.

When you are out camping and would be depending on an air mattress for a good night’s sleep, the last thing you want is for it to get a puncture.

The puncture resistant air beds have a higher price tag. After all, these mattresses are made from heavy duty, high-quality materials that will prevent them from getting punctured at your camping site.

Best Puncture Proof Camping Air Mattress

Hiking and camping are probably the toughest adventures where you can use a mattress. Therefore, it’s important to get a super tough camping air mattress to avoid the likelihood of dealing with punctures at night.

There are different types of camping airbeds you can choose from. Read on for reviews of the best puncture proof air beds you can buy:

Alps Mountaineering

ALPS Mountaineering Rechargeable Mattress BedThe Alps Mountaineering is a super tough heavy duty air mattress that will be perfect for any camping adventure. The mattress is available as Queen and Twin air beds and comes inspected for quality straight from the factoring.

The materials used to make the Alps Mountaineering are considerably thicker than that of its competition. The heavy-duty PVC is used on the bottom and the sides of the bed and is 17% thicker than what you would find used in other airbeds. The PVC thickness significantly increases the puncture resistant capability of the bed.

The camping air bed also has a soft flocked top that holds sheets in place amazingly. The top is 10% thicker than that of other dog or cat proof air mattresses you would find in the market.

Apart from the puncture resistant materials, here are three other features that make the Alps Mountaineering the best air mattress for camping:

  • Portable and compact. When packing the car up for a camping trip or moving camping sports, finding space is usually an issue. However, you won’t have this problem with the Alps Mountaineering. This air mattress is compact and comes with a carry case to minimize space.
  • Single level mattress. The air mattress is durable and single level. The bed is just 8.5 inches in height, which makes it ideal for camping as it will easily fit in your tent.
  • Rechargeable Pump. The camping air bed is fitted with a small rechargeable pimp that is easy to store to save space. The pump may be small but works just as well as some of the bigger pumps on the market. Within a mere three minutes, the pump would have inflated the bed. The mattress also comes with the required car and wall chargers for recharging the pump.

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Fox Plush High Rise Air Bed – The Best Puncture Resistant Air Bed for Tall People

fox air bedMost tall people struggle to find an air mattress that is suitable for their height. If you’ve been having a difficult time finding a camping air bed that would be suitable for your height, check the Fox Air beds. These are the longest air beds on the market, reaching 80 inches. Therefore, the bed would fit people up to 6”6’.

The Fox Airbed comes in Twin X, Full Queen, and Full King sizes. Any of the sizes would be suitable for you since the mattress is extra-long at 80 inches.

Fox Airbeds are manufactured with a vinyl material that makes them puncture resistant. The vinyl used on the bed is 43% thicker than what is used on most camping air beds. The mattress measures 20 inches from the floor to the top, which makes it an excellent option for a guest or long-term air mattress.

The Fox air mattress is has a built-in pump that quickens the setup. Keep in mind that you will have to turn the pump off after inflating the mattress. The pump has an additional inlet valve that allows you to use an external pump (whether the old school foot pump or a battery-operated one) to inflate the bed.

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Simply Sleeper Triple Layered Airbed – Best Air Bed for Home Use

SIMPLY SLEEPER TRIPLE LAYERED AIRBEDThe traditional PVC tends to swell, warp or expand out of shape. As a result, beds made with the material usually end up sagging or having a huge bubble at the center. Moreover, the swelling can make the PVC more prone to getting punctured.

The Simply Sleeper air mattress has been designed to counter the problems of the traditional PVC. As a result, the mattress is rated as one of the best puncture proof air beds for camping and home use. The air bed is made using Durmothane Polyester Laminate Technology, which makes use of three different materials to reduce the probability of the mattress being punctured.

On the outside is the Polyester layer that helps to prevent the PVC from warping out of shape. The outer layer is thick, which makes the mattress durable.

On the inside is the heavy gauge PVC that is protected by the laminate layer.

The Simply Sleeper air bed comes in different sizes, all of which have a built-in pump. This is a great air mattress for long-term home use or camping. The pump inflates the mattress fast. In under two minutes, your air mattress will be ready for use. The horizontal air channels of the air mattress provide excellent support to ensure you get a comfortable night sleep.

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Editor’s Verdict: Best Camping Air Mattress

The above are the best puncture resistant mattresses for camping. We especially love the Alps Mountaineering for its sturdy build and quick inflation. The mattress is made from a thick material that is not likely to get punctured when you are out camping.

For tall people, we recommend you go with the Fox Plush air mattress. Stretching to 80 inches in length, you are sure to have a good night sleep in this camping air mattress.

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