Best Chart Plotter Fish Finder Combo

Best Chart Plotter Fish Finder Combo

A fish finder with a GPS setting will show you what’s going on under the water body effortlessly. It also has the ability to create waypoints for ease of navigation especially in unknown areas, track your locations and store any fishing hotspots you uncover or plan on returning to. How else can you explain a better fishing experience than one when you are using a GPS fish finder combo?

In addition, the best chart plotter fish finder combo is budget-friendly and guarantees value for money. This means it saves you the hassle of buying two different gadgets for the same purpose. We have done the legwork for you and rounded up some of the best chart plotter fish finder combo available on the market.

The chart plotter fish finder combo on our list are outfitted with state-of-the-art GPS and sonar technology that’s help users catch more fish. They are equally reliable when it comes to navigation. This article also gives an overview of some the factors you need to consider when looking for these devices to suit your needs. There’s something for every fisher whether you prefer fishing in lakes, open waters or need a chart plotter. Let’s dive right in!

Best Chart Plotter Fish Finder Combo

  1. Humminbird Helix5 Fish Finder GPS Combo


Humminbird Helix5 Fish Finder GPS Combo has it all. This chart plotter fish finder combo has a range of impressive features to help you catch fish ranging from pre-loaded maps, internal GPS, down imaging and CHIRP sonar among others. The latter produces high resolution images of the landscape at the bottom of the water in narrow and wide beam and pictures of the structure and fish. What’s more, you’ll be able to clearly see what’s going on underneath thanks to down imaging.

The fish finder GPS combo unit features a large LCD display screen that displays crispy clear images best suited for use on smaller boats. This chart plotter fish finder combo also displays the temperature, speed data and depth readings. The best thing about this fish finder is that it makes navigation a breeze.

In addition, Humminbird Helix5 Fish Finder GPS Combo comes with the brand’s Base map that includes preset terrain maps and a high-quality GPS. When exploring the water, depth markers, marinas, buoys, spot soundings, contours and danger symbols display on the LCD screen. The auto chart live, on the other hand, allows the user to not only build but also store maps of the hotspots and favorite fishing spots on the microSD card.

  1. Garmin Striker 4 GPS Fish Finder Combo

Garmin Striker 4 GPS Fish Finder Combo


Garmin Striker 4 GPS Fish Finder Combo is one of the best fishing gadgets available on the market. This fish finder is relatively affordable and will give you the best of both worlds including the complexity and sharpness of the structure, objects and fish. The CHIRP transducer and ClearVu sonar technology tend to generate continuous successions of high and low frequencies that result in better readings.

This fish finder delivers sharper fish arches, with better resolution and target separation. It’s one of the best GPS fish finder combo owing to its accuracy in depth reading in shallow and deep water alike. You can identify docks, boat ramps and brush piles and also build waypoints maps to guide you through the waters for ease of navigation. Besides, the Garmin GPS has high-sensitivity.

The fish finder can also help you store the hotspots and your favorite fishing places for future use. This fish finder usually uses the GPS to calculate and also show speed so that the user can see the right pace for the species you are going for and the fishing bait. It’s high performing and equally portable even though it’s a little bit smaller than its counterparts with the same specifications. Its size makes it ideal for fishing canoes and kayaks.

Garmin Striker 4 GPS Fish Finder Combo also comes with a portable kit for portability4 and protection. You can swap the device between boats and its small design doesn’t necessarily obstruct fishing or paddling. The weight and size of this fish finder makes it perfect for bouncing from one ice hole to the other with ease. Plus, it features an ice fishing flasher. This fish finder is equally easy to use thanks to the intuitive yet basic UI.

  1. Simrad Chart Plotter Fish Finder Combo

Simrad Chart Plotter Fish Finder Combo


Simrad Chart Plotter Fish Finder Combo is best suited for day boats, sports boats and other boats with smaller consoles. It’s no doubt the best chart plotter fish finder combo available on the market. It features an array of charts such as a super bright and large display, insight, NV digital, advanced technologies, Navionics, MAX-N, CMAP and a high speed GPS receiver. You can access the updates and charts thanks to wireless connection through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

With the fish finder, you can create waypoints and also store your favorite fishing spots. You can locate suitable fishing and navigation areas using the Simrad radar. This fish finder can scan underneath the boat and the sides to give you high resolution wide angle pictures of the fish-holding structure and the fish in the water. All this is made possible with the down imaging, chirp sonar and medium to high frequency transducer.

This fish finder combo also displays the speed of the boat, water temperature and the depth of the water. Simrad is a renowned brand that’s known to make high-quality products and this chart plotter fish finder combo is no exception. This fish finder has a 7-inch display that can be bracket or flat mounted. It’s not only well organized but also produces high resolution images.

Simrad Chart Plotter Fish Finder Combo additionally features a super bright LED backlight that helps illuminate areas with poor lighting conditions especially during the night. It also has simple and easy to use touchscreen interface. This fish finder is equally flexible and customizable for use in a different water sport such as sailing and power boating.

  1. Lowrance HDS-7 Live Chart Plotter Fish Finder Combo

Lowrance HDS-7 Live Chart Plotter Fish Finder Combo


Lowrance HDS-7 Live Chart Plotter Fish Finder Combo is one of the finest devices available on the market for dedicated fishers. It’s a high-end model with some of the brand’s impressive features including Downscan imaging, Sidescan imaging, structure scan and total scan HD resolution, fish reveal targeting and 3-in-1 CHIRP sonar transducer. The displayed details, fish separation and picture quality are outstanding. A comparison of active imaging 3D and CHIRP sonar pictures offer unmatchable perspective.

Just as the name suggests, Lowrance HDS-7 Live Chart Plotter Fish Finder Combo is also an excellent chart plotter. It comes with C-MAP easy routing, detailed upgraded maps with more than 4000 lakes and a GPS antenna with high accuracy and Navionics capabilities. The Genesis live allows the user to chart the fishing spot or the lake. This fish finder works with Gen2 touch, sonic hub, Nema-2000 and point one among other devices.

The Lowrance HDS-7 additionally features a great 7-inch HD display with a high visibility contrast and dynamic color spectrum. You can mount it in the bow of the boat to clearly see the display from all angles even under direct sunlight. This full-featured fish finder model delivers sophisticated technologies and split-screen views without latency owing to strong quad- and dual-core CPU’s.

Lowrance HDS-7 Live Chart Plotter Fish Finder Combo can also sync with your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. This typically means that it can send notifications from your phone to the HDS-7 to allow you to focus on the activity at hand for a better fishing experience. This fish finder guarantees value for money since it’s a worthwhile investment with long-lasting durability.

  1. Garmin Echomap Chirp 94SV Fish Finder GPS Combo

Garmin Echomap Chirp 94SV Fish Finder GPS Combo


If you are looking for the best chart plotter fish finder combo with side imaging, then Garmin Echomap Chirp 94SV Fish Finder GPS Combo is your best bet. It features CHIRP SideVu sonar that helps scan both the right and left of the boat in addition to CHIRP ClearVu sonar for sonar readings and Chirp conventional sonar that shows the structure of the water underneath.

The Garmin Finder GPS Combo delivers high resolution images of the structure beneath, excellent target separation, sides of the boat, sharp fish arches and photographic views of objects and the fish. If you’d like to watch what’s going on under the water then this fish finder will come in handy since its compatible with Panoptix. Thanks to the GPS feature, you can easily create waypoints and mark them for ease of navigation.

Garmin Echomap Chirp 94SV Fish Finder GPS Combo features a 5Hz internal GPS that updates heading and location per second. As a chart plotter, it’s ideal for use in saltwater as it usually comes preloaded a wide range of charts covering the entire coast of America. It also comes with QuickDraw contour programs that allows you to create you own maps as you fish. It’s easy to operate and has a robust design just like other fish finders from the Garmin family.

What’s the Difference Between a Fish Finder and a Chart Plotter?

The answer to this question is not quite definite. The GPS feature utilizes satellites to help determine the location. They certainly come with maps unless it’s ancient or falls on the lower side of the pricing spectrum. This applies to both sea and land. Generally, a chart plotter is a typical GPS with maritime application.

A fish finder, on the other hand, is a sonar type that usually displays a clear view of the underwater. A simple fish finder doesn’t have any maps but can tell the user the depth of the water. Most chart plotters either have or have been upgraded with sonar sensors to allow them to work as fish finders. Many chart plotters from Garmin include GPS in the title but its not included in the maritime area as a category.

Which One is Better Between Sonar and Chirp Technology?

CHIRP Technology – Compressed High-Intensity Radiated Pulse is a state-of-the-art technique used by the military in sonar and radar since time immemorial. It made its way to recreational sonars in 2009 with a broadband frequency ranging up to 117kHz. Most CHIRP fish finders usually broadcast longer pulses compared to conventional sonar which means they deliver more energy to the water column.

Fish finders that use CHIRP technology emit a wide range of frequencies as opposed to a single one like regular 2D sonar. With every pulse, the transducer starts to vibrate at a lower frequency before modulating upwards to a much higher frequency during the length of the pulse. For instance, 130kHz to 210kHz.

Traditional sonars, on the other hand, usually emit 1% or thereabout of the time which is quite the opposite for CHIRP sonar broadcasts. The latter emits ascending pulses which are more than five times stronger. CHIRP systems deliver up to 50 times more energy to the water column even though they broadcast at low peak power as compared to standard fish finders.

Is Garmin Better than Simrad?

Both Garmin and Simrad are giving each other a run for their money when it comes to technology. The latter introduces side scanning in a year and Garmin comes up with a better version of the side scan a year later. There’s a time Garmin introduced radars motion detectors and afterwards, Simrad made its superior version. You can’t tell which of these two brands are better than the other.

Which One is Better Between Humminbird and Lowrance?

Humminbird stands out when it comes to invention and also introduced side imaging and 360-degree sonar into the industry. Some of their products were not successful but that just shows that the brand is ready to take risks to come up with some of the greatest products on the market to suit their customer’s needs.

Which One is Better Between Garmin and Humminbird?

Garmin launched Quickdraw contours and echo map CHIRP while Humminbird was the first to introduce side imaging and 360-degree sonar. Humminbird offers larger screen models up to about 15 inches while the largest in Garmin is only 9 inches big. The latter makes precise fish finders when it comes to the GPS feature which doesn’t include a map software.

Most high-end fish finders from Humminbird have sophisticated capabilities like Ethernet and Wi-Fi connections among others. Humminbird appears to be better than Garmin since it has more functionality, bigger displays and is relatively affordable. However, both of these brands have lots of advancements.

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