6 Best Fish Scalers

6 Best Fish Scalers

Fishing is enjoyable and scaling isn’t so pleasant, but it’s fun to get rid of fish scales using the best fish scalers. People of diverse lives and vocations use fishing as a competitive sport, hobby or leisure activity. For some, it is a family custom that is passed down from generation to generation.

The other advantages of fishing and the benefits you get include connecting with others, lowering stress, and enjoying outdoor experience. Whatever the cause, the delight of pitching a net, tossing fishing rod into water and catching a fish is overpowering.

Fish turns into a supper or dinner at some time after the enjoyable moment of fishing. Fish preparation, including scale removal, is both a hard work and a challenge. Descaling or scaling is necessary since fish scales are inedible and therefor all you want from the fish is its meat.

Scaling doesn’t have to be laborious If you utilize the appropriate scale removing tools, this process will be easy for you. If you are unclear about how and what equipment to use, then dint worry because we will walk you through six of the best fish scalers that are available today.

Top 6 Best Fish Scalers

1. MaQue Electric Fish Scaler

MaQue Electric Fish Scaler


The MaQue Electric is a fish scaler that is popular among many folks that adore variety when fishing. These best fish scalers have an amp motor that rotates in high speed. It can also handle any kind of fish whether small or big to offer you a great overall performance in precision and speed.

Some of the capabilities making this fish scaler amazing include its increased power from the cord that is flexible. This cord will not interfere with your hand motions when you are scaling the fish.

It is also easy to clean and maintain MaQue Electric Scaler thanks to the coating which is impregnated making it free of rust and resistant to corrosion.

This fish scaler also has various protective mechanisms for the safety of anybody using it. When you are using it, the scales from the fish deflects downwards so you do not worry about cleaning the entire place once you are done. There is also a handle that does not slip from your hands.

2. Amzchen Electric Fish Scaler

Amzchen Electric Fish Scaler


If you’re in a good budget, you need to look for these best fish scalers since they are very effective and also not expensive. However, you should note that it does not come with the extra amazing features that the high-end costly scalers have.

Amzchen Electric Scaler is equally ideal for individuals that deal with scaling applications in small quantities. Commercial scalers are not going to benefit from it due to the fact it cannot manage to handle large quantities of fish.

Because it cannot be used to descale a large number of fish cannot be said that this best fish scaler has no better features. In fact, for beginners, you can use it to remove scales of both fresh water and saltwater fish. It is also made of a steel that do not rust even when used for a long period of time.

The scaler allows you to select the quantity of voltage you want between 100 to 250 volts. The amount of time it takes to fully charge this scaler is approximately one hour twenty minutes.

The speed of rotation is 6000 rounds in one minute. You can utilize this water proof scaler continually for four hours before recharging it.

How to use the scaler

  • Before using Amzchen Electric Fish Scaler, ensure the battery is charged
  • When charging, ensure the charging connector is dry before plugging in your scaler
  • Avoid using these best fish scalers in water with a temperature of 60 degrees and above.
  • Protect your hands when using it to avoid getting injured
  • Do not touch the head of this scale when it has been turned on
  • The scaler should be kept out of children’s reach.

 3. SKINZIT Electric Fish Skinner

SKINZIT Electric Fish Skinner


I have earlier discussed a little bit of electric driven drum scalers which may be comfortable in case you are scaling more than 20 fish once. SKINZIT Scaler is powered by electricity and is made of a stainless steel.

These best fish scalers are able to handle many fish in a short period of time. For instance, you can remove scales from 50 fish in just 209 minutes. Another thing making this scaler to stand out is that it does not mess your clothes, floor or the walls with scales. It is ideal for domestic and commercial uses.

The scaler is offered in a water-proof housing that protects the electrical motor. When switched on, the motor runs and this enables you to work without noise and if you like, you can listen your favorite music while getting the fish descaled. The performance of this best fish scaler is great and effective plus you will find it easy to clean and operate.

Other qualities making this scaler the best is the polypropylene tub that is resistant to mildew and odor. This puts it an ideal tool for any kind of climatic conditions. This creates it in particular adequately for each form of weather. I need to note on this SKINZIT assessment that this scaler also doubles up as a rib bone extractor.

4. Ultimate Fish Scaler

Ultimate Fish Scaler


Ultimate Fish Scaler is a significant brand with a number of the excellent products within the industry. This fish scaler is an electric driven gadget and one of the company’s greatest famous items. This best fish scaler is flexible and may handle fish of various sizes without causing any damage.

It is also secure to use and incredibly effective because the design of its blade is configured to protect both you and the fish when being used.

Ultimate Fish Scaler has a handler fitted with a soft rubber to assist in protecting your harms during work and reduces arm fatigue during long periods of working. The metals used to make this device are rust0resistant and the scaler also comes with a warranty cover that lasts for one year

The only problem with it is that the scales flies all over the place you are working on meaning that it messes you and your working environment.

5. Speder Electric Fish Skin Scaler

Speder Electric Fish Skin Scaler


While having a weight of most effective 2-1 lbs, Speder Fish Scaler is low-priced and the easiest scaler to maintain and clean. This best fish scaler also has a design that is water resistant style meaning that it will not be damaged by water irrespective of how regularly you run it.

Furthermore, it comes with a cover casing made of plastic that functions as a guard that protects the user from injuries during usage. The cover can be used and then once you are done scaling, remove it and then clean or wash it. The motor of this fish scaler is having a total power of 70-watts hence it is ideal for multiple scaling of fish.

The most important thing to remember about this scaler before buying is that during operation, it messes the clothes of the person using it as well as the workstation. That is why it is recommended that you put on an overall or an apron before using it.

Another why to prevent the mess is by washing it under the water.

6. Big Norm Feet Magic Fish Scaler

Big Norm Feet Magic Fish Scaler


Big Norm Feet is a fish scaler operated manually and is manufactured by Tackle Factory. This best fish scaler is easy to operate and takes fish scaling to high standards. It is light-weight and you will be able to carry it along with you while going to fish.

Even though this scaler is smaller and not heavy, it can handle both small and big fish without causing any damage. It is more effective in scaling large fish such as snappers than small fish.

The plastic that sustains high impact force protects the fish from being cut like some other scalers made of metal does. In addition, when you buy this best fish scaler, it comes with protective gloves.

Another notable feature that makes this device one of the best is the material used to make it is easy to clean and resistant to rust and corrosion.

How to use

  • Use the feet of the Big Norm scaler to rub the fish
  • Put some little pressure so as to remove the scales
  • If you want the best results, do this process under the water
  • When you are done, clean the scaler

The components listed below are going to assist you in selecting the best fish scaler that meets your needs. After you’ve completed this, the following step is taking the available options into consideration. Because fish scalers are available in a variety of sizes and types, there exists some very few options to help you decide which type of scaler to use.

Peeling scalers

Peeling scalers are the most common types among individuals who rarely scale fish that are large. They seem like your normal vegetable peelers that have edges which are serrated.

This enables them to be fast and effective when scaling fish. They are also easy to operate and clean since they have a compartment that holds scales preventing them from flying all over your workstation.

Scaling brushes

The Scrappers or brushes are tools made of stainless steel or plastic and seem more like gardening tools than gadgets for remove fish scales. They have handles and heads that are wide and the head is fitted with teeth like attachments used to scale fish. These scrapers are easy to maintain and clean.

Scaling Knives

These knives are available in various types. The normal fillet knife and basic scaler knife. If you do not have a fillet knife for scaling fish, you can use a butter knife.

Although the knives can do a better job in scaling fish, it is not ideal for scaling fish that are large or many in number. The reason is that the knives do not have handles that are non-stick forcing you to hold them tightly onto fish during scaling.

Electric scalers

This type of scale are the most common and efficient gadgets to scale fish than those that are operated manually. They are the perfect scalers for individuals who scale a large number of fish per day. Most of the electric scalers have shapes that are similar to those of manual scalers.

The cording however, changes from one knife to another. The good thing about them is that they have handles that are comfortable to hold as well as additional blades that enables you to switch between them easily. If you want to disassemble them so as to clean, you will do it easily without any challenge.

This fillet knife is very precise and sharp. The issue with them however, is that during scaling, fish scales fly all over where you are working making cleaning a necessary task. Electric scalers are also more costly than the manual counterparts.

There is another type of this automatic knives called Drill Scalers. A drill can be converted into this model by attaching a fillet drill to the standard drill equipment.

Electric drill scalers are perfect for using in places where the scaling of large number of fish is done because it does not demand intensive labor.

The drill scalers are highly recommended to be used in a work station located outdoor since fish scales will fly and fill all over. They are long lasting and do not need lubrication.

Another thing making them the best in the market is because they are resistant to rusting and do not harm the person using them. All these benefits as always come with a price. They are very costly.

Drill bucket is another scaler that is identical to the drum scaler. Their only difference is that the bucket scaler removes scales by using a beater whereas in drum scaler, water is used. The beaters are attached to electric drill that tosses the fish inside the bucket removing as it rotates.

The good thing about them is that the scales do not fly over and therefore cleaning after scaling is so easy.

Best Fish Scaler Buying Guide

The best way to save time and energy when shopping for the best fish scaler is understanding the qualities and features of the scaler you are looking for.

The following features are going to help make your search easy by guiding you to the right scaler.

Amount of fish

The first thing to do before going to buy any fish scaler is considering the number of fish you are going to scale every day. Commercial fish scale will need the use of a scaler that handles large number of fish while domestic fish scaling requires a fish scaler that handles small number of fish.


The frequency of fish scaling is another factor to take into account when buying a best fish scaler. This means that if you are going to use the scaler either daily, monthly, or once a year, it is important to purchase a scaler that is up to the task.

People working in a fishing company will need a scaler that can do the job every day. This consideration assists in budgeting the amount of money needed to buy the best scaler.


The prices of the various types of scalers available on the market is also another very important factor when shopping for the best scaler. This will help you to chose the best store that offers a modest cost as well as helps you to avoid from breaking your budget.


The best fish scaler is the one that can be used for a long period of time without repairs or replacements. You should always go for those that are durable.

This depends on the materials used to manufacture them. A simple way to identify one is checking out if the material is resistant to rust and corrosion.

Ease of cleaning up after use

During scaling the fish scales tend to fly all over creating a mess on your working station and this will force you clean the place once you are done with the fish.  Cleaning scales from the working area may sometimes be a cumbersome task.

It is therefore recommended that you buy fish scalers that hold on the scales and the only cleaning you will do is emptying them from the accumulator or storage compartment. Such scalers are ideal for individuals who do fish scaling every day.


If you scale fish using a wrong scaler, you risk getting or your hands developing blisters and aches on your body or muscles. It is crucial to ensure that the scaler you will buy will be comfortable for you during scaling. Currently a comfortable best fish scaler is the one with grips that do not slip when being used.

Method of scaling

The method of fish scaling you prefer also determines the type of fish scaler you need. If you want to scale a large number of fish every single day then electric scalers should be your option because they can handle the job pretty well. If ion the other hand you do scaling once in a week or scale a few fish daily, consider manual scalers.

What you need to note however, is that the electric and manual fish scalers are available in various brands and version. The electric models are also more expensive than the manual scalers.


If you deal with other types of meat and not fish alone, then it is good that you consider buying a fish scaler knife that can multitask. This is because some electric knives used to scale fish also make an excellent meat cutter.

These scalers that can multitask have extra blades that can be changed when not scaling fish. If you buy them, it will save you the need to spend more money buying other tools apart from fish scalers.


The speed of rotation per minute of a scaler is something that most people overlook when they are buying fish scalers that are powered by an electric motor. If you buy a scaler with low speed, you may end up taking a long period of time to finish scaling fish particularly if you are handling many fish in a day.

Choose a scaler that does the work fast to avoid getting bored or tired whenever using it. As a matter of fact, electric scalers are more efficient when speed is a concern as compared to manual scalers.

Maintenance and cleaning

When you are using a scaler that messes around forcing you to clean the work station every time you scale is a nightmare you should avoid at all costs. Make sure you buy a tool that has a compartment that holds the scales from flying all over. This will enable you to clean and maintain them easily.

Another helpful factor to check out is whether the scaler has some parts that can be dish washed or whether they can be detached and washed separately. Most importantly, ensure the materials used are resistant to water or corrosion.


The above best fish scalers and their buying guide will help anyone looking to improve their scaling job in a fast and efficient manner. The listed scalers are ideal for all people including professionals and amateurs working in a fishing sector.

With all this in hand, scaling will no longer be a problem to you because all you have to do is use the buying guide and select the best fish scalers we have discussed above.

The Amzchen Electric Scaler is the best fish scaler I would recommend to anyone because this tool does an amazing job for both beginning and advanced fishermen. Its teeth are driven by a powerful motor that enables it to do a great job in descaling fish.  The head of this scaler is also made of a stainless steel that is resistant to rust or corrosion making it last long with you as you scale fish.

It is my hope that this guide has helped you in finding the best fish scaler you are looking for or has enlighten you to make an informed decision.

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