The Best Fishing Lures and Flies

The Best Fishing Lures and Flies

Superstitions abound especially around the best sizes and colors when choosing fishing lures and flies. Try imitating the hatching flies in a water body where fish usually feed on them and the laying eggs on the surface. As the old adage goes, match the hatch and this goes for everything. If herring are around, it’s only fair to assume that large predators eat them up as opposed to menhaden, for instance, which may not be around at that particular time or are simply out of season.

Standing out is yet also another theory although it’s entirely contradictory. In layman terms, if you see green fish in water, you can throw in a pink lure as it helps draw attention and catch the target species. Does paying attention to detail and quality influence the lifelike of a lure or fly? The answer to this question goes both ways, no and yes.

Some of the simplest lures caught a significant number of fish compared to their detailed counterparts. This especially happens at the bottom structure with poor lighting and murky conditions where even the fish can maneuver effortlessly as it tends to be blurry. In others, such as dry fly fishing especially in clear streams, the fly should be a clear imitation to fool or catch the attention of the most cunning of trout.

Remember, the best fishing lures are only as good as the fishing hooks. If you go for cheaper options, you might need to keep changing the hooks often for the best results especially when fishing in salty water. Unless you plan on consuming every species of fish on the hook, you can steer clear of treble-style hooks. This is because they are usually more likely to damage the fish and your hands alike. Just like other animals, you should also be a little compassionate about the fish. You don’t want to toss them back into the water in such a rough shape. In this case, you can replace your hooks with Gama katsu single ones since they are sure, sharp and rust-free.

Putting all the above factors into consideration, let’s now look at some of the best fishing lures and flies on the market. As usual, we did the legwork for you since the lures are available in a range of sizes and colors which makes finding the right one an uphill task. On our list, we have lures from different brands that are reasonably priced and come highly recommended since they are effective and reliable.

You’ll have a better angling experience with the right tools at hand and that includes the best fishing lures. Let’s dive right in!

Best Fishing Lures

1.Rapala Lures

Rapala Lures is the best sturdy plastic for both fresh and salty water fishing. These lures are quire popular on the market since they have been around since time immemorial. Besides, these lures are hand tested and tuned among different manufacturing companies producing balsa wood fishing lures. Lauri Rapala’s life typically depended on this lure in 1930 when he was still a child.

Rapala Lures


In the 1930’s a haul of fish on a good day could amount to a whole two week’s salary at the company. That’s why Lauri Rapala had to learn fishing especially after facing harsh labor life at the factory. Spending a lot of time around fish on the water which is their natural habitat inspired him to create what became a definitive lure in this century.

The balsa wood minnow swims and floats on water like a baitfish. This is something a young boy discovered would certainly catch the attention of big fish. This is the backstory of Rapala and how Rapala lures came to be.

Rapala is still thriving in matters manufacturing lures. This brand is known to make different types of lures in different colors and sizes to imitate what they’d like to believe is a wounded baitfish. The best thing about Rapala lures is that they work perfectly well. You can use the balsa wood minnow when fishing in fresh water.

The balsa wood minnow is available in a range of sizes. This means that it’s best suited for different species of fish regardless of size ranging from smaller panfish to other larger lake and posh fish such as pike and bass. In brine, countdown magnum is typically what you use when it comes to trolling lures for different things including stripped bass, bluefish, king mackerel, wahoo and tuna.

After trolling hundreds of miles on open ocean passages and coastlines, the Countdown Magnum usually out fishes other types of lures unless when going for a big game. At this point, most anglers tend to invest in custom skirts which can be relatively expensive.

Professional fishermen and rookies already know how well Rapala Lures work that’s why the reviews are limited.


  • Rapala Lures are hand tested and tuned with a staggering variety
  • These lures are effective and efficient


  • Rapala Lures have treble style hooks that tend to damage the fish so you might want to replace them with single hooks
  • Replacing the treble hooks is costly

2. Yamamoto Senkos

Yamamoto Senkos is one of the best fishing lures on the market especially when fishing on fresh water. Incredibly soft plastics are quite handy as they are surprisingly effective on different species of fish, easy to store and affordable. This fishing lure is not only an expensive option but also equally complicated. It features culprit tequila shads 7.5 inches long that are simple but work perfectly well.

Yamamoto Senkos


Yamamoto Senkos are wobbly, bulky, slug-like cylinders that make casting and sinking easy and beautiful without the need adding the weight of an expensive steel. Although you don’t need to buy the steel, the lure is already expensive. The best thing about this fishing lure is that it offers long-lasting durability which typically guarantees value for money.

The brand has an entire Yamamoto line that has it all when it comes to the right equipment for freshwater fishing and slight inshore salty water. Yamamoto Senko typically works for the user since you tend to get more bites when you are doing very little in terms of bouncing and working the soft plastic.

On the flip side, you can go for an old brand since the fish tend to chew on them completely regardless of their durability provided they work perfectly well. The best bet is the Culprit’s Tequila Shads 7.5 inches long for those working on a budget. They are not only cheap but also come in a pack of 18 to last you the whole season although they tend to break easily. All these soft plastics pair well with Gamakatsu hooks.


  • Are weighted and quite effective when fishing for largemouth bass


  • Falls on the higher side of the pricing spectrum

3. Storm

Storm is a subsidiary of the Rapala Lures and comes in handy for all your inshore needs. When it comes to soft plastics for salty water, this brand stands out that’s why its one of the best fishing lures on the market. Salty water is an entire arena on its own.

Shrimps, crabs and other different crustaceans usually drive a range of lure designs just like cephalopods such as octopi and squids. Fish also grow bigger and so do the baits. The size is usually codependent on each other when it comes to fish and lures. This means that the bigger the fish, the bigger the size of the lure you need and this also applies to the price.


When rounding up some of the best fishing lures on the market, we tried to look at the ones in our locality that means exploring the tackle shop’s used section. You can get any Storm branded lures for your inshore needs.

Storm is a small company that took the industry by storm on manufacturing Ratting Chug Bug Lures that are effective thanks to their high performance and equally affordable. These lures are balanced almost as lifelike as their Rapala counterparts since they are not made of balsa wood. Rapala bought this brand recently which means that quality is guaranteed. Storm offers a line of swimbaits known as the WildEye.

However, the WildEye are not durable but are lifelike and highly effective as they serve both professionals and the novice alike. This is because fish tend to rip off the tails thereby compromising their functionality. In simple words, repeat, retrieve and cast is all it takes to make everything work perfectly well.


  • Highly effective on different types of fish both salt and fresh water. However, you might need to size down freshwater.


  • Fish with teeth tend to bite off the tail of WildEyes rendering them useless.
  • You might need to replace the hooks on Rattling Chug Bugs when going for the big fish in brine


4. Yo-Zuri

Just like Rapala, Yo-Zuri has also been around since time immemorial. This brand usually fine tunes hard plastic fishing lures and files to perfection. Surface lures are usually a bit expensive but will give you the best fishing experience. Surface lure design comes with some extra unique features that makes it pricey. These lures also need to weighted evenly just like its counterparts in the fishing industry. Plus, they should disperse a significant amount of water for offer high performance.



Generally, the best fishing lures and files should float perfectly well. When it comes to fishing, most anglers usually prefer hard plastic lures. And this is where Yo-Zuri comes in as they are known to make some of the best hard plastic lures thanks to the ABS – Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene resin coating that offers indestructible long-lasting durability. It features a hologram sheet interior that reflects light to imitate baitfish scales giving the lure high visibility even when the ABS wear off. The lures are expensive but can withstand lots of things.

Unless you are a rookie, these lures are worth investing in. Yo-Zuri’s lures have a lifelike design. The designer paid attention to specific fish-related patterns such as the eye, spots on herring and stripes on mackerel. All these features play a significant role when it comes to catching fish since it’s usually more than just a stainless steel hook and feather.

The lures from this brand are weighted for ease of casting, floating and balancing with more ballast as compared to other cheaper alternatives. This makes a great difference especially when the fish can easily access the lure under extremely calm conditions.

On the flip side, you’ll find Storm lures. These lures have no resin and are usually made with low grade plastic. The sturdy finish can withstand a lot as it tends to come off only after the fish whacks it a good one. Most anglers who have used Storm lures can attest that they help a great catch as heavy as 20 pounds or even more.

When it comes to salty water, Rattling Chug Bug’s will come in handy since it’s the best in that line. It’s not only durable but also balanced in all the right places. This lure can effortlessly withstand obliteration from fish with teeth and being cast to stone walls repeatedly especially when the action is precise.

The lure tends to waddle back and forth, displacing a certain amount of water with very little to no effort. Using some lures is just like working out. Plus, it catches all types of fish, small and big alike. Yo-Zuri’s lures are relatively affordable as compared to those from Rapala and Storm. This is also a good sign as it shows Storm is slowly but surely becoming one of the most formidable competitors.


  • Yo-Zuri Lures has it all and makes your catch most lifelike, sportfish and brilliantly balanced


  • Yo-Zuri Lures fall on the higher side of the pricing spectrum


5. Big Y Fly Company

Flies usually need some TLC to come out correctly. This is because they tend to fall apart after using them for the first time if you don’t pay attention when making them. Big Y Fly Company offers some of the best flies on the market at reasonable prices. You might want to avoid going for the cheap options when it comes to flies. Such detail-oriented, fine contraptions require meticulous hands.

Big Y Fly Company


If you go for the cheaper options, you’ll notice that they tend to fall apart even when you use them for the first time. Lightweight thread, cheap, collectively, small portions of glue and cement with no oversight don’t usually bode perfectly well. In this case, it’s advisable to steer clear of Walmart, Cabela’s or Dick’s when looking for the best fishing flies on the market. You are here now; you don’t have to learn the hard way since you are forewarned. You don’t want to spend a fortune on something that will not serve you well.

You can find some of the best fishing flies on a fly shop within your locality. However, the prices at the local store can be a bit exorbitant especially if you know exactly what you are going for in a fly. And this is where the Big Y Fly Company comes in handy since its an online retail store. Big Y Fly Company is one of the best places to buy fishing flies.

When looking for the best fishing flies on the market, it’s always advisable to apply an extra coating or dab of nail polish, hardener or cement. However, this depends on the fly. Flies can literally take a trashing from different elements including fish, trees and rocks. When it comes to fish, it’ll depend on your casting skills. Just like lures, wash them thoroughly with plenty of water after using in salty water for long-lasting durability.

Salt usually damages the hooks, but tends to dry out feathers and hair. This makes them brittle and eventually break off. You can check some of the discussions on Reddit to learn more. Big Y Fly Company comes highly recommended on these sites especially when you look at both the pros and cons.

Ultimately, people should learn how to tie their own flies because it will save you a few bucks overtime. What’s more, it teaches you a lot about the different types of fish you tend to pursue. You can check out Orvis known to make a Flying Tying Starter Kit which is not only reasonably priced but also good.


  • Offers a wide selection and is quite affordable


  • You’ll have to wait a few days for your package to arrive


6. Sea Striker

Bucktail jigs don’t have to be something special, but the magic that comes with the bounce of steel, dyed bucktail and head is everything. Sea Striker bucktail jig are not only affordable but also versatile since they can work anywhere.

If you are not working on a budget, you can splash a few bucks on the best bucktail jig on the market. However, this ancient lure doesn’t need any frills to perform since you can effortlessly pull different species of fish using a Sea Striker bucktail.

Sea Striker


Sea Striker is one of the best fishing lures on the market owing to its versatility. You’ll love how you can fish slowly or fast anywhere in the water, add a tiny minnow, a squid strip or soft plastic. Plus, you can easily bounce or drift and retrieve it at the bottom for any type of fish lingering around. The reviews on Sea Striker bucktail are limited since they have been in the industry for such a long time that they are almost ubiquitous.

Sea Striker Bucktail Jig is one of the best on the market according to a recent review done by the Sport Fishing Magazine. It’s always advisable to rinse off the lures with plenty of fresh water after use to prevent it from falling apart. Get a fly-tying vise, a small thread kit and a dyed bucktail patch to make repairs a breeze.

Pro Tip: Always use a pinch of clear cement or clear nail polish to seal the threading. You can go for Angler’s Ammo if you are looking for lightweight, high-end jigs, that can pay off in bits especially in skinny water as the fish can be more selective and spookish. They come in a range of sizes and shapes that work perfectly well with different inshore species including bonefish where delivery is usually paramount.


  • Is true, tried and tested
  • It’s affordable


  • Tends to fall apart after several uses if you don’t wash thoroughly after use


7. RonZ Lures

RonZ is the best fishing lures on the market for big game and offshore. These lures are uniquely designed catching bigger fish species such as tuna among other things. They are relatively heavy which is very important as it comes in handy when making long casts especially if the school is moving fast.

RonZ Lures


RonZ typically makes heavy-duty plastics that imitate wounded baitfish ideal for long casting and abuse from big fish in the water body. You can use this lure to catch some of the heaviest fish weighing up to 200 pounds without straining the soft plastic or hook.

However, it’s advisable to go for the 4X hook design usually made with a swivel as opposed to through wire hook. The latter is moderately strong but tends to bend and break.

Save for durability, the next best thing about RonZ lures is that they usually sink quite fast in water without compromising on the lifelike feature. The fish will literally come up for this lure while dropping down effortlessly with little to no effort.

The lure typically hits even when you are idle which makes it the best on the market. Plus, it survives even after being smashed repeatedly by a huge tuna. These lures are reasonably priced compared to the trolling lures. Plus, they require less attention and material to make than other surface plugs.

You should have these lures in your tackle box if you are go fishing where there are long thin baitfish or squid. Ensure you size them according to the type and size of species it imitates. Having a tackle box with RonZ lures will give you a better fishing experience.


  • RonZ lures is highly versatile and relatively affordable


  • If you are catching plenty of fish, then you might need to replace the tails regularly. However, it’s a good thing if you can deal

How to Find the Best Fishing Lures and Flies

The best fishing lure is a great investment especially if you are not in the habit of losing them. Also, for the best results, always ensure you tie the lure on a trustworthy fishing line for a better fishing experience.

Berkeley – Berkeley is known to make all essential fishing equipment and gear but are quite pricey. Save for their famous fluorocarbon fishing line, the brand also makes attractants and artificial baits collectively known as Powerbait. Most anglers swear by it although the scent can be a drawback to some. Be careful when handling the stuff to avoid any spillage since you’ll be sorry if it happens.

Blue Fox – This brand usually specializes in small fresh water fishing since it falls somewhere between Storm and South Bend. It produces great fishing lures and fliers that are reasonably priced ideal for anglers working on a budget. However, their range of lures wasn’t as diverse that’s why its not on our list of recommendations.

Strike King – This is one of those high-end brands that typically craft fresh water lures, usually at a premium just like Rapala and Yo-Zuri since they are top tier. The only drawback is the price just like the two brands mentioned above.

If you usually do a lot of fresh water fishing, then it’s a worthwhile investment as it guarantees long-lasting durability which means value for money. Their hard plastic lures are particularly efficient especially on deep-dwelling pike and bass.

South Bend – Gauging the best brands when it comes to fishing lures and flies is not a breeze since there are lots of them. South Bend for one, has been known to make notoriously top-quality and state-of-the-art lures since time immemorial before the rain started beating them.

The lures will catch fish but not for so long since the hooks tend to break and holograms peel off while at it. This screams lots of lost chances which is not only draining but equally frustrating. That’s why we advise anglers to invest in quality fishing lures and flies.

Storm – If you are looking for a specific type of fishing lure, then Storm is your best bet. The brand was relatively cheap at first but the prices are slowly going up as they gain momentum in the industry which is quite understandable. The best fishing lures from this brand can withstand a beating and the prices are not that bad for most angling pursuits.

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