Best Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

Best Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

If you are looking to get started on fishing then you should try the rod and reel combo. You are good to go with any reel and rod combo of your choice according to your personal specifications. If you are not conversant with fishing tools and gear getting the best fishing rod and reel combo can be a daunting task.

There’s a wide range of rod and reel combo options. Besides, pairing them together is equally challenging. Fortunately, rod and reel combo will not only help the novice get started on fishing but also catch more fish. These combos are usually well balanced and are available in different setups to ensure everything is covered ranging from redfish to trout.

Most professional anglers always pick their rod and reel combo to suit their fishing style among other specifications. The best fishing rod and reel combo should be budget-friendly, well balanced and tailored to withstand abuse. This article gives a detailed overview of the best reels and rods available on the market along with the factors to consider when looking for one. Lett’s get right into it!

Factors to Consider When Looking for the Best Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

The best fishing rod and reel combo will get any beginner started on fishing. The rod and reel are usually paired together to match to ensure they feel comfortable on the hands and are equally balanced without compromising on quality and durability. It should also be reasonably priced so that you don’t have to dig deeper into your pockets for a tackle when you hit the water.

The fishing location, size of the rod and reel and target species play a significant role when choosing the best fishing rod and reel combo. Not forgetting your estimate budget!

What’s Your Target Species?

Figuring out your target species before you hit the waters is very important as it’ll help you get the right combination. As earlier mentioned, fishing rod and reel combo come in a range of style and sizes which means they are quite different from one another. Don’t just go for looks since it can have some limitations when it comes to fishing.

Large reels will suffice when targeting larger fish species since they can hold up perfectly well to any blistering runs. The rod, on the other hand, should be delicate enough to protect lighter fishing lines. Knowing what exactly you are up against will help you narrow down the choices when looking for the best rod and reel combo.

The Size of the Rod and Reel

A one-piece rod is just as good. However, not all anglers can store a 7ft rod or even longer owing to space issues. Transporting them is a story on its own. If you are dealing with limited space, then go for collapsible rod and reel combo options. This is because you can break them down in different pieces for ease of storage and transportation when the need arises.

Two-piece fishing rods are a perfect compromise between convenience and sensitivity as they pack down small and can fit in any car. If space is a major issue, consider other alternatives with travel options as they usually break down to up to six pieces depending on the setup. If you are looking for a smaller option to fit into your backpack or are flying to fish somewhere then a travel option will come in handy.

Where do you Plan on Fishing?

Where you plan on fishing whether on saltwater or fresh water will help you choose the best rod and reel combo setup. Fresh water and saltwater setups are quite different! You can use a saltwater rod and reel combo in freshwater but you can do the reverse as it can be hard on the gear. Most freshwater setup work perfectly well under the conditions they are tailored for but can’t withstand abuse when it comes to saltwater fishing.

The salt tends to get into the reels, eating away internal components and the gear resulting in a jam up and also makes them susceptible to rust. Saltwater reels, on the other hand, are uniquely tailored to withstand any kind of abuse. What’s more, some setups come with sealed drags to prevent the saltwater from seeping through the components and gears even when completely submerged. Examine the combo you go for to ascertain it can withstand both internal and external elements without compromising on its performance and durability.


Always go for a fishing rod and reel combo that falls within your budget. Beginners tend to shy away from high-end combos since they are usually relatively expensive. Thankfully, some of the best fishing rod and reel combo are budget-friendly and the setups have the same features like those on high-end models.

The best thing about getting a rod and reel combo is that it saves you a few bucks. Most brands offer combos at a discount which is way cheaper than buying the reel and rod separately.

Best Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

Here’s a round-up of some of the best fishing rod and reel combo:

  1. Pflueger President Spinning Combo

Pflueger President Spinning Combo


Pflueger President Spinning Combo has a 5.2:1 gear ratio and is 4’ 8 inches long. This fishing rod and reel combo is best suited for beginners. It’s not only durable but also falls on the lower side of the pricing spectrum. This setup is well balanced and comes in a range of sizes for different types of fishing.


  • The reel is super smooth
  • It comfortable on the hands and can be used for an extended period
  • It’s well balanced
  • It comes in a range of sizes


  • It’s not tailored for saltwater fishing

As earlier mentioned, Pflueger President Spinning Combo is best suited for the novice. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that professional anglers cannot use it. It’s one of the best fishing reels from Pflueger and has earned the spot rightfully. The reel offers excellent drag system which is quite smooth as it uses low inertia when starting up which is important when targeting larger species that tend to take longer runs.

Low start up inertia typically means that the drag system engages immediately to help prevent the fishing line from breaking. The reel is paired with a graphite rod with high sensitivity to detect the slightest of takes. It comes in a range of sizes with the shorter ones tailored to cast small lures effortlessly. It’s ideal for catching smaller species like panfish and trout.

The 7’ is the most preferred rod and reel combo as it’s a perfect setup for those who are not sure which species they are targeting and bass fishing. Pflueger was designed with durability and utility in mind and is equally affordable which sets it apart from most of its counterparts with the same specifications.

  1. Daiwa BG Saltwater Combo

Daiwa BG Saltwater Combo


Just as the name suggests, Daiwa BG Saltwater Combo is ideal for saltwater fishing. It’s a bulletproof combo that works remarkably well for both professional anglers and beginners alike. It can withstand even the harshest of conditions which makes it the best fishing rod and reel combo.


  • It has an excellent drag system
  • It features aluminum guides
  • It comes in a range of sizes to cater to different fishing styles


  • The reel is relatively heavy

Beginners usually find saltwater fishing quite intimidating especially with the endless options that fall on the higher end of the pricing spectrum. Enter Daiwa BG Saltwater Combo! This bulletproof proof combo strikes a perfect balance between functionality and affordability. If you are looking for a budget-friendly option then this model is the way to go.

Daiwa reels remarkably well and also offers long-lasting durability. It features a sturdy aluminum construction that’s all sorts of durable to help prevent oversized gears and corrosion. Plus, the reel tackles plenty of tarpon and snook without folding. What’s more, it comes in different configurations to suit different fishing situations. The 7ft rod is the brand’s best all-round combo.

The reel, on the other hand, has a powerful drag system that is enough to battle larger species as it’s slightly oversized. It allows the angler to add an extra line for hot fish that tend to take longer runs. The medium action fishing rod is highly sensitive and accurate to place the casts in areas that are hard to reach. The rod additionally features cork grips that add an exquisite touch that can only be seen on high-end models. You can pair it up with a 3olb braid and you’ll be good to go.

  1. Penn Battle III Spinning Combo

Penn Battle III Spinning Combo


Penn Battle III Spinning Combo is best suited for surf fishing. It’s 9ft long and has a 5.6:1 gear ration. This combo lives up to its name as the reel is specially designed to withstand even the harshest of conditions. The rod, on the other hand, is well balanced as it launches baits perfectly well to the surf.


  • It comes in travel options
  • It features one-piece guides
  • It has a powerful carbon fiber drag system


  • The fishing reel is not entirely sealed

Penn Battle III Spinning Combo is tailored to handle the toughest of conditions when surf fishing. It guarantees long-lasting durability without compromising on functionality which can be put to test on the beach. A great surf fishing setup is usually pricey and can succumb to salt and sand over time.

The reels are built to withstand harsh conditions when surf fishing thanks to its powerful carbon fiber drag system. It’s equally corrosion resistant even when fully submerged. The reel is excellent but the fishing rod is more impressive. Most combos usually pair a great reel with a lackluster rod which is not the case with the Penn Battle III.

The reel features a sleek taper and is equally comfortable on the hand which makes it ideal for using for an extended period.  What’s more, it balanced perfectly well with the reel. Remember, you can always cast further when the rod is super comfortable and this isn’t an exception. The 25lbs drag can handle large fish species with ease while the rod allows you to explore hard to reach areas.

  1. Lew’s Speed Spool LFS Baitcast Combo

Lew’s Speed Spool LFS Baitcast Combo


Lew’s Speed Spool LFS Combo is the best bait casting option available on the market. It’s 7ft long, 15lbs of drag and has a 7.5:1 gear ratio. This model is not only easy to use but also super accurate and precise.


  • It comes in both right- and left-handed retrieves
  • It features 10 bearing reel for ease of casting
  • It features a patented odorless hook keeper


  • The brand offers the combo in one-piece rods only

A bait casting setup can be quite intimidating and those looking to get into bass fishing can totally relate. A rod and reel combo can be hard to use especially for first timers and casting is even more challenging. This combo is a top-quality setup that makes fishing easy and is also budget-friendly. Bait casting reels usually rely on bearings for accurate and smooth casting while avoiding any backlashes.

Generally, reels with lots of bearings tend to cast better. Lew’s Speed Spool LFS Baitcast Combo features 10 bearings which means it casts remarkably well. If you are new to bait casting reels, set up the tension knob to prevent the bait from falling off when free spooling it. Turn the brake on the side halfway if you want to start casting. Lew’s is hands down the best fishing rod and reel combo available on the market owing to its impressive features.

The 7ft rod throws any lure that a bass can eat. It’s best suited for medium-heavy action since it can comfortably handle large species straight from a thick vegetation.

  1. Orvis Clearwater Fly Rod Boxed Outfit

Orvis Clearwater Fly Rod Boxed Outfit


Orvis Clearwater Fly Rod Boxed Outfit is ideal for fly fishing. This fishing rod and reel combo is 9ft long, 5lbs of drag and 1:1 gear ratio. It’s one of the best fishing rod and reel combo on the market. It has an excellent reel and the rod is equally impressive. The best thing about this combo is that it comes with a 25-year warranty!


  • It guarantees value for money and that it quite evident with the 25-year warranty
  • It features a four-piece rod for ease of storage
  • The rod is well balanced


  • It works well with a nice fly fishing line

Currently, fly fishing is more accessible which a great improvement thanks to advanced technology. In the past, the fly fishing community was stuck up and prestigious but things are now different owing to culture change. Most brands are designing premium quality gear for beginner anglers who are entering the sport.

Orvis holds up perfectly well against its own premium setups. It’s made with high-quality components including guides and premium cork which makes it easy to make long and accurate casts. The 9ft combo weighs 5lbs and is an ideal all-round rod for trout as it transfers well to warm water panfish and bass fishing. The Clearwater reel is built to battle the fish as well as hold the fishing line.

The components set this combo apart since they are almost similar to those in high-end models. It has a smooth reel with low start up inertia and is also budget-friendly. The rod is fast action when it comes to casting but forgiving. Its best suited for beginners who are still learning the art of casting. Overhead and roll casting usually come natural especially if you’ve cast a fly fishing rod before.

The best thing about this fishing rod and reel combo is that it comes with a 25-year warranty. You can fish confidently knowing that you are well protected in case of any accidents.


If you love fishing and exploring, then you most certainly have used different techniques imaginable. Most of the times, you might have to learn a new technique from scratch and this is when you’ll appreciate the importance of having the best fishing rod and reel combo at your disposal. They will not only give you a better fishing experience but also help ensure you cruise the waters smoothly with ease.

In addition, the best fishing rod and reel combo will allow you to test it first before diving headfirst to any new endeavor. Getting the right combo to suit your needs and offers long-lasting durability without breaking the bank is no doubt an uphill task.

Our team of experts scoured through numerous combo options and tested some of them to bring you the best combos worth your time and money. The selection was based on this criteria:

Value – The fishing rod and reel combo had to be budget-friendly

Durability – It should withstand abuse and other harsh environmental conditions

Drag – The amount of drag of the reel also plays a significant role

Components – The materials used in making the reel and the rod and how they factor in when it comes to longevity

Size – Does the rod come in different sizes and how much space it occupies incase it’s not collapsible or doesn’t offer travel options

Weight – How heavy is the combo and if it affects its functionality and performance

Gear Ratio – What is its spool turn to handle crank ratio?

Drag – The amount of drag the reel has

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the estimated cost of a fishing rod and reel combo?

The best fishing rod and reel combo come in different variations which means that the prices also differ. You can look for a budget-friendly option if you are a beginner as they range from about $80 to $150. The combos within this price range are best suited for different types of fishing.

When looking for the best fishing rod and reel combo, look out for high-quality components such as aluminum reels, cork handles and good guides. This will help you narrow down the options and also get value for money.

How do I choose the best fishing rod and reel combo?

Choosing the best fishing rod and reel combo is not a breeze since there’s a variety to choose from. However, to make the process easier you can pick one depending on your fishing style and target species among others. Using the right gear allows you to focus on fishing instead of struggling with it and gives you a better experience.

What is the best fishing rod and reel combo for beginners?

A spinning rod and reel is ideal for beginners since it’s easy to use and work perfectly well in different scenarios when you hit the waters. It takes a few minutes to learn how to use a spinning rod sufficiently and you’re good to go. You can be accurate and throw a range of lures with a little practice. The best thing about suing spinning rods is that it also aids in skill development along the way. Plus, it holds up on its own which typically means that it can keep up with all your demands.

How will I know the right reel size to purchase?

Your target species will help determine the size of the reel. Generally, small reels are usually tailored for smaller fish species while big reels are best suited for bigger species. A 2000 or 1500 size reel would be ideal for small panfish and trout while bass fishing needs a 3000 or 4000 reel size. However, it’s important to note the size of the reels usually differ depending on the manufacturer and model. In this case, you might need to visit a store with a physical location to ensure you are getting the right size.


We all start somewhere! And this also applies to fishing using the right gear. Most anglers started out with a combo since they are relatively cheap, ready to go and work remarkably well just like their high-end counterparts. Choosing the best fishing rod and reel combo is an uphill task but remember to factor in all the important considerations before settling.

You can also choose the best fishing rod and reel combo to suit your needs from the above recommendations.

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