10 Best Fly Rod Combos

10 Best Fly Rod Combos

The ideal option for every person who likes fishing is the best fly rod combos and, in this article, we are going to guide you on what you should check out when looking for the best fly rod combo.

The challenge that many people learning to fish experience is selecting reels and fly rods. They keep wondering about the type of reel that works their rods.

It is for these reason that many manufacturers have come to know that people need more information and help when it comes to this part. This guide will give you all the available information and the best fly rod combos available today in the market.

You are going to learn more about the entry level reels and rod combos that usually includes flies, a leader, tippet, and line. The mid-range types feature rod combos of high quality that manufactured by the most established brands which are not expensive and durable.

The last part of this article will take you through our favorite fly rod combos which are very expensive but they are the best you can get on the market. You must however note that all the fly rod combos listed on this guide are worth the value for your money.

Because many beginning fishermen start by fishing trout, we are going to deal mostly on the reels and rods that are under the range of five and six.

How to Choose the Best Fly Rod Combo

The benefit you get by buying a fly rod combo as compared to ordering a reel and rod separately is because the two fits well together and is ideal for anyone learning to fish.

If you are planning to buy a fishing reel and road but do not have a friend who has the knowledge or information that will guide you, consider buying a fly rod combo. This is because you will get a great equipment that is balanced and comfortable during your fishing excursions.

As I said earlier, range five or six fly rod combos can be used by many people but if you are going to fish large species like pikes or salmons, then you should consider those fly rod combos in the range of eight or nine. In general, fishing species that are large and strong will need reels and rods in the range of one to twelve.

Species like Tuna on the other hand needs fishing rods that are beyond the range of 12.

10 Best Fly Rod Combo

There are factors to consider before buying the best fly rod combo. These include how you plan to use the fishing rod combo, what are your skills in fly rod fishing and the quality of your fishing gear. All these will help you understand the type of rod combo that meets your fishing needs.

Best Mid-Range Rod and Reel Sets

We are now going to discuss the best fly rod combos that are on the middle range. These type of fishing rods are ideal for intermediate and beginning anglers who are looking for fishing reels and rods of high quality or that are manufactured by reputable brands in the fishing industry.

The benefit of using them is thy are durable and will be part of your fishing gear for a long period of time.

1. Orvis Encounter Fly Rod Combo

Orvis Encounter Fly Rod Combo


When it comes to the best fly rod combo that will give value for your money, Orvis Encounter Fly Rod Combo is our top pick. This rod combo is an amazing product of Orvis, the brand that has a long fly-fishing history including the manufacture high quality fishing rods.

It is always recommended to buy products from a company with such a high reputation since you are assured of getting what you pay for even when its an entry level product.

The greatest feature that makes this fishing rod notable is its 5wt Encounter rod which is 8.6 inches in size and has a cordura tube. If you are looking for a fly rod combo that will cover all your fishing excursions whether looking for small or large fish, then this is perfect for you.

It also comes with an Orvis WF line that float in water, tapered leader, Encounter reel, and Dacron backing. These means that all you will need to do once you buy this fly rod combo is to tie your fly and have a great fishing experience.

Orvis Encounter Rod Outfit in our opinion is a great choice if you love fly fishing. Being a product of Orvis, this best fishing fly rod combo is durable allowing you to continue fishing for many years.

2. Redington Fly Rod Kit

Redington Fly Rod Kit


Another manufacturer with a good history of producing great fly rods is the Redington. Despite the fact that their fly rod combos are not as close to the Orvis’ in terms of quality, the Redington Fly Rod is the best.

This best fly rod combo kit comes with a crosswater reel and rod with a fly line which has been pre-spooled. The cordura rod casing allows you to keep the rod and the reel attached together when you are travelling with it.

It also comes in different colors and you have the option of going with the 4wt model if you want to fish in small water bodies like rivers and streams. If, however, you want to capture fish that are bigger, or go fishing in a saltwater, 9wt is perfect for you. The Redington fly rod combo has a reel that is made of aluminum that protects it from corrosion when used in saltwater.

With a market price of $129, this best flyrod combo is ideal for people with intermediate fishing skills as it will help them gain more experience and grow to become skilled fishermen.

3. L.L. Bean Quest Outfit

L.L. Bean Quest Outfit


The L.L Bean Outfit can be used to capture fish species such as salmon, trout, pike, and steelhead. This fishing kit comes with all the things that you need to have a great fishing experience in the river.

Apart from the reel and rod, you get a backing, fly line, and a case for the reel and rod that enables you to keep them together when you are transporting.

The L.L. Bean Quest Outfit features a medium action rod that has enough backbone to cast even bigger streamers. A fighting butt from #7 upwards makes it easier for you to play and land bigger fish. The reel on the L.L. Bean Quest Rod Outfit also features a large arbor that makes picking up line quickly easy. A very nice set that also makes for a great fly-fishing gift.

The reel of this great rod an arbor that is larger. This helps in picking up the line fast and easy as well as making this fishing equipment perfect for those who want to go fly fishing.

4. Echo Traverse Kit

Echo Traverse Kit


The brain behind Echo Fly Rods is none other than Tim Rajeff who is the most popular and respected caster in the fly-fishing world. His popularity has made the Echo Traverse Kit the most sort after best fly rod combo in the market today.

This fishing rod combo is ideal for people who want to fish trout because of its weight range between #4 and #6. The weight of all the Echo Traverse Kit’s 4 rods is medium action making them the best option for fishermen with intermediate skills.

The ION reel has a drag that is sensitive and feels like a high-quality product. The Airflo line included in this kit is pre-spooled. There is also a reel and rod tube casing which is covered by a lifetime Echo Warranty.

5. TFO NXT Black Label Fly Rod Kit

TFO NXT Black Label Fly Rod Kit


TFO NXT Black Label is the best option for people who are looking for the best fly rod combo that is durable because it comes in two classes of weight; The #5 for fishing trout and #8 for fishing salmon and pike.  It is made Pro II mid-fast blank, a design technique by TFO that puts this fly rod as an all-rounder kit with a fishing rod that can be used for casting long and dry fly fishing.

This rod also has snake guides made of stainless steel and reel seat made of an anodized aluminum making it ideal for fishing in saltwater. It does not only come with a TFO’s warranty lifetime cover but also the feel and general appearance of this fishing reel and combo is the best with the price of $200.

Best High-End Combos

You don’t have to worry about getting the wrong fly-fishing reel and rod combos we have listed as mid-range. If you are however looking to buy a one that will accompany you in your fishing adventure for a long period of time, then consider the following best high-end fishing rods made by the top manufacturers that are available today.

6. Orvis Clearwater Fly Rod Combo

Orvis Clearwater Fly Rod Combo


If you need a fly-fishing kit for expert fishing, then Orvis Clearwater Combo is your answer. This best fly rod combo is a great fishing gear manufactured in the United States and is durable.

It features a mid-range fishing reel and rod that are of high quality available in 5wt four 9’0’’ rods. This size is ideal for use in the fishing industry to capture trout.

It also has a cordura rod tube to keep them safe when travelling and an Orvis tapered leader and Clearwater WF line that enables you to tie the fly of your choice easily.

This fishing kit is good for any angler who has great and advanced skills in fly fishing who is looking for a durable rod and reel combo that provides value for money.

7. Sage Foundation Fly Rod Combo

Sage Foundation Fly Rod Combo


The Foundation Rod Combo is made in Bainbridge Island in the United States by Sage company that is known all over the world for producing the best fly-fishing rods.

Like its counterparts we mentioned above- the Redington and Orvis, these rods are of high quality in all that makes it including the wraps, Snake guides, and blank color.

It also comes with a sage tapered leader, platinum/black 2200 fishing reel, and a Rio Gold line with a backing. In addition, you will get a reel and rod case that will ensure your fishing kit is secure when transporting them to and from the fishing point.

Sage Foundation Fly Rod Combo is a high-end fly-fishing rod combo perfect for people who are after quality. It is a good investment for serious fly fishing covered by the popular Sage warranty.

Best Entry Level Rod and Reel Combos

This final part of the best fly rod combo buying guide will discuss the best rod combos that are perfect for people learning to do fly fishing. They are less expensive and also importantly help in developing fishing skills right on the go, thanks to their all-in-one fishing package.

8. Kastking Emergence Fly Fishing Combos

Kastking Emergence Fly Fishing Combos


If you are planning to start fly fishing, then buy nothing else other than the Kastking Emergence Combo which is the best and very affordable starter kit for people interested in learning fly fishing.

This best fly rod combo is available in three types. First is the 4wt 8.6 inches rod option that is recommended for beginners who want to fish on creeks and small streams.

The next option is the 5wt nine inches rod that is used to fish species that are very strong like trout. The last version of this fly-fishing rod combo is the 8wt that is the best choice for bass or spike fishing.

This fishing combo is also the best choice for individuals who travel. Apart from the four rods, this kit also includes 12 flies, tapered leader, line and backing, as well as a reel made of aluminum. The advantage of buying Kastking Emergence fly rod combo is because it comes with a reel already loaded with leader, line, and backing. All you will be required to immediately start fishing

The kit also comes with all the necessary tools that you will need ion order to handle the fish once you capture it. These are; strike indicators that helps you to capture fish, line nippers having retractors, and forceps.

This is the best fishing kits for entry level fishermen that comes with everything an angler needs to have a great fishing experience on the fist day in the water and will offer you the greatest value for your money.

9. Wild Water Fishing Set

Wild Water Fishing Set


People who want to land fly fishing and are looking for the best method to master their skills should buy the Wild Water Combo. This is because you will not have to worry about the fear of selecting the wrong model or version since this best fly rod combo is only available in 5/6 wt.

It is the ideal fly-fishing rod for beginners as it enables you to handles all fishing conditions when hunting for fish species such as trout.

The durable tube casing that is included in the Wild Water Fishing Combo might be quite realistic because you don’t even have to remove the reel. There is an extremely helpful compartment that holds the leader, tippet spool, and the fly box on the top.

The reel also has a disc drag that can be adjusted, which is generally seen on reels of higher-quality. This approach allows you to control the brake power/drag based on the fish species you’re after –This is a notable feature for a beginner product like Wild Water Fishing Combo.

The Wild Water reel, like the Kastking Emergence Rod Combo, comes when it has been pre-spooled with leader, line, and a backing. It is very easy to extrade the retrieve of the reels from one hand to another.

The Wild Water Fishing Starter Kit includes a box containing 18 flies to provide a very memorable first day. Aside from the Kastking Emergence Fishing Combo, this box’s most useful contents are forceps,dry flies, spare leads, and a spherical line nipper.

With this entry-level fishing kit, you can master your fly-fishing skills for slightly over $100 but if you continue fishing, then this is not going to be your last best fly rod combo. However, it is the best way to start learning fly fishing and also give it as a present to someone with an interest to start fly fishing.

10. Cabelas Bighorn Fly Combo

Cabelas Bighorn Fly Combo


In terms of value for your money, the Cabelas Bighorn Combo is our top pick. For just $99, you get an excellent rod and reel. This best fly rod combo is available in a variety of precise weights between the range of #5 and #8 as well as different lengths of 8.6 and 9 inches.

Take advantage of this opportunity to fly fishing with the low-cost Cabela’s Bighorn Fly Outfit. You are not going to find a better first-rate rod at such lower price.

Bighorn blanks are made of robust, 24-ton sensitive carbon graphite and satisfy Cabela’s GI generation specifications with a forgiving moderate action that is ideal for intermediate and beginner anglers.

A lightweight reel seat made of aluminum, snake guides crafted from chrome metals, stripping guides made of zirconium-ring, a tip top, hook keeper made of stainless steel and a cork grip of grade A type that is comfortably contoured make up this combo.

This rod is equipped with a Prestige 2 big-arbor reel which swiftly  retrieves line, minimizes its memory, and has a long-lasting disc drag. Prestige II reel, WF line,Bighorn rod, and backing are included with the combo.

The Cabelas Bighorn Combo’s gentle action is ideal for entry level and intermediate fly-fishing individuals. This combo costs not more than $100 yet it comes with notable features found in premium combos such as reel seat made of aluminum and snake guides crafted from chrome materials.

The big reel makes it simple to retrieve the line once the fish has been hooked. This reel also has a disc brake to slow down the fish when it is trying to escape. Aside from that, it’s a pretty wonderful feature in a product under such a price range.

This best fly rod combo has a weight forward (WF) line which has a backing. This means that all you need is a fly and tippet to start your fishing excursion.

Best Fly Fishing Outfits for Kids

Parenthood gets amazing when kids start tagging along with their parents in their daily duties. The children of fishing enthusiasts have not been forgotten. There are the best fly rod combos for children that helps them master catching fish and develop their skills whenever accompanying their parents.

Echo Gecko Kids Fly Rod and Reel Combo

The Echo Gecko Kit is an excellent way for kids to try their hand at fly fishing. Echo is one of the popular brands globally in the fishing industry, and they’ve designed a best fly rod combo for kids.

The Gecko is the last fishing gadget for little men and women. The Gecko is ready to go with a mild forgiving movement and youthful hippie attractive cosmetics.

This combo has a modest reduced grip for 2 passed casting and may be fished with one or both hands.  It is also available as a rod reel line bundle deal that is strung up and ready to go in the water.

The rod action of Echo Gecko Fly Rod Combo is gentle enough to enable young children as young as 6 years old to easily succeed in making their first throws. The grip also allows for double passed casting, which requires less energy from a child.

This bundle includes a line, rod and, reel so your youngsters can begin fishing immediately. A fly and tippet will be the most effective elements.

Redington Combo Kit 580

The new Minnow rod was created and calibrated to meet the needs of younger fishermen, with a shorter rod duration and a medium action that allows for seamless casting and enjoyable days on the lake.

Redington Combo 580 makes another excellent rod if you want your youngsters to explore whether fly fishing is meant for them. This package is geared a little more at younger fisherman who is on their teenage years. This rod’s length is a little less at eight feet than the maximum length of a trout fly rod, which is usually around nine feet.

The Redington Combo Kit 580’s alignment dots makes it simple for even inexperienced users to gather the rod. Redington is a brand known for producing fly fishing equipment of high-quality at reasonable costs. This one is the best fly rod combo as it includes a Crosswater reel that is pre-spooled together with mainstream Rio fly line, and a 12 months warranty.


Choosing the best fly rod combo isn’t always a simple process. Before deciding to buy any rod combo, you must be certain of what you require from it. If you’re still new to fly fishing and aren’t sure if you’ll stick with the sport, then a fly-fishing rod combo for entry level is a great choice for you.

If you have a budget that is limited but still in need of a high-quality product, you should look at the best fly rod combos we listed on the mid-range selections.

If on the other hand you’re positive that you have a place in fly fishing, then you should focus on the best premium rod combos. Their primary advantage over selecting a line, reel, rod and so forth is that they are ensured to work best in a set.

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