Best Kayak Fish Finder – Ultimate Guide & Reviews

Best Kayak Fish Finder – Ultimate Guide & Reviews

You may have gone fishing with all the right gear, chosen the perfect place and spent the whole day waiting for a nibble. As the day drags along, you may start wondering why the fish are not biting your bait. If only you had the best kayak fish finder!

Now you are going home empty handed.

This scenario plays out a lot every day. If you want to get a catch while kayak fishing, you need the best fish finder for a kayak. With a fish finder, you will know where the fish are hiding. Apart from this, the device will help you know what is under the waves.

The right fish finder for kayak fishing will help you track your movement and avoid dangerous rocks.

There are dozens of fish finder brands in the market. To find the top kayak fishfinder, you should know what to look for. Read our ultimate guide for reviews of the best kayak fish finder for you.

Top Kayak Fish Finder – Comparison Chart

Fish FinderBeamDisplay SizeOur RatingPrice

Deeper Smart Sonar PRO

DualPhone Display

humminbird helix 5di reviewHumminbird HELIX 5 DI Fish Finder


garmin striker 4 with portable kitGarmin Striker 4 With Portable Kit

Dual3.5", 5", 7"

iBobber-Smart-Fish-Finder-Best-Kayak-Fish-FinderiBobber Fish Finder

DualPhone Display

signstek ff portable fish finderSignstrek FF 003 Portable


lowarance hook 4 sonar reviewLowrance Hook-4 Sonar/GPS


FishHunter-Directional-3D-FishfinderFishHunter Directional 3D Fish Finder

SinglePhone Display

How to Choose the Right Kayak Fish Finder

To find the best kayak fish finder, there are a number of things you should consider. These include:


You can tune into the depths under the surface by using the frequency of the fish finder. The frequency operates in single, dual or multiple frequencies. These different frequencies have their benefits.

Fish finders come with frequencies of 50, 83, 192 and 200 kHz. Consider where you will be fishing to determine the best kayak fish finder to buy. If you will be fishing in shallow waters, go for fish locators with higher frequencies. For deep depth water fishing, you need locators with lower frequencies.

A good rule of thumb is to map out the area you will be fishing most of the time to get an idea of how deep the water is. From there, you can know whether to get a lower frequency or higher frequency fish finder.

#Cone Angle

Another important consideration when looking for the best kayak fish finder is the cone angle. These part comes in different degrees, from 9 to 60 degrees.

If you usually fish in all water depths, go for 20 degree cones. You can change the cones from depth to depth.

Keep in mind that the higher the cone degree, the larger the area it can cover. While this is ideal when fishing in large water bodies, the cone’s sensitivity reduces at a higher angle. Therefore, before choosing a cone angle, consider where you will be fishing most.


One of the most important parts of a fish finder is the transducer. This part produces sonar waves into the water. The sonar signals bounce off the water and come back to the transducer.

There are different types of transducers in the market with varying performances. For kayak fishing, you need a transducer that is easy to install. If you have a fiberglass kayak, the best fish finder to go for would be a bronze one.

Get a transducer that will perfectly fit in your kayak and provide correct readings.

#Screen Resolution

Avoid buying a fish finder that has a display that is difficult to read. After all, your eyes will always be on it when fishing.

The fish finder display screen resolution is measured in pixels. The more the pixels, the better the display quality. The size of the screen and its resolution should help you determine whether or not to choose a particular fish finder.

The best fish finders for kayak fishing have a minimum resolution of 640 x 640 pixels. If you are on a small budget, the least resolution your fish locator should have is 240 x 160 pixels.

The pixel resolution makes a huge difference when in the water and can differentiate between a fish and a rock. Look for a fish finder that will work well when you are in the water. The device should be easy to read.


Consider the device’s wattage. If your kayak fish finder has low power wattage, it can be difficult to read the information output. Moreover, when you are out in a kayak and have no idea of the water depths, a low-wattage fish finder can be slow.

You can get away with a low wattage fish finder when you are in shallow waters. When in deep water, the device will not be any good.

Choose a high wattage fish locator that will run faster to keep up with the water.

Best Kayak Fish Finder Reviews

#1. Deeper Smart Portable 3.0


Free Application

The Deeper Smarter 3.0 comes with a free app that has a fish activity calendar to enable you know of peak days. You can also use the app to plan for the weather.

The free Deeper Smart app allows you to see where you are on the map. You can also share videos or pictures of your catches on social media through its sharing function. The app also has a diary, where you can keep notes.

Dual Beam Frequencies

This kayak fish finder runs on two frequencies, enabling you to take advantage of deep and shallow water fishing. The device can run at 90 kHz. and 290 kHz to help you find where fish are hiding. The locator can read depths of up to 130 feet. Therefore, you can easily pick which type of fish you want to catch.

Fish from Anywhere

Whether you are fishing off a dock, on the shore or on a kayak, you can use this fish finder. The device can reach places most cheap fish finders cannot. This capability makes it one of the best fish finders for kayak fishing. As a result, you can greatly improve your game when using the Deeper 3.0.

Connect With Tablets and Smartphones

You can connect the Deeper Smart Portable 3.0 with your tablet or smartphone to get the information you need. The device is compatible with both Android and iOS systems and comes with a rechargeable battery. The fish locator uses Bluetooth to connect to your smart devices.

Highlighted Features

  • Works in both shallow and deep waters
  • Dual beam frequency
  • Versatile design
  • Has a rechargeable battery
  • Bluetooth capable
  • Can connect with tablets and smartphones

Amazon Review & PriceOur Review & Verdict

#2. Humminbird 561 DI Fishfinder

Dual Beam Frequency

humminbird 561DI

The Humminbird 561 DV uses dual frequency to provide information of whatever is under the water. The fish locator is versatile thanks to its two sonar beams. You can be sure of getting accurate information from the device no matter where you are fishing.

SwitchFire Feature

Sometimes, the water can turn rough while you are fishing on a kayak and make it difficult for you to use a fish finder. The 561 DI locator has a SwitchFire feature that automatically adjusts depending with the waters. When you are in rough waters, the locator will automatically to allow you to easily read in the waters.

The SwitchFire feature is handy for those who usually go fishing in areas with cross rapids.

Built-in Transducer

You can take the fish finder in the kayak thanks to the built-in transducer. The transducer does not need to be installed onto your kayak.

The Humminbird 561 can take readings up to 350 feet down. The down imaging will help you know how deep the water is.

Grayscale Display

The display of the 561DI is in grayscale. The fish locator has 16 levels of grayscale to easily enable you pick out fish from other underwater objects. The display measures 5 inches and has a 320 x 320 pixel resolution.

Highlighted Features

  • 4000-watt peak to peak
  • 500-watt RMS
  • Resolution of 320 x 320 pixels
  • Dual beam frequency
  • SwitchFire feature
  • 5-inch display screen
  • Grayscale LCD

Amazon Review & PriceOur Review & Verdict

#3. Garmin Striker 4 with Portable Kit

Let’s go through this Garmin Striker 4 review and find out what the fish finder has to offer during kayak fishing.

garmin striker 4 with portable kitOne of the things that makes the Garmin Striker 4 the best kayak fish finder is its user-friendly nature. The device is easy to install and use.

The Garmin Striker 4 is available in two sizes; 3.5-inch display screen and 7-inch display screen. The fish finder features a complex waypoint map where you can mark, view and navigate to fishing locations or spots you would like to return to in future.

The Garmin fish finder has a touch interface where you can configure the settings to your liking. It also has CHIRP sonar that continually sends out wave frequencies to provide accurate information of what is under the water. The technology allows you to see crisper fish arches.

  • Comes with a travel bag for storage
  • You get better information on fish in the surrounding area thanks to the device’s constant frequency transmission
  • Integrated waypoint map allows you to mark your favorite fishing spots
  • Has a friendly user interface display
  • Available in 3.5-inch display and 7-inch display screen
  • Has CHIRP sonar technology that allows you to easily locate fish underwater
  • The flasher does not work very well
  • The device’s suction cup sometimes fails

Amazon Review & PriceOur Review & Verdict

#4. iBobber Smart FishFinder

iBobber-Smart-Fish-Finder-Best-Kayak-Fish-FinderBuilt-in GPS

When you are in the waters, you will not get lost thanks to iBobber’s built-in GPS. You can also use it to tag your favorite fishing spots on the map.

The fish finder has a Trip Log that helps keeps you up to date with your favorite fishing spot. Other information you can record on the log include type of fishing, conditions, water temperature and the date.

Accurate Readings

The iBobber fish finder provides accurate readings up to a depth of 135 feet. Therefore, you will not have to guess where the fish are located. This is what makes the iBobber one of the best fish finders for kayak fishing.

Rechargeable Battery

You can always have a full battery when using the iBobber fish finder as the battery is rechargeable. When the device is running low on power, simply pop it into a charger and continue fishing. There is a power indicator that will alert you when the battery is running low and the device needs to be plugged into a charger.

Patented Technology

The fish finder uses patented sonar fish identification technology to enable you to accurately know what you are looking at. The technology also enables you know the water temperature and where the fish are hiding.

When you go fishing with the iBobber fish finder, make sure you are using the proper bait as there will be plenty of fish to catch.

Highlighted Features

  • Has a rechargeable battery
  • Allows social media sharing
  • Has alarms
  • Trip Log to record your adventure
  • GPS
  • Fish indicators
  • Contour mapping
  • Bluetooth compatible

Amazon Review & PriceOur Review & Verdict

#5. Signstek FF 003 Portable

signstek ff portable fish finderUser Friendly

Operating and programming the Signstek FF fish finder is easy. You simply need to turn on the power and input your location. You can use the fish finder both at the shore and in a kayak to track where fish are hiding.

Bottom Contour Indicator

The FF003 fish finder has an indicator that shows cracks and other items that may be at the bottom of the sea. There is also a water temperature gauge that helps you know whether you are in a cold or hot zone. From the information provided, you can adjust your fishing tactics.

Multiple Sensitivities

There are over 100 different sensitivity levels on the FF003 for different types of fishing. You can use the fish finder to locate fish in both shallow and deep waters. The device’s depth ranger will help you know how deep the water is and where the fish are located.

Bright, Colorful Display

The Signstek fish finder has a bright display that produces over 500 colors. Therefore, you will get clear information. The display is also easy to read in direct sunlight. You can go fishing with it on a bright sunny day. When it gets dark, there’s an LED on the locator to light it up.

Highlighted Features

  • Bottom contour indicator
  • Accurate up to 0.10 precision
  • Has a gauge to measure the water temperature
  • 100 different sensitivity levels
  • The display is easy to read in sunlight
  • 512 display colors

Amazon Review & PriceOur Review & Verdict

#6. Lowrance Hook- 4X Sonar

lowarance hook 4 sonar reviewLet’s go through this short Lowrance Hook 4X review to find out what the device has to offer.

The Lowrance fishfinder has a bright, 4-inch color display screen with a high resolution. Therefore, you can easily see the information displayed on the screen. The device uses a combination of CHIRP sonar and Downscan Imagining to provide clear view of what is underneath the water surrounding you.

The Downscan overlay technology incorporated in the device overlays the images captured onto the CHIRP sonar. This enables you have a transparent view of the water. The fish finder also has Advanced Signal Processing (ASP) that makes it easy to use. With ASP, you do not have to manually adjust the device’s settings to see fish.

The Lowrance model has a track back system you can use to view your recorded history. Therefore, you can revisit your past fishing locations, fish targets, structures and other history.

  • You can revisit your previously recorded data on the fish finder through the track back system. Therefore
  • you can see your past favorite fish targets and locations
  • The Advanced Signal Processing ensures the device is working in the best mode to show you fish. You do not have to make drastic manual adjustments
  • The combination of Downscan Imaging overlay and CHIRP sonar ensure you clearly see the fish and water terrain around you
  • Provides accurate information of the fish under the water using CHIRP sonar technology
  • Does not read the speed of your kayak or boat
  • Its manual is complicated to understand
  • Navigating the display or device software can be challenging

Amazon Review & PriceOur Review & Verdict

#7. FishHunter Military Grade Portable

FishHunter-Directional-3D-FishfinderGet Detailed Information

The FishHunter fish finder uses military-grade equipment to deliver accurate information to your tablet or smartphone. Among the information you will get include the type of fish under the water and the best bait to use. If you are looking to go home with the biggest fish, this is the fish finder to get.

Has Everything You Need

The fish finder comes with a mini USB cable, a full charging station and a carrying bag. The battery is rechargeable and produces a signal when running low. Simply plug it into the charger for a few minutes to charge.

100 Feet Depth Range

The fish finder can provide information up to a depth of 100 feet. For ice fishing, the device reaches up to 60 feet in depth. For a track jig, it reaches 30 feet.

The FishHunter will easily help you know where the fish are under the water.

Bluetooth Compatible

The fish finder can sync with your tablet and smartphone through Bluetooth. The casting range is up to 80 feet. If you do not want a complicated fish finder, the FishHunter is for you.

Highlighted Features

  • Allows you to upload photos on social media sites
  • Comes with a carrying bag
  • Has an easy to understand manual
  • Has a mini USB cable
  • Comes with a charging station
  • Can reach up to 100 feet depth
  • Made of military-grade equipment
  • Bluetooth compatible for information transfer

Amazon Review & PriceOur Review & Verdict

Advantages of a Kayak Fish Finder

There are a number of reasons why you should have a fish finder when going kayak fishing. Some of the reasons are:

Determine the Water Temperature

When fishing, it’s important to know the temperature of the water. A fish finder can help you know whether you are in cold or hot zones, which is important when you want to locate fish. Some fish species prefer warm waters while others prefer cooler waters. A fish finder can help you determine the temperature of the waters to locate your catch.

Determine the Depth of the Water

When fishing without a fish locator, it is not possible to know the depth of the water. The fish can be near or at the bottom of the sea. To know how deep the fish are, you will need a kayak fish finder.

Determine the Location of Fish

Fish have plenty of space and areas to hide while under water. The best kayak fishfinder will help you to locate where the fish are hiding and zero in on their location. This is an easy way of fishing than keeping your line out of the water.

Are Fish Finders Expensive?

Unlike what most people think, fish finders are actually affordable. There are even fish finders that cost less than $200. You should know where you intend to fish to find the best fish finder for you.

How Much Should You Pay for a Fish Finder?

There are various things that determine the price of a fish finder. Fish finders that have powerful features can be quite expensive. However, you don’t always need the most powerful fish finder to have a great fishing adventure.

Generally, you will get a good fish finder from between $200 and $500. If you want premium features like higher end transducers, cone angle and larger displays, be prepared to pay more.

While we don’t advocate spending thousands on a fish finder, think about the features. The quality and features of a fish finder will determine how much you will end up paying. Check the video below for more information about depth finders.

Final Verdict

If you are a fisherman, you need a fish finder. The device is invaluable during any fishing escapade. You can mark your favorite fishing spot on the device’s map for later review. The device will also help you find where the fish are hiding, ensuring you always go home with a catch.

If you want the best kayak fish finder, we recommend the Deeper Smart Portable. The fish finder does everything to ensure you have a successful catch. The finder has a rechargeable battery, can sync with your smartphone and allows you to share your picture on Facebook.

  Check the Deeper Smart Portable price at Amazon


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