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8 Best Large Tackle Boxes and Bags To Buy In 2023
8 Best Large Tackle Boxes

8 Best Large Tackle Boxes

With one of these best large tackle boxes, you can organize and protect your fishing leads, lines, baits as well as other fishing stuff.

Nothing destroys a fishing trip quite like the lack of particular methods for storing and organizing flies, baits, and fishing equipment.

The tackle box, which contains everything from fly fishing to salt water to spinning is an important piece of equipment for every fisherman.

Even while the fundamental premise of all tackle boxes is identical, there are now a variety of options available, ranging from streamlined fly boxes up to huge backpack-designs with fish coolers.

There’s even a rolling tackle box in the form of a jet baggage for those times you are having more bait than you will possibly carry.

Type of Tackle Boxes

Soft cloth or a hard casing made of plastic is the most likely option unless you work in an antique store.

Tackle boxes made of hard plastic are the most popular and, in many cases, the cheapest. This tackle box gives a number of benefits, the most notable of which is its great strength and durability.

Furthermore, because of its plastic structure, it features a sealing and closing mechanism that not only makes a significant difference while diving, but it is also completely waterproof. If you need a tackle box that is genuinely waterproof, study and tight as well as rubber sealing on the edges.

There are tackle boxes made of fabric material in the shape of a lunchbox (with some plastic inserts), but not only do you incur the danger of having the fabric wet, particularly if the fabric is waterproof and does not seal effectively, but you also run the risk of damaging the fabric.

Soft bags are intended to carry tiny, transparent plastic boxes, which are often used for keeping baits and other items in a convenient location. It is not recommended to use treble hooks and fabric together.

Overall, a cloth bag option is preferable when having a lot of items outside of your gear and when you have gear that has to be arranged, such as additional layers of clothing.

Many bags have backpack straps, making them an excellent choice for transporting your belongings.

Tackle boxes made of plastic are often less expensive and are better suited for kayaks and boats that can remain in one location.


For fly fishing, for example, a tiny and minimum gear collection may be sufficient; hence, a huge tackle box is not required. However, if you’re interested in sea or ocean fishing, you will be using a lot of equipment and large baits, hence you’ll want a larger tackle box, depending on the weight you’ll be hauling, you may choose a tackle box with wheels.

If you’re starting from scratch collecting tackles, grab one that is extra-large to make sure you have enough. You are going to be shocked at how quick you accumulate tackles, and you’ll be less likely to have to deal with an overflowing tackle box instead of a half full one.

Internal Storage

Majority of fishermen prefer tiny, customized storage boxes, like ubiquitous brand from Plano- a transparent plastic box, to keep their gear organized. This is a well-known size, and although the Plano is commonly available in the market, there are other alternatives that are similar in appearance.

Many of the suggestions below, particularly the bags made of fabric, have been developed with these scenarios in mind. In case you have this sort of case already, you only need to verify the description of the tackle box to ensure that the size of the tackle box matches the size of the tackle box you currently have.

How We Selected

The eight best large tackle boxes I’ve listed here are the result of talks with fisherman and many years of fishing experience in the United States. Bass fishing was a major part of my childhood in the Finger Lakes region of New York. Currently I exclusively fish trout from the Colorado Rockies.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the most popular North American selections that anglers may get online, through fishing merchants, and in a variety of other stores. If you have narrowed down the search, our guide will help you in your efforts.

8 Best Large Tackle Boxes

1. Plano Angled Tackle System

Plano Angled Tackle System


Designed by Plano, the industry’s leading manufacturer of tackle boxes, this mid-size box is more like tackle fortress.

Plano Angled Tackle System has a compartment for every tackle type and the ability to accommodate three standard Plano 3650 cases made of plastic.

This box doesn’t take up much space since each corner includes a clear compartment with a lockable clasp to contain commonly used goods like terminal tools and your favorite bait, which saves on storage space.

It is recommended that you use this tackle box on piers or boats that are not continually moving due to the weight and shape of the toolbox.

2. Plano 1001 Tackle Box

Plano 1001 Tackle Box


Plano 1001 Box is almost appropriately titled since it is the number one tackle box that every beginner fisherman should have in their collection because simply a separate tray made of plastic for the bait and a place underneath it for bulk material is all that is required.

The price could not be dropped below $20, and it continues to be the most dominating brand in the Plano tackle box market. Whether your budget is at the top of your priority list or you’re just starting, this tried-and-true technique for organizing fishing gear will not let you down.

3. Calissa Offshore Tackle Recon Rolling Fishing Backpack

Calissa Offshore Tackle Recon Rolling Fishing Backpack


If the collection of your tackle has grown to be too enormous to transport on your own, it may be the time to invest in some wheeled baggage in the form of an airport.

This Calissa Offshore Tackle, which is particularly designed for fishing, makes it simple to go karting the time when you do not want to make a decision on which lure to keep at home.

This is a particularly suitable option for sea fishing when you have a large number of tackle items and just a few fishing rods, and you have to go from car to a boat. It has enough space for 3600 series five container cases and 4 rod holders.

Ripstop fabric is waterproof and includes a rain cover for added convenience. When rolling is not a possibility, a backpack might be used as an alternate solution.

4. Flambeau Outdoors Waterproof Tackle Satchel

Flambeau Outdoors Waterproof Tackle Satchel


When you are planning to fish from a paddleboard, boat or a kayak, it is essential to have a tackle box that is waterproof. Unlike the common Plano transparent plastic box that many anglers use in conjunction with their bag or backpack, this big sealed best large tackle box provides a single storage spot for all of your baits and minor equipment.

The rubber cushion not only keeps water out of the case, but it also retains air in, allowing the case to float if it is dropped down, which is ideal when kayak fishing. Because it has compartments of different sizes and plenty of basic storage space, fishing line, tools and other large goods may be stored safely and securely in Flambeau Tackle Satchel.

5. Shimano Blackmoon Fishing Gear Backpack

Shimano Blackmoon Fishing Gear Backpack


The Shimano Blackmoon bag is designed for day outings at sea. Storage for fishing gear, lines, lures, and reels. It also has four 3600 cases. It’s a plus if you’re new to the world of fishing. The Waterproof rain and splash coverings are retractable on the Blackmoon.

6. Wild River Nomad Lighted Tackle Backpack

Wild River Nomad Lighted Tackle Backpack


In comparison to dragging a standard toolbox-design tackle box around a river or lake, a backpack-mounted solution is significantly more convenient.

A fishing backpack frees up your hands and makes it easier to arrange not only the fishing gear, but also the rest of your fishing vacation. Think about additional layers, snacks, beverages, etc.

Although Wild River Nomad XP seems to be a more expensive backpack, it contains a lot of fishing-related features, like an external holster for basic equipment like pliers and built-in USB charging port, LED lighting, and four basic plastic trays.

7. Rush Creek Creations Fishing Rod Tackle Cart

Rush Creek Creations Fishing Rod Tackle Cart


Unless you’re going fishing with a backpack, you’ll need a permanent storage solution for your fishing gear. If not, it will vanish in a flash. To keep the rod, erect and safe, this stand-on Fishing Rod Tackle Cart by Rush Creek stores a variety of fishing equipment.

Here are some more attractive wooden cabinet types with cupboard doors if you want a closed alternative. The weather and the clumsiness of a vehicle or boat aren’t going to be an issue with this best large tackle box that costs less than $100.

8. Magreel Fly Fishing Boxes

Magreel Fly Fishing Boxes


Fly fishing equipment varies. Fly fishing is a very basic sport compared to most other forms of spinning equipment. Instead of tackle boxes, fly fishermen often carry their gear in lines, pockets, and vests on their backs or belts.

In order to keep their flies in order, some fly fishers use a Magreel Fly Fishing Box, which is simple and proven method.

If you’re looking to blend ponds and rivers or organize your house, consider using Magreel’s water-repellent rubber gaskets on hard plastic boxes instead of the more traditional tin ones. You may categorize and arrange flies by season, skill, or size by mixing and combining sizes.

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