8 Best Penn Spinning Reels

8 Best Penn Spinning Reels

If you are here, chances are you’re curious about which is the best Penn spinning reel that is appropriate for you. Even for seasoned fisherman, narrowing down the choices from among the 16 models of high-quality that are on the market might be a challenge.

This post lists the nine best Penn spinning reels as well as advises on the one that is ideal for your needs.

If you’re looking for a spinning reel that can be used for a wide range of fish species, we’ve outlined the best fishing techniques for each model.

The following are details of these nine best Penn spinning reels and also some models that deserve a shout out for their effectiveness.

8 Best Penn Spinning Reels

1. Penn Spinfisher VI

Penn Spinfisher VI


Penn Spinfisher VI is the best penn spinning reel available in the market today that offers value for your moeny.

You won’t have to worry about saltwater seeping into your gearbox or drag system if you crash into waves or spray on your way home since the PENN Fishing Spinfisher VI is sealed with IPX5 technology.

To offer the required stopping force for huge saltwater fish, PENN HT100 washers are housed on completely sealed reels to prevent them from escaping.

Its all-metal body and side plates provide precise CNC gear alignment even when subjected to extreme pressures. It is possible to order versions that are standard, live liner, extended cast, or studdles.

In comparison to the Battle, this model’s price is just $20-$30 extra, but it provides a major boost in style and functionality. Compared to graphite-and-plastic-based devices, this one is stronger and lasts far longer because of its all-metal construction.

Additional protection is provided by IPX5 sealing on the frame and spool of the reel. These fishing reels, in fact, can be immersed in salt water to the full extent but you are not supposed to leave them for a while and also you must rinse them with fresh water afterwards.

Another advantage over Penn Battle is the drag mechanism which is completely enclosed. Dragging mechanism that are resistant to seawater than the standard HT 100 system are also found here.

So the drag mechanism on this Spinfisher VI is far more powerful than the Battle’s drag system. Because of this, you may gain additional value for your very little investment.

The Spinfisher’s sole minor flaw is that it’s a little hefty because of the all-metal build. In my view, its merits greatly exceed its shortcomings, making it the best Penn spinning reel that is most popular.


  • It uses CNC gear mechanism
  • The design is made of metal
  • The spool and body are IPX5 sealed

Penn Spinfisher is available in the market in two varients.

  • Penn Spinfisher Long Cast: The long cast is similar to Spinfisher’s basic model, but with a massive extended spool. It is perfect for people who like surf fishing because of its long throw due to the spool construction.
  • Penn Spinfisher Live Liner: For bait-to-bait fishing and other situations where the fish may easily rip line from reel before setting the hook this model has an extra drag mechanism that doubles as the lure clicker system, making it suitable for live bait fishing. On the rear of this spinning reel, there is a control knob for secondary drag. These two drag mechanisms are easily switched using a lever that is on the reel frame’s top.

2. Penn Fierce III

Penn Fierce III


Penn Fierce III is regarded by many fishermen as a fundamental fishing reel which may be used to a variety of different applications. Shielded ball bearings and solid-felt dragging system are included. For fisherman who don’t mind the plastic rotor, this reel is a great option.

A variety of Fierce III reels come in diameters ranging between 1000 and 8000 inches. The Fierce III spinning reel has a PENN HT100 carbon fiber brake disc, as well as a complete metal body and side plates, making it capable of handling both shore and offshore fishing.

If you’re looking for a high-quality spinning reel at a reasonable price, this one is for you. It’s best to start off with a Fierce if you’re venturing into fishing. It is not inferior to Battle in many respects, but it is far less expensive since it is manufactured of inexpensive materials.

To maximize your fishing experience, you might consider upgrading to a Battle or Spinfisher based on your preferences and techniques.


  • The rotor is techno-balanced
  • The carbon fiber of the drag mechanism is HT-100
  • The side blates and body is made of metal

3. Penn Slammer III

Penn Slammer III


You may utilize Dura drag mechanism, which is similar to the drag on standard Penn reels, with this large round reel used for large sea marlin or tuna fishing.

The drag system on Penn Slammer III reels provides far greater extra drag power than previous Penn drag systems.

This best Penn spinning reel is also water-resistant, with an IPX6 rating. As a result, it is more resistant to water immersion than Penn Spinfisher’s IPX5-sealed model.

Because of this, you may place this reel in the water while rotating its handle without fear of water leaking into the mechanism.

Many interior components are made of brass, which is stronger than aluminum and more resistant to pressure deformation in addition to CNC-system gears.

Overall, this Penn Slammer III has components that are resistant to corrosion and an IPX6 waterproofing system that prevents sea water from entering the inside.

Offshore fishing and saltwater fishing in general benefit from this design, making it the most robust and trustworthy saltwater reels available in the market.


  • It is made of metal
  • The sealing of spool and body has a IPX6 rating
  • The dura drag mechanism is sealed

4. Penn Conflict II

Penn Conflict II


This is a new reel model by Penn which is very unique when compared to other reels produced by Penn.

As a result of its carbon graphite in essential components, Penn Conflict II is much lighter than previous Penn models.

Penn has created a carbon fiber composite dubbed RR 30 for the rotor and frame. The handle is composed of aluminum and has an EVA spherical knob.

The Conflict II, in the opinion of the majority of fishermen, is Penn’s most aesthetically pleasing reels.

That said, the Spinfisher is a spinning reel that is sealed but this one isn’t. The salt water will adhere to the surface if you immerse the item in seawater and then fail to immediately wipe it.

Additionally, Penn Conflict’s CNC-system gears help the gears perform better and are more stable than those on the cheaper model.

A spinning reel which spins more smoothly and deforms less under maximum pressure is referred to be “smoother.”


  • The rotor and body is made of graphite
  • Gear system features CNC technology
  • The eight ball bearings are sealed

5. Penn Battle III

Penn Battle III


There is a noticeable improvement in the Battle III’s strength and durability over Penn Fierce and Pursuit. However, despite the fact that it has ball bearings that are sealed, it is not a water-resistant fishing reel, like the more costly Penn versions.

This means that if you soak them in seawater and then don’t open them right away to clean, they will get damaged.

This best penn spinning reel features one extra ball bearing than Fierce model, but most fishermen choose smoothness above all else, and the difference in smoothness between a Penn Battle and a Fierce is often insignificant.

HT 100 drag mechanism system on Battle and Fierce is the second notable difference between them.

When battling large fish, the felt and carbon washer difference is immediately apparent on the Fierce. This Penn Battle reel is, in my view, the greatest spinning reel for freshwater fishing you can get.

For huge fish and coastal marine habitats, this suggests that Penn Battle is robust enough. You’ll want a robust reel like Battle if you plan on regularly fishing bass or amberjack. Because of this, many fishermen consider this reel to be the most well-known size 6000 Penn reel.

Although Penn Battle may be taken to sea for catching Wahoo or Spanish mackerel, it is not meant to be exposed to saltwater for lengthy periods of time. As long as you don’t receive much spray from the side, it doesn’t matter.


  • The design structure is made of metal
  • The carbon fiber of the drag mechanism is HT-100
  • 4 plus one ball bearings are made of stainless steel

6. Penn Clash II

Penn Clash II


Unlike Penn Conflict that is made entirely of graphite, Penn Clash II has a metal construction.

As a result, they may take on larger fish because of their increased mass and strength. But except from that, there isn’t big difference between Penn Conflict and Clash.

As the Conflict is not waterproof, this best Penn spinning reel has ball bearings which are sealed, but it is still vulnerable to seaswater.

Because of this, Spinfisher is a one-of-a-kind model that sells spinning reels that are sealed at a reasonable price.


  • The sideplate and body is made of metal
  • Gear system has a carbon fiber of HT-100
  • The eight plus one ball bearings are made of stainless steel

7.  Penn Pursuit III

Penn Pursuit III


Penn Pursuit III entry-level spinning reel is their most affordable models. Several ball bearings and felt drag mechanism give it a simple operation.

This Pursuit reel is constructed of graphite and a variety of polymers. The components of the reel are not sealed or shielded, making it unsuitable for sea fishing. To sum it up, Penn Pursuit III isn’t the ideal pick if you plan on fishing at sea.

However, if you are new to fishing and don’t know whether you’ll stick with it, this best Penn spinning reel is an excellent option since it doesn’t cost more money to get started.

For a few extra dollars, you’ll receive more value with Penn Fierce than Pursuit III. Using a Fierce is more fun than fishing without one, and many seasoned fishermen have a few in their tackle boxes.


  • The design structure is made of graphite
  • The carbon fiber of the drag mechanism is HT-100
  • 4 plus one ball bearings

8. Penn Torque II

Penn Torque II


The Torque II is Penn’s most luxurious spinning reel, with a gold or silver finish that is both beautiful and sophisticated.

Torque rods, which have a starting price of $700, are only owned by a small number of fishermen. It’s difficult to determine which model is superior than Slammer because they share the majority of the same features and specifications, such as Dura drag, an all-metal body, as well as a IPX6 water resistance rating.

Penn Torque, on the other hand, has ten ball bearings making it a significant difference. The number of spins is higher than those of the other Penn reels among them the Slammer. Furthermore, it is noticeably smoother than the majority of other spinning fishing reels available in the market.


  • It is made of metal
  • The sealing of rotor and body has a IPX6 rating
  • Nine plus one ball bearings made of stainless steel

Best Penn Spinning Reel For Saltwater

The Slammer III  reel is the best Penn saltwater reel available today. However, although Penn Spinfisher also is a fantastic seawater reel, the Penn Slammer outperforms Spinfisher in this area and is the greatest reels for saltwater fishing available today in the market.

There are three primary characteristics that distinguish the Slammer as an excellent sea fishing reel.

  • Construction is entirely of metal, including CNC-system brass gears and interiors.
  • Waterproof rating of IPX6
  • The Dura drag mechanism is sealed

The following are details of each of the mentioned features;

All-metal structure design makes Penn Slammer far stronger than other low-end spinning reels, as well as making it more resistant to pressure strain and hence ideal for targeting huge marine fish that can fight back in the water.

As a result of IPX6 sealing, the Slammer is capable of withstanding enormous amounts of saltwater daily, which is the greatest degree of water resistance available from Penn. In these circumstances, the majority of other reels will get damaged extremely rapidly.

Finally, the Slammer’s duradrag mechanism delivers outstanding fighting power. – This drag is also found on huge normal reels, and it provides amazing power for catching giant sea fish with ease.

Best Penn Reel For Surf Fishing

Spinfisher Long Cast reel is a high-quality Penn surf fishing reel that is designed to cast long distances. It is intended to allow for long distance casting due to spool design which is elongated, and stores more line to release it with minimum friction during fishing than other casting reels.

The capacity to throw a long distance is the most important characteristics that every surf fishing reel should possess. A second reel model from Penn, Conflict Long Cast Reel, has a long casting design, but this model does not have waterproof technology, making it unsuitable to be used in surf fishing at the sea since it will be damaged when used in saltwater.

Another most important characteristic of a surf reel is its capacity to tolerate repeated saltwater splashing or submersion. Because of the all-metal structure and IPX5 seal rating, the Long Cast is ideal for this application.

When using the Spinfisher, it is crucial to remember that you cannot rotate the handle when underwater since water may enter the device. One of the disadvantages of using a spinning reel that is sealed is once water gets into the reel, it is quite difficult to get rid of them. As a result, do not turn the handle of the reel while it is submerged.

Penn Slammer vs Spinfisher

If you compare Penn Slammer and Spinfisher, it becomes instantly apparent that both spinning reels are the best saltwater reels available. Both are made entirely of metal and are sealed with IPX technology to ensure water resistance. But what realy distinguishes the two from one another?

Here are the main big differences between these two spinning reels;

With an IPX6 seal rating, Penn Slammer is more water resistant than the Spinfisher’s IPX5 seal. The Slammer handle is capable of handling saltwater without issue, however the Spinfisher handle will be watterlogged, despite the fact that both spinning reels may be used in saltwater without sustaining harm.

Penn Slammer reel has a Dura drag mechanism that is extra powerful with a maximum pressure of 30-60 pounds, but the HT100 Spinfisher drag system has a maximum pressure of just 15-50 pounds, resulting in a significant difference in their ability. Slammer is thus more adapted to combating bigger sea fighters than Spinfisher.

Slammers are more tolerant of saline water than Spinfishers, and they have greater drag to use against huge fish when fighting them. Because of this, they are ideally suited for fishing in harsh offshore circumstances, but Spinfisher is best suited for fishing inshore in situations where there is minimum exposure to salt water and a propensity to capture fish that are smaller on average.

Penn Clash vs Slammer

The Penn Slammer and Clash are both made of metal and feature CNC gears, but that’s  the ends of their similarity. The Clash, in contrast to the Slammer, that is entirely waterproof and has an IPX6 sealing, is not seealed and is thus susceptible to  exposure when used in saltwater.

A further advantage of Dura Slammer drag is that they have a maximum pressure of 30-50 pounds, as opposed to the HT100 Clash’s maximum pressure of 9-15 pounds. The drag mechanism of Slammer on the other hand, has far greater power to cope with large fish.

In any case, Penn Slammer reel is the ideal option if you are seeking for a high-quality saltwater reel or if you want to capture large fish. As an alternative, you may use a Penn Clash, which comes in sizes ranging from 1000 to 2000 and is designed to be lightweight and durable for freshwater fishing applications.

Penn Clash vs Conflict

Overall, Penn Conflict and Clash spinning reels are extremely similar; the primary difference is Clash is constructed entirely of metal alloy, whereas Conflict is constructed entirely of RR30 graphite.

Because of this, Penn Conflict is lighter than Clash. Actually, Conflict is the lightest Penn reel.

The following is a comparison of the weight ranges;

  • The oz of Penn Clash is between 8.2 and 27.2
  • The oz of Penn Conflict is between 6.3 and 14.4

Because these Penn reels do not have any seal technology that would make them salt water resistant, they should be utilized exclusively for freshwater fishing applications only. In this case, Conflict is the suggested option because the graphite structure provides significant advantages in terms of weight reduction. This is critical if you intend to cast lures for the better part of the day.

Due to the fact that Conflict is lighter than Penn Clash, it is more ideal for mild freshwater applications. However, if you’re searching for saltwater spinning reel, none of the models are your best bet, and instead you should look at Penn Slammer or Spinfisher models, which are both available.

Penn Conflict vs Battle

Between Battle and expensive Conflict spinning reels, there is a difference of around a $40, and you’ll be asking yourself why such a big price gap and whether it is really well worth paying much for the Penn Conflict.

The following are their major differences;

  • Conflict’s frame is constructed of graphite, which makes it lighter than Penn Battle, which is built entirely of metal.
  • Due to the fact that Conflict contains seven ball bearings, it is smoother than Battle, that has five ball bearings.
  • Gears in Conflict are CNC manufactured, making them stronger and smoother than gears in Battle.

In general, Penn Conflict is a better value than Penn Battle if you want a spinning reel that’s smoother, stronger, and lighter.

It is crucial to keep in mind, however, that none of these reels is equipped with seal technology, making them unsuitable for sea fishing. If you are searching for a fishing reel for use in saltwater, we suggest the Slammer or Spinfisher as the best options for you.

Penn Conflict vs Spinfisher

The two spinning reels are quite close in price terms as they both cost approximately $150. However, they are different from one another and best suited for quite distinct reasons.

The three main differences between the two reels are:

Whereas Spinfisher reel is constructed entirely of metal, the Penn Conflict is constructed entirely of graphite carbon, that makes Spinfisher stronger and Conflict lighter.

The Spinfisher is equipped with IPX5 seal technology for the spool and frame, while the Penn Conflict is devoid of seals, making the Penn Spinfisher much superior option for saltwater applications.

Penn Conflict reel contains seven ball bearings, although the Spinfisher reel only has five, which results in a remarkably smoother retrieval action than the Spinfisher’s.

Based on the above distinctions, it’s evident that Spinfisher by a wide margin is the more desirable option for saltwater fishing, whereas the Penn Conflict is ideal option for freshwater techniques that include casting baits all the time, in which the Conflict’s lighter weight makes a significant difference.

Penn Torque vs Slammer

Because of their high-quality saltwater reels, both Torque and Slammer are more expensive. The Torque, on the other hand, costs twice as much as Penn Slammer. There is a question that emerges. What is the difference between them, and are they genuinely better?

In contrast, if you look at the features of these two best Penn Spinning reels, they look practically similar to one another. Every one of them is made of metal and has CNC gears, as well as IPX6 water-resistant rating and a Dura drag mechanism that is sealed.

Here are the two main features that distinguishes the two reels from one another.

Featuring ten ball bearings, Penn Torque has more than the other Penn reels, and the smoothness is greater than that of Penn Slammer.

Torque is an extremely complicated and beautiful design that may be made entirely of silver or entirely of gold.

Overall, the reason why Torque Spinning Reel is more expensive is the result of a more careful design and a sleeker appearance, making them appealing to “connoisseurs” who wish to create high-quality fishing reels from scratch. However, Penn Slammer is capable of performing all of the functions of the Torque for less dollars.

How To Choose The Best Model For Your Purpose

It’s now up to you to determine which out of the best Penn spinning reels mentioned above is the greatest fit for your needs. Whatever fishing type you want to conduct, you should choose the model that will work best for you and the appropriate size for your needs.

For example, using Penn Slammer size 6500 to fish spotted trout whikle kayaking is excessive since it consumes too much energy and you are not going to appreciate hooking huge rigs. In this situation, the Penn Battle size 3000 or a Spinfisher would be a much superior option, according to my opinion.

Fishing nearby an obstruction where the fish may easily dive, would need the use of much greater power in order to pull the fish out of the structure quickly. In this situation, a 6500 Slammer will be the best option.

It is recommended that you check at the maximum dragging force of each reel model/size to choose what you need before making your pick


This brings the best Penn spinning reels review to a close. All of the types reviewed here are fishing reels of high-quality and therefore you do not have to worry, all you have to do is choose one that best meets your needs.

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