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Best Portable Fishfinders for 2017

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Fishfinders are classified into two, the portable and general/fixed ones. Fishfinders can either be adhered lastingly to your watercraft or can be taken anytime you want.

For those anglers that rent boats, a portable fishfinder is ideal for you because you can take them in your bag wherever you go; they are in compact size, easy-to-carry case and undemanding to install. Despite of its detachable manner, portable fishfinder perform competently as a general device.

Obviously, general fishfinders are for boat owners because they can be placed anywhere you want in your boat, the wires can be positioned under the floor, the transducer can be steadily affixed and so on and so forth. Best portable fishfinders are for anglers who only rent boats, engage in ice fishing and fly-in retreats. Also, portable ones are great for anglers with kayak and small boats due to its compact size; they would not take so much space.

Despite of the advantages it presents, portable fishfinder has also its downsides. Most Portable fish finders are unstable because it utilizes a suction cup for mounting which can be uncertain and will need to be pulled up when traveling over trolling speed. Due to the movements, it is hard to fine-tune the setting of the gadget, thus leading to incoherent results.

Portable Fish Finder Buying Guide & Reviews

When searching for fish finders, you may be inclined to purchase a portable model. While portable fish finders are typically less expensive than fixed devices, they may not be the ideal choice for every situation. In the long run, a portable device may wind up costing you more and may also be a major inconvenience.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of a portable fish finder to see if this is the right choice for you.


  • Less Expensive: Generally speaking, fixed fish finders cost five times more than portable fish finder models.
  • Easy to Use: With a portable device, no permanent installation is required.
  • Versatile: As its name implies, portable fish finders can easily be mounted and transported from one location to another. This versatility can be convenient when renting boats, fly fishing, ice fishing or fishing on the shore.
  • Adaptable Transducer: These devices can easily be thrown into the water for dock, boat or shoreline use. They can also be mounted onto boats, canoes or kayaks.


  • Insecure: Portable fish finding devices are mounted using a suction cup, which can make them unstable. This can be problematic when moving above trolling speed.
  • Unreliable: Because the device is unstable, the movement can make it difficult to tweak its settings to appropriate levels. This leads to inconsistent results each time you use the device.

Below are the  best portable fishfinders for 2017

Garmin echo 100

The Garmin echo 100 is affordable and precise. With a 600ft max depth and 4 inch display, this fish finder allows you to see more than other devices on the market. The device uses HD-ID tracking technology with fast refreshing to create a clear image. Thanks to its 200kHz transmitter, the device allows you to scan up to 600 feet below the surface. This makes the echo 100 ideal for freshwater lake fishing. The device also features a quick-release tilt mount to make installation simple and easy. The echo’s affordable price makes it the ideal choice for any budget-conscience fisherman.

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Signstek FF-011 Wireless Fish Finder

Designed for both professional and amateur fisherman alike, the Signstek FF-011 uses advanced technology to locate fish, measure the depth of the water and map out the contour of the water. This model features five sensitivity levels and a water temperature indictor. The Signstek FF-011 can scan from two to 100 feet with 1/10 precision. A depth and fish alarm make the device even more convenient. As an added bonus, a fish symbol and depth indicator is included. The FF-011 runs on 4 AAA batteries for the utmost in portability and convenience.

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NorCross HawkEye F33P Fish Finder

NorCross HawkEye F33P Fish Finder is ultimate for fishing trips and family outings; the Norcross Hawkeye F33P offers the latest portable fishfinder technology and is guaranteed to help you come up with better fish stories. Its weight is 1.6 pounds and has dimensions of 6 x 3 x 2 inches, this unit uses an ultra wide, 45 degree sonar beam angle, and this system delivers accurate depth, fish and bottom structure readings from 1.5 to 99.9 feet. This unit includes a trollable, mountable, and floatable sonar sensor. The F33P is exceptionally easy to use; simply turn the power on, toss the sonar sensor and in no time flat you’ll receive instant depth, fish, weed, and contour readings. With its “SideScan” adapter, the F33P can also attach to a broomstick handle to scan under weeds, lily pads, ice, or docks. The F33P delivers reliable readings by using algorithmic programming.

The NorCross HawkEye F33P is both compact and accurate. It features a 25 degree sonar beam angle. This beam allows the device to provide precise readings up to 99 feet. It also comes with three sonar sensors: Trollable, floatable and mountable. With 35 feet of cable, the NorCross HawkEye F33P can be tossed from the shoreline, bridge or a boat and still provide accurate readings of depth, fish, contour and weeds. The HawkEye F33P is incredibly versatile and easy to use. For added convenience, the antenna is powered by battery and provides 20 hours of uninterrupted use.

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Garmin echo 300c Dual-Beam Fishfinder

The Garmin echo 300c Dual-Beam Fishfinder weighs 11.2 ounces, dimensions of 2.8 x 4.1 x 5.8 inches and display resolution of 240 x 320. Echo 300c is the only color, dual-beam fishfinder on the market at its price, making it the premier sonar option for fishermen on a budget. Echo 300c is designed to make catching fish a cinch. The system’s 3.5 in sunlight-readable display and exclusive Garmin HD-ID™ target tracking technology let you see through the water like never before. Plus, a 300-watt (RMS) sounder offers a viewing angle of up to 120 degrees and bottom detail to 1,500 ft. For an uninterrupted view of the sonar image, echo 300c also boasts Garmin Smooth Scaling™ technology, which means you won’t lose sight of the sonar history as the unit changes depth ranges. Designed with simplicity in mind, echo 300c is one most intuitive fishfinders on the market. Installation takes only a few minutes using the quick-release tilt mount and versatile transom-mount transducer included in the box.

Humminbird 140C Fishin’ Buddy 3.5-Inch Waterproof Fishfinder

The Humminbird 140C Fishin’ Buddy 3.5-Inch Waterproof Fishfinder weighs 8.3 pounds and dimensions of 15.1 x 11 x 29.1 inches. Use it on your boat, your buddy’s boat, a dock, or even a float tube. Fishin’ Buddy Fish finders give everyone the ultimate in portability, with an ergonomic clamp mount design you can use nearly anywhere, with absolutely no rigging or wiring, or even a transducer to mount. You’ll love the high resolution color display and powerful SideFinding sonar that you can point in any direction to find more fish. The 24″-40″ extendable transducer tube housing reaches the water from most small or mid-size fishing boats.

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