7 Best Saltwater Tackle Boxes

7 Best Saltwater Tackle Boxes

In addition to the saltwater reel and your rod for surf fishing, investing in a high-quality best saltwater tackle boxes that are available is essential.

There is no better method that you will keep your high-quality saltwater baits ready and equipped at all times than with a saltwater lure storage system.

The difficulty right now may be that there is very many tackle boxes that are available in different designs in the market making it tough to choose which one is best suited to your requirements.

As a result of this, this article is covering every aspect of best saltwater tackle box that you need be aware of in order to make an informed decision so as to buy one which is best for you.

7 Best Saltwater Tackle Boxes

Saltwater tackle boxes are able to deal with a unique set of circumstances. The best saltwater tackle box should be strong and long-lasting.

A variety of different sizes of hooks and lures should also be accommodated by them. Some of them may be rather large in stature. Larger varieties are equipped with wheels to allow a fisherman to truly move them from one location to another and onto and off of stagnant boats.

It is also possible to buy a tackle box that is ideal for fishing in saltwater. They can come with saltwater fishing rods and rod and reel holders.

1. KastKing Large Saltwater Resistant Fishing Bag

KastKing Large Saltwater Resistant Fishing Bag


KastKing Large Fishing Bag is where the action takes place when fishing in saltwater. Keep in mind that some manufacturers provide more elaborately built light tackle boxes for loads larger than those charged by KastKing.

It features a lot of storage space for Plano boxes, ensuring that you are well prepared even if you have a large collection of saltwater baits.

You need not to be concerned about running out of storage space as it is spacious enough to carry all the things you need. Because of its shoulder strap, it is easy to get this best saltwater tackle box to the location you are planning to do fishing, and the hard material made of nylon will hold up for a long time.

2. Calissa Offshore Tackle Recon Rolling Fishing Backpack

Calissa Offshore Tackle Recon Rolling Fishing Backpack


While Calisa Tackle Box is a functional backpack, it also comes with wheels to make it easier to transport all of your stuff about without hurting your shoulders.

Calissa has created a wonderful tackle bag for fishing that is produced entirely in the United States. If you are searching for a water-resistant bag that will accommodate everything you need to fish as well as personal stuff, this bag can suffice your needs.

Calissa Offshore Backpack can store Plano boxes of sizes between 3600 to 3650, and if you put in the effort, you could have a large arsenal on hand at all times. Plus, the fishing rod holders makes traveling to your desired location a cinch!

3. Plano 7771-01 Guide Series Tackle System

Plano 7771-01 Guide Series Tackle System


In some undefined point in the future to your fishing excursion, I’m certain that you have seen this best saltwater tackle box or that you’ve previously held this one. Fishermen from all over the world have relied on Plano 7771-01 which is a truly tested heavy-duty saltwater tackle box made of plastic and it continues to function well today as well.

It offers a lot of compartments and storage space while the locks are a little weird at first, but after you get accustomed to them, they become more functional.

4. Wilderness Systems Kayak Krate with 4 Rod Holders

Wilderness Systems Kayak Krate with 4 Rod Holders


If you are having extra money that you are planning to invest and are looking for a durable address container for your superb kayak, then Wilderness Kayak Krate what you need. You also don’t want to keep inside a milk container in the area of the house. This crate stores everything you require for fishing all day in the water, thanks to the four rod holders it includes.

You have the ability to control the peak of it as well. Even though it’s no longer water-proof, this best saltwater tackle box still waterproof. If your kayak tips over, I wouldn’t expect to be comfortable, not to mention that it would drift for quite some time. Hopefully just for long enough to allow you find your way back home.

5. Plano Weekend Series Kayak Crate Soft Bag

Plano Weekend Series Kayak Crate Soft Bag


The following saltwater tackle box is for anybody who has milk crate that is empty and wants it to find a friend. This is suitable for a comfortable indoor environment with plenty space and the ability of organization to fulfill your demands on water.

Plano Kayak Crate Soft Bag holds up pretty well in both freshwater and saltwater; just be sure to clean it well after your fishing escapades to protect the zippers from fraying.

6. Okeechobee Fats Fisherman Deluxe Tackle Bag

Okeechobee Fats Fisherman Deluxe Tackle Bag


This best saltwater tackle box has a large amount of storage space, as well as more tackle boxes, or perhaps some bloodless tackle bags, if that’s your thing.

Okeechobee Deluxe Tackle Bag incorporates a holder with two rods if you need to let the bait run for a while when you’re assisting the children in becoming hooked up and simply resting with your palms up.

7. Frabill Plano Deep Waterproof Stowaway Utility Box

Occasionally, you’ll want to be a little extra vigilant about preventing saltwater from getting into the fishing gear. And it’s at this point that it’s vital to upgrade tackle box you are having now by getting one that has O-ring seals.

Frabill Plano Utility Box is trustworthy enough that even there are people who utilize as medical drug box while going to and from their destination.

If it’s accurate storing necessary life-saving medications, it will also be spacious enough for more expensive lures. However, you must be careful not to return lures that are still wet to the field before drying them. The moisture will be retained as effectively because the moisture will be retained as effectively.


The best tackle box uses a tough-but-mild nylon material much like top notch backpacks to update the hard-plastic structure. It permits tackle boxes to be crammed into corners of an automobile trunk or boat locker.

And it gets rid of the want for a big, inflexible box. Finding an amazing best saltwater tackle box is important to maintain your system with no trouble available.

How to Pick the Best Tackle Bag


Tackle bags are constructed of a robust yet lightweight nylon material, which similar to that used in backpacks of high quality, in lieu of the traditional hard-plastic construction. It makes it possible to cram tackle bags into tight spaces such as the trunk of a car or the boat locker.

In addition, it reduces the requirement for a large, hard container. Investing in a tackle bag of high quality is vital for keeping your equipment organized and accessible.


To avoid being exposed to broken gadgets, rusted equipment, and spoiled food, water-resistant luggage is essential when traveling. Furthermore, it will aid you in keeping your instruments safe and dry throughout the process. Consequently, the fishing tackle bag should be totally water-resistant, including the zippers, in order to be used effectively.


The appropriate fullback style requires an angler to have bag arrangement which is easy and simple to transport. Anglers must have the ability to transport all their equipment and have the ability to tailor each voyage on their own.

You must choose the address bag in accordance with the size, type, and duration of the trip’s addresses. To use the tackle bag effectively, the individual must be physically fit.


The fact that the best saltwater tackle bag has shoulder straps is a significant benefit over the tackle boxes. Having the bag distributed evenly across both shoulders makes it less difficult to carry.

As an added bonus, it frees a hand for preserving rods or preserving handrails. Tackle bag must have sturdy handles and carry strap that is comfortable which is attached to it as a matter of need.


When searching for the best saltwater tackle box, one feature to look for is wide trap portions that allow for the use of “oversized” devices to be placed on them. When a tackle bag is completely filled, it becomes quite heavy.

As a result, it is critical that you find the appropriate length in your device. In addition, the base that is  deep can accommodate various things making it a good idea as well.


When not in use, baits need to be stored inside the bag in a manner that they cannot tangled each, ideally on the angler’s hands so that he or she may easily pick them up. As a result, having a large garage may aid fisherman in organizing equipment neatly and in an  orderly way.

To make it better, a garage wallet is yet another intriguing “addition” to the tackle bag. This box may also be used to store plastic blister packs, larger reels of fishing line, and fishing equipment, as well as a camera.


A good tackle bag must be made of high-quality fabrics, have strong handles, and have a carry strap which is comfortable that is attached to it. If it meets all these requirements, it is going t be very long-lasting.

Keep in mind that after the angler system is in place, a standard tackle bag weighs a substantial amount. Due to the weight, the bag is put under a great deal of strain, and if the material used to make it is of poor-quality, it will come apart quickly.

Key Takeaway

Locating a high-quality tackle bag may prove to be beneficial in the long term, though. It is capable of delivering your tools and keeping your possessions safe. So be certain to get one that best suits your needs in terms of quality. Anglers have a diverse variety of wants that are dependent on their activity.

With the correct tackle bag, you will be confident and well-prepared to handle your equipment. As a result, you will be well aware of the capturing process. Because of this, you may have a more enjoyable time when cross-country fishing.

Types of Fishing Tackle Boxes

Plastic Tackle Boxes

PLANO tackle boxes made of plastic have been recognized as the most often used kind of tackle boxes. The majority of plastic tackle boxes that we’re used to have split trays which expand if the top is opened.

This enables you to break lures into different lengths of plastics, hooks into different lengths of hard plastic baits, and hooks into different lengths of soft plastic baits.

Problems with Plastic Tackle Boxes

One issue that caused concern in the past was the melting of soft plastics seen in majority of tackle boxes.

While it was once believed that warmth had a role in this, it is well recognized now that it’s the result of chemical reaction that occurs between plastisol which is used to produce plastic lures that are light and tackle trays.

Plastic salt water tackle boxes

When the plastisol was broken down, it fused with the salty tray for tackle box, resulting in an unsightly mess on the counter top.

Newer tackle plastic boxes for saltwater fishing are made of an extra “plastisol friendly” fabric, which means they will no longer start chemical reaction in the recipient. The most notable characteristics of tackle boxes made of plastic is that virtually all can float!

Kayak Tackle Boxes

Some “special aspects” of the tackle box for kayak help to distinguish it as a standout among the rest of the saltwater tackle box field. One of the abilities is floating.

The scenario may get risky for a fisherman who is fishing while peddling a kayak at times. Even if anything like this occurs and the tackle box falls from kayak, you may still recover it rather than having it sink.

Another great feature is ability to attach the tackle box to your kayak in order to keep from falling. Due to the limited amount of room you’ll have to work with, having ability to pack everything you might possibly need inside your tackle box is a big advantage.

It’is due to this reason why kayak tackle boxes come in different shapes and sizes. Kayak fishing best saltwater tackle boxes should have basic survival gear incase you find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Metal Tackle Boxes

For a long time, saltwater tackle boxes made of metal were spherical. They are plagued by rust, which is the primary problem they cause. Rust was a common problem with the earlier metal post boxes, especially when left on muddy stream banks or with lures inside while they were still wet.

A few manufacturers that also create metal tackle boxes instead of utilizing painting they use a powder coating to combat this. An energy-adhered powder is used in this way of portrayal before it is baked on. Because it lasts longer than paint preventing corrosion, manufacturers are turning to this form of portrayal.

Soft Tackle Boxes

There are much more options for soft tackle boxes than there are for steel and plastic. Options include backpacks, shoulder to shoulder carriage and waist-type.

With light tackle boxes, there are even more options for capacity and size . Beyond just being large, the soft tackle boxes may be equipped with everything you’d need in the event of a survival emergency, including smartphone charger, tele cells, and lights.

Growing Popularity

The use of soft tackle boxes is increasing. This is mostly due to the fact that you can just toss a strap over your shoulder. Another reason why the popularity of light-weight tackle boxes is rising is because of their capacity.

It’s common to find flat tackle boxes made of plastic, also called tackle storage containers, which slide in or out of light tackle boxes. They contain sections that may be adjusted to various shapes and sizes. Light tackle containers that have telecells, phone chargers and light capabilities are becoming more common.

Ice Fishing Tackle Boxes

To split weights, hooks, lures, and other fishing accessories, an ice fishing tackle box is very similar to popular fishing packing containers with booths. Also, a place to store any ice fishing gear you might need. It’s a great idea to make sure that your ice fishing tackle box is watertight.

You won’t have to worry about water penetrating into the tackle box to freeze it. A plastic range with a seat-in-the-the-the-lid lid is another great idea for a tackle box for ice fishing. As a result, there is no longer the need for relocating a separate seat or chair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do fishing tackle boxes float?

A: These days, a lot of our favorites are both waterproof and lightweight. However, as many people know through experience, earlier metal tackle boxes no longer float efficiently.

Q: Are fishing tackle boxes expensive?

A: There is as much diversity in cost as there is in the choices. Purchase an affordable tackle box; however, it is most likely no longer water-resistant and will not hold up well.

Q: Do they make fishing tackle boxes for girls?

A: There are, in fact, female-targeted tackle boxes that are available on the market.

Q: Is it a good idea to have more than one fishing tackle box?

A: Absolutely! It’s a terrific idea to buy tackle boxes that are specific to the kind of fishing you’ll be performing.

Q: Where can I get a fishing tackle box?

A: PLANO brands may be found at Walmart and other retailers. “Unique bargains” and more options are available online, making it easier to find what you’re looking for.

Insider Advice

A fisherman’s best companion has always been the best saltwater tackle box. The kind of tackle box you use to fine-tune your demands will be heavily influenced by the fishing type you perform and the fishing equipment you carry.

Having a large number of tackle boxes is a smart idea. Some fishermen prefer to have just one rod and reel in their arsenal for all of their fishing endeavors.

To name just a few of the amazing options for fishing-specific tackle boxes, there are Flambeau, PLANO, Bass Mafia and Spiderwire tackle boxes.

We really hope that this guide has been of great help in guiding you make an informed decision about your next saltwater tackle box.

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