9 Best Soft Sided Tackle Boxes

9 Best Soft Sided Tackle Boxes

When it comes to getting away from the daily bustle and hustle, fishing is a fantastic option. Nothing but you, the lake, and all-absorbing objective of landing a scrumptious trout or catching a snag before the setting down of the sun on this idyllic setting.

When you are out in nature, the best way to relieve yourself from the all-day stress and calm the nerves is to keep the pace slow. It’s no wonder that fishing is the most well-known recreational activities – even if you will end up with is a whopper getting away.

Whether you’re traveling miles to be further away of waterside R&R for some few hours, embarking on offshore adrenaline adventure with friends, or traveling all the way down river to fish night’s dinner, you’ll want to be prepared with all of your fishing equipment. As a result, our guide on the best soft sided tackle box is a particularly well-timed information.

The nine tackle boxes listed on this article are going to transform fishing experience because they will make your fishing lines, baits, bobbers and lures easy to access no matter what kind of fishing you love doing.

9 Best Soft Sided Tackle Boxes

1. Plano 7771 Tackle Box

Plano 7771-01 Guide Series Tackle System


Our high-quality tackle box for fishing is Plano 7771. This best soft sided tackle box is a superb, all-rounder that swallows in all your stuff in its enormous storage area and spits them out in an arranged manner.

This tackle box utilizes the rack system by Plano Stowaway that gives you all the things you want to have your fishing gear organized and prepared for a fishing trip. It comprises of 4 packing boxes and one bulk area for storage that is underneath a clear cover for storing bobbers, fishing lures, etc.

Our high-quality fishing tackle box is Plano 7771. It is a superb, all-round field that swallows in all your stuff in its enormous storage area that spits out in an arranged form.

Maximizing at Plano Stowaway Rack System, there`s the full thing you want to have your address and fishing gear organized and prepared. The field comprises of 4 software packing containers and bulk garage area under a clean view cowl on your fishing bobbers, lures, etc.

The stable lid also features 3 spinnerbait racks that are removable for easy access to your spinnerbaits. Because of the robust and waterproof outer part of this tackle box made of plastic, your equipment is protected and does not have to deal with scratches, dings, and dents. If you’re searching for a tackle box that can accommodate all of your needs, Plano 7771 is the right choice.

It also has a handle that is molded for added comfort, however be cautioned that when fully loaded, it may be rather heavy and will not be your best option when going for a long distance to arrive at your fishing location ahead. It has a fantastic layout and is an excellent tackle box.


  • There is a large garage for storing all fishing equipment and supplies.
  • Clear lid allows for easy visibility of contents.
  • It has spinnerbait racks that are removable.


  • A long and unwieldy length that might take up valuable boat space.
  • When it is full, it may be difficult to transport across long distances.

2. Spiderwire Wolf Tackle Box

Spiderwire Wolf Tackle Bag


There is no better choice for modern-day traveling fisherman than this realistic and tough Spiderwire Tackle Backpack, which holds a surprising amount of equipment for its small-to-medium size.

SpiderWire Tackle Bag is constructed in the manner of duffel bag and is smartly intended to aid you with all of your everyday fishing needs while also stepping up to the way for fishing trips that take you far away.

First and foremost, as a tackle box that is soft, the size is close enough to that it may be utilized as carry-on luggage when travelling, but it has an internal capacity of 38 liters to accommodate all of your fishing gear.

The denier polyester used in the construction of this best soft sided tackle box ensures that it will endure for years and will be resistant to scratches. You will also find a molded base that is water- resistant and skid-proof, which helps to maintain the shape.

There are up to four huge tackle bins in the roomy cabin. This is the greatest fishing tackle bag in our opinion, with two spacious, readily accessible front storage compartments plus an interior organizer for tools and other things.


  • The perfect size for a fisherman who is on the road or in the air.
  • Surprisingly large capacity, as well as a plenty of wallet
  • Constructed to last


  • The tackle bag’s body is not water-resistant.

3. Plano Tackle Box

Plano Tackle Box


As you may have gathered, Plano is the most well-known brands in the field of tackle boxes for fishing. There are several other kinds of Plano boxes available, all come with various sizes and with different levels of organizing capability, but we’ve chosen the straightforward Plano Tackle Box to be among our favorite designs. This best soft sided tackle box is remarkably simple and extremely ingenious at the same time.

Opening it reveals four-tier organizing mechanism consisting of 3 cantilever trays as well as one big bulk garage tray. The amount of space contained in a little box like this is significant.

You will not be forced to waste your time trying to find the perfect tiny piece of fishing equipment on the lake’s side. All you have to do is open Plano box, and it will be right there.

This tackle box for fishing is designed for the fisherman who has the bare minimum of equipment and does not need all of the whistles and bells of a standard big tackle box to be a great one.

It’s ideal for those who want a short, light, and smooth travel, as well as for those who are new to the sport or are just getting started.


  • Layout that is simple and low in weight
  • There is a lot of space
  • The housing is durable


  • It is made of plastic.

4. Flambeau Outdoors Tackle Box

Flambeau Outdoors Tackle Box


Flambeau Outdoors Classic can handle a full fishing trip all alone, with its 8 tray booths and 6 removable dividers. Even if it’s a little on the tiny side, the well-designed shape compensates for it.

Even though it seems to be little, this best soft sided tackle box is capable of holding a lot than you may expect.

In addition, a flip-pinnacle lid box in the near-ideal design allows access to various fishing tackles. Tip-guard trays and drawtite latches keeps everything within reach.

Children enjoy this feature since it weighs only 1lbs, can easily be seen due to its bright colors, and has enough for a lot of fishing equipment to get them started in the sport.

A beginner or intermediate fisherman of all ages may use this box for extra space.


  • A lot of space for storage.
  • The box makes tackle organizing very easy and simple.
  • Affordably priced


  • The tackle box is not durable

5. Plano Angled Tackle Box System

Plano Angled Tackle System


Keep your fishing gear in tip-top shape and fish like an expert with Plano Angled System. This extraordinarily green tackle box has three stowaway (3560) application packing containers and many of space for sensitive baits or all types of tackles required for professional fishing.

The application container is positioned at an angle of 15-degrees in the essential compartment, which is also equipped with DuraView lens lids and covers.

However, even though it’s loaded with plenty of different drawers and storage areas, the overall form of the bag still looks fantastic. Assume it can withstand rough conditions at the fishing spot that you love or poor weather.

This well-known best soft sided tackle box’s plastic outside may rise to an incredibly excellent exterior, giving sturdiness and durable usage. Ensure that you put your fishing reel handbook to the test with some top-notch gear.


  • The construction is durable and rugged
  • It is portable and well compact
  • It has enough space for storing small items


  • It has negative reviews on customer service

6. Okeechobee Fats Fisherman Deluxe Tackle Box

Okeechobee Fats Fisherman Deluxe Tackle Bag


Tackle box in the shape of a chubby fisherman from Okeechobee Fats will make transporting heavy fishing equipment a breeze.

The Angler Delux is an excellent choice for the fisherman who is more adventurous to transport his or her fishing gear to a fishing location or a remote boat.

Whether you’re at home on the quayside or pier, this sharp-looking best soft sided tackle box will help you project a relaxed, but well-prepared, enjoyment. It is among soft-tackle boxes that are our favoritre, because of its easy-to-use features and comfortable shoulder strap.

It has a ton of compartments for your fishing gear and other necessities. 4 tackle boxes that are large may be stored in the top compartment that has 3 additional wallets for other items.

On rough terrain, spike pads help keep the bottom of this backpack stable. Finally, the outside is made of materials that are of a high-quality, including heavy-duty canvas and polyester, which are ideal for long-distance travel.


  • Plenty of room for storing and organizing your things.
  • It’s a terrific backpack for any occasion or climate, thanks to its durable construction.
  • It has a padded shoulder straps and handle that make carrying it a breeze.


  • The design lacks in rigidity and structure

7. CLC Wild River Tackle Tek Frontier Tackle Box

CLC Wild River Tackle Tek Frontier Tackle Box


CLC Wild Tackle Box has all the whistles and bells. You won’t find anything like this best soft sided tackle boxon the market; it’s packed with add-ons, perks, and features making the packing for a fishing trip real event.

This bag can practically hold any number of equipment you could ever imagine thanks to its many application compartments and adequate wallet space.

On first sight, it’s far an attractive soft tackle box, produced from a hard bendy cloth with handle made of a strong bar to enable easy carrying of fishing equipment.

It’s only when you unzip the flap that you will realize Tackle Tek is anything but regular. Lures and baits may be stored in the rear compartment’s 5 plastic address packing containers.

There are pockets on the panel side, as well as room for pliers, on either side. There includes a zipped see-through pocket that has dividers and 3 storage areas when you open the top.

An inbuilt LED light ideal for people who fish at night makes it very easy to see your fishing gear and get what you want from this slick tackle bag.


  • Exceptionally robust, with a plethora of storage options
  • Extras you didn’t even realize you wanted
  • Ideal for fishing at night


  • It is expensive
  • It is not ideal for use with fishing boats that are smaller in size

8. Wakeman Fishing Tackle Box and 55 Pc Tackle Kit

Wakeman Fishing Tackle Box and 55 Pc Tackle Kit


Secure your fishing experience with the well-crafted Wakeman for an a traditional best soft sided tackle box if you need to a tackle box which is going to give you value for your money.

For the more advanced fisherman seeking a reliable means to save and transport their tackles, this is the excellent entry-level tackle box. A fishing hook, line, bobbers, swivels, lures, and sinkers make up this tackle box.

Although this is a single product, it has exceptional capacity and a clip top with in-built booths for easy and quick access to little objects, unlike the other styles in the list of the best satisfying tackle boxes.

You may remove the tray box for additional bulk storage, as well as access to a few open areas underneath your fishing sunglasses and other requirements.


  • It is a good tackle box that comes with basic starter kit for fishing
  • The adequate storage space gives value for your money


  • The latches must be snapped well
  • It is not made of high-quality materials.

9. Elkton Outdoors Rolling Tackle Box

Elkton Outdoors Rolling Waterproof Fishing Bag


A mobile tackle box such as the Elkton Outdoors Tackle Box makes moving your fishing gear around a breeze. This tackle box with four wheels is lightweight and portable, making it ideal for fishing trips that are long or days at the lake.

While on a level surface, just raise the care and roll the way experts do. To keep you and your fishing tackle comfortable if the track becomes rough, just remove its handle and the cushioned shoulder straps for you to have a backpack that is comfortable.

On this best soft sided tackle box bag, we’re going to breakdown all the garage options. There are five sturdy tackle packing compartments and mesh zipped panel on the front of the bag.

In addition to that, a large wallet on the side is ideal for holding personal stuff, water, or large tools. The panel at the top has three garage booths separated by mesh pockets and dividers at the top of panel. You can no longer save money on this bag by sacrificing yourself.


  • Incredibly durable and watertight as well as light, small, and handy
  • Easy-to-use handle and wheel system
  • The interior is surprisingly spacious and adaptable.


  • You cannot roll this best soft sided tackle box on ground that is rough or inclines that are steep
  • It is very expensive

Best Soft Sided Tackle Box Buying Guide

Why Trust Us

I’m no longer a professional fisherman, but my father sees me as someone who has spent his entire life fishing and who has access to a lot of information, both academic and otherwise, on internet.

This guidebook is the culmination of many hours spent reading product evaluations, watching videos about fishing equipment, and going fishing with my dad, who taught me fishing.

We went out on the lake together for the first time in a few years and had so much fun sharing his knowledge and being the main consultant for the information on this article.

Who This Is For

From a beginner to the advanced fisherman, this article is for you. If you’re an experienced fisherman, you’ve definitely brought your favorite gear with you to your favorite fishing spot. With this guide, you may go from the basics to your ideal tackle and optimize your fishing time and storage.

How We Picked

Initially, I sought advice from my family members, including my father and uncles. Next, I scoured the internet for the best vendors and compiled a list of options that I believed would be most beneficial to novice to intermediate fishermen. Because we’re all unique and have different requirements, I try to create information that cater to as many people as possible.

Features To Look For In Tackle Boxes

Before purchasing a new best soft sided tackle box, keep in mind the following features;


It is critical to pick a tackle box that will not only accommodate your present gear but will also be appropriate for future fishing. Particularly if you’re new to casting games. The easiest method to do this is to get a large one that can grow with you.

As required, the welcome address box is enlarged. There is one caveat: if the tackle box is too huge, it will be difficult to transfer at a port or lake. A fishing tackle bag is your best choice if you need additional storage space.

Gear Storage

Find a bag or backpack large enough to hold all of your fishing equipment, including tiny reels and floats, fishing rods and nets, sandwiches, and hot coffee flasks.

Additional storage compartments, wallets, and compartments should be included in the finest boxes and backpacks that are cushioned to retain everything you need and desire while being simply accessible and located when you need them.

If you’re worried about the weight-to-length ratio, make sure the field is still simple to grip and move while you’re adding fishing lures and addresses.

Lure Compartments

Don’t go to a tackle box that doesn’t have a booth specifically constructed for your most delicate fishing gear. If you’re prepared, you’ll know that you will have the ability to get the minor things out and connected up in a short period of time.


For creating tackle boxes, there are a variety of materials, some of which are very better than the others. As a common thumb-rule, opt for a light-weight tackle boxes that is long-lasting and portable, regardless of what you’re searching for.

Lightweight packaging boxes made of molded plastic are available, whereas nylon-made packs are more flexible and easier to handle.

You’ll receive a long-lasting tackle box/bag for fishing if you go with nice nylon or plastic.  Avoid using steel containers, since they don’t fair as well in the rocky waters of the ocean.

Waterproof Quality

It seems to me that you can’t cross-fish and be dry at the same time. However, if you have the right tackle bag pack or box, your gear may be.

That unattractive dampness may be avoided by making sure your equipment is as water-resistant as possible.

A tackle bag/box for fishing should be waterproof, have long-lasting zippers, and be double-sealed for extra protection.

It is important to ensure that the locks and seals of a watertight tackle box are properly sealed and watertight.


Look for durable, long-lasting packaging bags and containers to ensure that your fishing gear doesn’t come apart at the seams.

Sturdy and tight seals made of molded plastic are generally used for robust best soft sided tackle box. If you’re looking for tackle bags, look for materials like polyester or nylon that can withstand the weather.

Worm-Proof Tray Technology

The creation of a tray that is warm-proof makes it possible to stop from melting when some polymers react with one another.

Fishing lures still need to be stored in separate containers, although most fishing containers now use soft plastics which does not react with the lures.


When a brand you have a brand which stands behind the things it produces, you may feel more confident in your purchase since a guarantee is always a good indicator. Fisherman’s equipment warranties are not always necessary, but they might be almost a benefit if you have.

Types Of Tackle Boxes


When compared to a fishing backpack or tackle bag, a hard tackle box is often smaller. These sturdy containers are best for day sea trips since they allow you to view what you’re keeping easily. Because the boxes are so heavy, this is the only problem.


Traveling with your fishing gear and tackle is a breeze when you use soft tackle packing containers and luggage. However, if you’re able to remember quickly where all things are, these tackle bags are a wonderful option, although they are not water-resistant than packing containers.

In comparison to the traditional letter box, majority of the soft tackle bags offers a more convenient means of transit.


Touring or going fishing in areas with rolling trails is a great use for rollable tackle boxes. All of your fishing hooks, lures, sinkers, bobbers and more may be stored in these fishing accessories. It’s the most important thing to make sure that the rollable bag of your choice is easy to carry  when you can’t roll it.

Tackle Box FAQ

Q: Do I want a tackle box or tackle backpack?

A fisherman’s ability to traverse fragile or rough waters depends on where and how she or he fishes. An excellent choice for small boat or Kayak anglers is an easier fishing tackle rucksack.

If you like fishing from the pier, beach or riverbank, then a more challenging fishing tackle box is the way to go. Here’s the comparison of tackle box vs. backpack to help you make your decision:

Tackle box

A sturdy plastic container with a handle on top for transporting all of your fishing equipment is called a tackle box. Occasionally, you’ll come across a water-resistant tackle box.


Highly durable as well as usually waterproof. There’s a ton of storage space and cubbies for all of your fishing equipment. You are able to see what is within the box since the lid is routinely cleaned. Ability to keep huge and robust things including your baits and lures.


In terms of storage space, it might be both heavy and burdensome, as well as taking more space than necessary. This isn’t the ideal option for traveling, but tackle baggage and other options are.

Tackle backpack

A huge, rucksack-design tackle bag, often made of durable nylon, that allows you to wear your fishing equipment without having to take your hands out of the bag.

Large containers and readily accessible garage sections are almost likely to be found inside such bundles.


Is capable of providing the most critical capability, making it ideal for wearing any length handle. Garage that is adaptable and strong enough to transport fishing equipment “off trail.”

This item weighs far less compared to hard boxes, plus it is completely hands-free to wear — just toss it in the back and go! Instead of rigid parking trays, mobile booths may be used.


The soft exterior means it is prone to wear and tear and is also not water-resistant

Q: How should I organize my tackle box?

You’ll save yourself time and irritation while fishing if you prepare your tackle container or bag in advance of each fishing excursion.

This way, you’ll learn that you generally have enough reels, baits, lures, line and other equipment to handle whatever comes your way.

The following are pointers on how to have your tackle box ready:

Keep it clean

Remove whatever you don’t want and dispose of any leftovers or dirt from the last fishing trip. Also, you have to check your fishing equipment to ensure that they are in good conditions before using them. Afterwards, thoroughly clean the tackle box inside and out to ensure that it is completely dry.

Get labeling

Most tackle boxes may be fitted with trays or booths, allowing you to keep the bait organized and prepared for each fish species. Labeling them will guarantee that you can quickly reload the box, and you’ll have the appropriate tempt and bait on available whenever that huge halibut comes knocking.

Create your own packing system

In order to rationally integrate with your boat or quayside routine, arrange your tackle backpack or box in a manner that fits with fishing preparation and style.

You’ll be able to package up, bait up, and go out quicker if you stick with this gadget since it will help you comprehend the interior of the tackle box.

If you are already aware of how difficult it is to view your gadget, use clean boxes so that you can view your gear more clearly and fast.

Replenish and store

Of course, it can be a pain, especially after an excellent fishing trip, when all you need is to relax while enjoying a tasty after-fishing brew after a long day out on the water.

Trust us when we say that the time spent inspecting and replenishing your tackle box before putting away for the next trip is time well spent.

Toss the top off one that is cold and settle within the knowledge that you’re prepared and ready the moment the sea/ river beckons.

Q: What do you need in a basic tackle box?

To begin, you’ll want to build up a little supply of fishing equipment. Starting with fishing hook and lines is a good starting point, followed by lures and bait to entice the fish.

You’ll also need a few swivels, sinkers, and bobbers, as well as a few other pieces of equipment to make the day a little simpler. A pair of fishing knife and pliers are two pieces of useful equipment.

Q: Why is it called a tackle box?

The term “tackle ” refers to fishing equipment. As a result, they call tackle box, which serves as a storage space for all of your fishing equipment.

Q: How do you store a hook in a tackle box?

There are many methods for storing hooks for use at your fishing destination. To keep those hooks, you may either place them inside a compartment for your box, attach them to isolation pins for sorting sizes, or remove them from their packing. Alternatively, you can stick a tiny magnet to the hooks and stick them to the inside of your application box.

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