5 Best Surf Fishing Rod– [Buyer’s Guide]

5 Best Surf Fishing Rod– [Buyer’s Guide]

Choosing a high-quality best surf fishing rod is no longer synonymous with selecting the most expensive, longest, and highest-priced rod available.

Despite the fact that some fishermen are obsessed with throwing distance and the use of the largest rod they can manage, this does not imply that you should.

Longer rods are no longer a guarantee of superior performance.

Choosing a fishing rod that matches the weight of the lead or surf gear you’ll be using on a local beach, as well as the line breaking rod, is a smart idea when you’re just getting started in the sport.

Having trouble deciding on the kind of drilling rig to use?

Inquire with any casual fisherman you may locate around the beach or at your local bait and tackle store for more information. This is because understanding the local circumstances is critical to getting the most out of your fishing trip in the region.

What Size Rod for Surf Fishing?

The best surf fishing rod sizes are between 8 and 10 feet in length, with rods longer than 12 feet often being utilized for really long throws in the water.

  • 12 feet – Surf rods for long distance surfing.
  • 10 feet — An excellent all-arounder.
  • 8 feet — For fishing smaller species.

In order to fish effectively, you are required to connect your rod with a reel of appropriate size; the most common sizes are 5000 and 6000 spinning reels.

5 Best Surf Fishing Rods

1. Penn Prevail Surf Spinning

Penn Prevail Surf Spinning


Penn prides itself with a good history in surf fishing, and the company is known for creating reels of high-quality and excellent rods at competitive costs.

A terrific blend of power and feel can be found in Prevail’s surf spinning rods, which come in an extremely appealing packaging.

A 2-piece composite blank of graphite gives you the feel of a contemporary graphite rod while still providing the pulling power and durability of a conventional fiberglass rod, all in one package.

The Carbon technology shields the blank with a woven carbon fiber shield to keep it safe from damage. The guides and blanks are strengthened as a result of the increased protection.

The polish on this best surf fishing rod is exactly what you would expect from a fishing rod that costs three times more of its price, or perhaps even more.

On guides, they are made of stainless steel with an aluminum oxide inlay, as used by the Penn. Aluminized oxide which is a smooth and extremely robust material that may be used for both braided line and monofilament applications.

The grip on the handle is made of heat-shrink rubber. Even when wet, this material will not slide from your hands, and it will be able to use in the water without having to worry.

The reel seat is made of DPS and has a stainless-steel cover to keep the reel in place.

If you’re looking for perch, this rod is ideal for throwing fake baits, hooking up and diving dead baits in waves, and it’s especially good for striped bass, blue perch, as well as huge redfish.

Designed for beginners, the 10 feet medium or heavy rod is a versatile surf fishing rod that can also be used as a good jetty or pier rod.

2. Daiwa Emcast Surf Rod

Daiwa Emcast Surf Rod


Those searching for a lightweight surf rod that can cast a large number of fish easily in a day without straining their hands should look no further than Daiwa’s Emcast Rod.

In addition, the rod blanks are comprised of lightweight graphite, which allows for an extremely sensitive tip while yet keeping it strong enough to handle bigger fish.

In certain cases, hefty surf rods may miss thinner hits when throwing tiny fish baits, so you’ll want to choose a tip which gives you a lot of input.

Lighter blanks and Emcast rod tips are very sensitive to offer greater feel when rod blanks are on the line, which is beneficial when fishing with lighter blanks.

In addition to being an excellent surf rod for throwing crankbaits, huge poppers and pencils, this 11-feet best surf fishing rod is also excellent for lure fishing.

If you’re searching for a reasonably priced, surf rod that is lightweight and will handle a wide range of surf conditions, the Emcast is an excellent alternative.

3. PENN Battalion II Surf Conventional

PENN Battalion II Surf Conventional


In most cases, a conventional fishing rod is more successful than a spinning rod when it comes to throwing a big bait from a fair distance.

A real flagship at an extremely competitive price, the historic Penn Battalion II surf rod is a classic.

Compared to the light spinning rods mentioned above, this best surf fishing rod is a little stiffer, making it perfect for large wave fishing.

The SLC2 construction, which comprises a spiral carbon wrap on the inside and an outside layer of carbon fibers, is used to manufacture the Battalion II Graphite Composite blank, which results in a robust, balanced rod.

The Battalion II surf rod from PENN has a, Fuji Alconite guides, synthetic graphite blank composition, Fuji seat, a sturdy, comfortable rubber grip with heat shrink tubing. It offers exceptional performance, style, and strength.

When used in conjunction with a Fathom or PENN Squall casting reel, you get a surf casting rig of high quality that has the action and long-lasting ability that huge surfcasters look for their craft.

As you have seen, quality and performance have improved significantly since the Penn Prevail line was introduced.

4. St. Croix Rods Mojo Surf Spinning Rod

St. Croix Rods Mojo Surf Spinning Rod


The St Croix Mojo rod series includes a variety of rods with technical specifications that are very light when holding them, thanks to the use of carbon fiber.

Mojo Surf St Croix used a 2-piece rod and a split of 70/30 called offset tip for their setup.

This split enables the 2-piece rod to be transported inside a truck or car while maintaining a high-performance level and a solid feel.

A Fuji seat is included with a customized lightweight surf guide that has a black frame and zirconium guide. Comfort, style and durability are all provided by the proprietary handle – “XWrap”, which is guaranteed by a five-year manufacturer’s warranty.

These rods are substantially lighter than comparable rods of same size and strength because of the use of SCII graphite that is lightweight.

This best surf fishing rod has a balanced and soft casting feel, which is ideal for casting tiny lures or beach fishing setups. It is capable of handling fish weighing 20-30 pounds with ease. Everything else may seem to be a piece of cake.

5. Tica Dolphin Surf UGSA

Tica Dolphin Surf UGSA


The brand Tica may not be the most well-known in the world of fishing equipment, but it has a positive reputation among experienced fishermen.

They have developed from a lesser-known brand to be among the greatest alternatives for affordable, high-quality rods available in the market today.

They offer a good selection of surf and inshore fishing rods for striped perch and steelhead species.

Tica Dolphin UGSA is the ideal surfing rod for those who are just starting out. Even for individuals who are not interested in forking out large sums of cash for an array of more well-established brands.

This best surf fishing rod, which is constructed of TC3 high modulus graphite, is capable of throwing hard lures like spoons and top-waters over long distances with ease.

Because of their tiny diameter blanks and light weight, it is ideal for navigating long beaches in a ruthless manner, particularly while casting for the better part of the day.

You may select from a variety of reasonable options, which are available in one or 2-piece configurations.

Surf Fishing Rods

The best surf fishing rods are ideal for flinging bait and rigs out of the waves, where fish are mostly located.

When it comes to surf rods, the casting distance is generally the first feature that is highlighted but when purchasing a new fishing rod, however, this is not the most crucial feature to look for in a product.

More essential than choosing the best rod for long distant casting is selecting the best rod for the job at hand.

Rod Length: Longer rods are often able to throw more distances than shorter rods while fishing rods that are shorter provide feedback and greater control.

Rod Action: A quick action rod has a tip that is more sensitive than a slow action rod. Medium action rods exert greater force throughout the rod’s length than fast action rods.

Rod Power: The grade of the bait or line used, as well as the size of the species accessible for fishing, are all factors in determining rod power.

Which is the optimal length of a surf rod?

In general, the ideal surf rod lengths are in the range of 8 to 10 feet in length; however, the length that best matches your fishing rig and distance to throw is preferable; 12 feet for long distance and 8 feet for short distance and smaller species are recommended.

If you are vacationing along the ocean, you do not need a large surf fishing rod to accommodate your needs.

Where you are breaking up and where the fish are on the beach must be taken into consideration when determining the throwing distance.

It is not necessary to utilize the outside casting of the fish that is being targeted. As a result, local expertise is very valuable.

14 ft Surf Rods

Using a 14-foot surf rod and matching it with the rest of your surf and terminal gear properly allows you to cast the furthest distances.

Because of their size and mass, longer bars may outperform these if used wrongly.

Regular rods, and not spinning rods, are nearly typically used since bigger reels are better suited to heavier lines for casting long distances.

12 ft Surf Rods

Long-distance casting requires a length of 12 feet, which can easily be cast over 100 yards with the right line and reel.

After resting it on a sand spike or rod rest, a longer rod is simpler to control and avoid getting snagged in the thunder of the waves.

8 to 10 ft Surf Rods

A length between 8 and 10 feet is excellent for a first-time surfer’s surf rod. Surfing is an excellent sport to get started with a spinning high-quality 5000 reel and a 30 pounds braided or 20 pounds line reel.

Seawater spinning reels are available from most of the main manufacturers, and such reels are engineered to withstand the salt water’s severe conditions. The coil should be rinsed with clean water after use, no matter how well it is sealed.

Surf Rod Action

When pressure is exerted on a fishing rod, its action is defined as the height at which its natural bending starts to develop.

The upper third of the rod blank begins to flex with quick action rods. If the tip is more sensitive, the load feedback will be more accurate as well.

A moderate or slow action begins to bend the blank of the rod towards the bottom or center.

A rod with a moderate action is less sensitive and has a slow response time hence they are often used to throw long distances because they can load the rod’s full length, allowing the weight to move at a significantly faster rate when throwing in the direction of the target.

A rapid action rod is preferred by the majority of fishermen because it delivers a tip that is more sensitive.

With all but the strongest surfing equipment, you can toss far beyond the breakers themselves.

In situations when the waves break quite near to the coast, a faster action rod is preferable, even with short distant throws.

Surf Rod Power

It is the weight or grade of the bait for which the rod blank is built, as well as any features that break the stain line that perform best for that particular rod and are generally between low and high in weight.

It is normally suggested that you keep within the parameters set by the manufacturer in the first place.

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