Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ Review

Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ Review

From various Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ reviews, you already know that this fish finder is one of the best in its class. But what does it have to offer in terms of features and performance? Also, how does it compare to other fish finders? Details below.

If you love fishing then you know how important it is to use advanced technology. Using appropriate gear not only improves your odds of catching more fish but also gives you a better fishing experience. Sonar technology and fish finders top the list. Most frequent anglers usually fish from the shores or the boat. And this is where the Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ comes in as it will help you do both with precision.

Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+


This Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ Review gives detailed information about this particular fish finder including its features, advantages and disadvantages. Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ is one of the best fish finder models on the market that cater to all anglers both professionals and the novice alike. The best thing about this unit is that its versatile.

Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ serves the most advanced anglers and beginners perfectly well owing to its versatility. If you love fishing and are tired of getting back home empty handed, then this fish finder is your best bet as it increases your odds at success anytime you hit the water.

It’s equally simple which makes operation easier. You only need a smart phone or tablet, sturdy fishing line and casting ability and you’ll be good to go.

Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ Review

Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ is beautifully designed using advanced technology and works well for different types of applications. You can use this unit for standard bank fishing, boat fishing, ice fishing and kayak fishing among others. What’s more, it falls on the lower side of the pricing spectrum which makes it affordable for most anglers.

Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ is conveniently lightweight for ease of transportation and carrying around. The Wi-Fi capability is what makes this unit to stand out among other fish finding models available on the market. Knowing the exact location of the fish and the hiding spots, fish and water depth play a significant role when it comes to catching more fish. This exquisite fish finder offers all the three with ease and precision.

Features of the Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+

The Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ has many impressive features. Let’s dive right in!

Wi-Fi Technology

Wi-Fi technology is one of the impressive features that sets the Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ apart from its counterparts. You can use the Wi-Fi connectivity to connect to your tablet or smart phone. The feature works perfectly well, almost seamlessly. Save for the smart phone and tablet connection, it also allows anglers to view the most recent fishing destinations and scans on any smart devices right after the fishing trip or adventure.

Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ Wi-Fi technology boasts a 330ft casting depth and a maximum of about 260 scanning depth. The unavailability of lag and great display ensures this unit clearly displays data in a streamlined process to the device. The Wi-Fi works with both Android and iOS.

Why is Wi-Fi Important?

The importance of Wi-Fi technology is quite apparent so we’ll not talk about it in details. However, we don’t want to downplay the ability of having something compact enough to carry around or transport to help transfer live feed to your tablet or smart phone. It’s always advisable to carry few items to your fishing hole depending on the kind of fishing you plan on doing. This especially applies to ice fishing. It eases transportation and helps keep things compact and well organized during the fishing process. Carry a bucket on one hand and a fishing pole on the other and you are set to go.


Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ additionally features a GPS setting compared to other lower end versions. The GPS settings typically allows the fishing pod to easily capture any in-depth readings. It also gives accurate feedbacks when it comes to different fishing locations and fish depths while also allowing you to mark and save previous spots.

Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+

Generally, anglers should not overlook the GPS feature as it plays a significant role in the entire fishing process. Other fish finder manufacturers will follow suit soon and release similar technology. Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ will then take the center stage as the first ever to have an in-built GPS technology.

Why is GPS Technology Important?

Learning behavior and locating fish is very crucial in fishing and is equally the most challenging part especially when it comes to bottom fishing and challenging other cover prone fish species.

In such scenarios, the Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ will come in handy as it helps solve all these problems. The users have access to depth levels, in-depth readings. Plus, you’ll be able to see the structures underneath the water body with ease.

Sonar Capabilities

The Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ is equipped with the famous dual frequency sonar transducer.

  • The 1st band – pings at about 90kHz over a sonar cone of about 55 degrees. It works well in larger water bodies when it comes to locating fish.
  • The 2nd band – pings at about 290kHz over a sonar cone of about 15 degrees, giving you the option of turning on the high-powered band. It allows anglers to comfortably reach various depths of about 260ft. Most people rarely reach such kind of depths. However, the feature gives you the luxury of capturing data up to a 260ft depth if the need arises.

Mapping Capabilities

Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ has mapping capabilities which can bring endless advantages to the fishing game. You can never go wrong with advanced technology. There are days that you’ll only need to scout and learn about the target’s habitat, hiding spots and the water depth and structure. Don’t expect to catch a huge amount of fish anytime you hit the waters, it’s quite normal to return home empty-handed sometimes.

However, you can try to learn about different water bodies as much as you possibly can. Try determining the depths, structure, holes and also bend any changes on the water body where you are fishing.

Let’s look at what the Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ can do for you and why it’s one of the best ice fishing fish finders on the market.

Lake Book Feature

The lake book feature is typically the main mapping function on the Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+. The lake book function allows the angler to add any existing maps of the water body where they are casting or trolling. It also allows users to export and import the fishing data. The device shows you the current location on opening the application on this particular fish finder model. You can view the lake book function whichever way you please on your tablet or smart phone.

The lake book function also allows anglers to use zooming and panning to get an accurate reading of the current location.

Other Mapping Features

You can search for other new locations using the Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+. On opening the mapping feature, the unit gives you a number of options including:

  • The previous location search
  • Current location
  • Location list
  • Add a location

Mapping Capabilities and History

The feature allows you to view any previous maps and use previously stored data without necessarily being online. Mapping and mapping history is an impressive feature in any fish finder model as it allows you to access stored waters with ease especially those that you have cast out already or coasted around. It also allows the user to track and view previous times and dates the original water body maps were recorded.

The best thing about a fish finder model with mapping and mapping history is that it’s fully customizable. It can be likened to having full access to a fishing journal at your disposal.

Why Mapping and Mapping History is Important

If you are a frequent angler and are targeting more than one fish species like carp and catfish, you can always save the data basing on the information needed. For instance, you can name the collected data and the locations as for Deepest blue catfish hole or Flathead hotspots for Catfish. However, it always narrows down to personal preferences at the end of the day. Most people underrate the importance of having easy access to valuable information by simply clicking a button.


Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ additionally features icons. First time users tend to get intimidated by what’s displayed on the screen and the number of options. This unit has seven different displays showing simultaneously on the main screen including:

Fish Depth – This is usually a fish icon with an attachment of a number that shows relative fish depth under the water body.

Wi-Fi Connectivity – This is an icon that displays the Wi-Fi signal and whether or not you are connected.

Battery Level – This icon displays the remaining battery life on the Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+

Relative Size of the Fish and Position – This icon displays different sizes of the fish in water in comparison to each other.

Water Temperature – It displays the temperature of the water body and the depth location of the device.

Self-Adjusting Scale – This icon shows the depth of the water and also changes the depth anytime you change the position of the Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+

Floor – This is one of the most important features of the Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+. The icon shows the floor and contour of the water body to allow the user to actively look for helpful bottom locations for fishing. It also helps the angler have a better chance at placing the bait in the water body where they are fishing.

Four Different Modes of the Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+

The Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ comes with four different modes that you can use right from the box. You can choose the mode depending on your fishing style. These modes use impressive features and are slightly different to give you a better fishing experience. Let’s unpack the modes that you can access!

  • Ice Fishing Mode – It displays the data in split screen along with the circular flasher for ice fishing to the traditional 2D side by side view.
  • Standard Mode – It’s typically one of the most basic fish finder modes in 2D view display.
  • Boat Mode – It allows the user to connect to your smart phone’s GPS while tracking all your movements in the water. It also enables bathymetric mapping.
  • On Shore GPS Mode – It uses the built-in GPS feature in the device.

You have two different easy pieces with an attachment which is the attachment point and bolt. For optimal use, you need to choose from either one or two attachment point as per the user guide manual. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Boat Fishing: Varies
  • Onshore Fishing: Attach the bolt onto the bottom hole on the Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+
  • Dock Fishing: Attach it to the hole at the middle on the device

Always ensure the transducer is oriented correctly as it helps you choose the perfect attachment point. It also allows for clean movement and reeling while getting the best from the Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+.

Optional Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ Screen Modes

There are three different optional Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ screen modes. Here’s an overview:

Day Mode – Day mode uses a white background and high contrast color to help increase visibility and reduce glare when the lighting is at its peak and at daytime.

Night Mode – The night color mode helps reduce the red range on your tablet or smart phone to enhance visibility at night.

Classic Mode – It’s a standard mode and uses multiple colors. It efficiently shows separate colors for the original fish imaging and underwater structure on your smart phone or tablet.

Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ Optional Accessories and Add-Ons

The Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ also gives you an option of adding goodies. Here’s a round-up of some of the optional accessories and add-on’s you can choose from:

  • Boat Mount – The boat mount uses an arm extension and a clamp to connect the Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ onto the boat and is usually backed by some lanyard.
  • Smart Phone Mount – Use a horizontal or vertical display method to attach the fishing pole
  • Night Fishing Cover – It allows you to use an LED light flasher transducer to provide high visibility in low or poor lighting conditions especially when fishing during the night.

Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ Application, Quality and Durability

  • Application – 0%
  • Quality – 97%
  • Durability – 94%

If you are looking for a little help in catching and locating fish, then the Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ is your best bet. You can never go wrong with this unit especially for the price. The overall Wi-Fi connectivity signal is excellent and holds up quite well. The best thing about this fish finder model is that it provides adequate in-depth information worth putting into consideration.

There are other high-end and more complex sonar fish finders. However, the Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ is durable, unique and falls on the lower side of the pricing spectrum. It’s well made and offers long-lasting durability and endurance just from the design. The attachment points and bolts are equally solid and will serve you remarkably well. The threading and connections are perfect with a number of applications.

Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ offers excellent durability and quality for the price. According to the Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ review, the charging port didn’t have any issues contrary to most people’s expectations. The software and data that the device utilizes was flawless with minimum to no hiccups.

Deeper Smart Sonar Pro Vs. The Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+

The Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ is the improved version of the Deeper Smart Sonar Pro. The main difference between the two models is that the Pro+ is more superior and additionally features GPS and Wi-Fi capabilities. The Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ is currently one of the best fish finders on the market thanks to its advanced technological features.

Which Other Model Compares to the Two?

Comparing the Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ and its counterpart to other fish finder models is like comparing oranges to apples.

However, the Reel Sonar iBobber comes a distant second and seems to be the only decent comparison available. It’s also an excellent piece with impressive technological features but you are bound to get a lot more with the Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ especially for the price! This is because the iBobbers don’t have the same capabilities and range as the Pro+.

Here is another comparison of the Deeper CHIRP vs. the Deeper Pro+.

Other Tricks and Tips

Always ensure that the cover is screwed down well and tight. We are referring to the top cover. You don’t want water seeping through the beautifully designed fish finder.

  • Connection – You can blame your tablet or smart phone for spotty connections and signals. Try switching the phone and cellular data on and off if you have trouble getting the tablet or phone to sync with the fish finder.
  • Choose the Correct Connection Point – We talked about the right connection point earlier and it’s quite easy to understand. You need to learn the essentials of maneuvering the Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ different connection points and applications. No one wants to deal with a fish finder that is not working correctly or running smoothly.

Always ensure you are using the right connection point depending on the fishing method you plan on using. It will not only give you a better fishing experience but also make the entire fishing process more fun and enjoyable.

Wi-Fi Interference and Interruptions – Remember, you are bound to experience Wi-Fi interference and interruptions once in a while owing to lose of signal which is quite normal. In such cases, try keeping a clear path and line to the device during the entire fishing process. Avoid any interference and always ensure you test the capabilities and exact range you notice especially when fishing in your favorite water body.


If you are a regular angler and have tried out other different fish finder models, then it’s time to up your game and include this unit in your arsenal. According to the Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ review, it’s currently hands down the best fish finder on the market thanks to the advanced technological features. What’s more, it works well for both professional anglers and the novice.

The Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ has plenty of impressive features and different applications that makes it a worthy investment. Plus, it’s made with premium quality materials to offer long-lasting durability and endurance. At the very least, this fish finder model will help enhance and improve your capabilities to try and learn the water body where you plan on fishing. This information is quite handy if you are looking to increase your odds of catching more fish.

Try to play and learn using the Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ to match your liking and also prepare for excellent and well-deserved data for a better fishing experience. If you are looking to enhance your fishing skills, then the Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ is your best bet.

If you have a small budget, you may want to look at the Deeper Start Smart Fish Finder.

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