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Garmin Echo 550c Fishfinder Review

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Shining a light on this unit that offers features far beyond what its price tag would normally allow. You’ll be treated to a five inch display screen in 256 colors with the capability of reading up to 1,900 ft in depth. This unit is perfect for those looking to do deeper water fishing and want to be able to see the details of the water and what is below your boat.


Not only are you getting an impressive five inch screen but the unit itself is incredibly lightweight at just 1.1 lbs. Included with your purchase is a one year limited parts and labor warranty. The display resolution of the screen is 480 x 640 which means you’ll be getting a sharp and clear picture. This Garmin fishfinder is waterproof and touted as having one of the brightest screens available. It’s ideal for freshwater fishing and features a 500 watt sonar with HD-ID target tracking technology. You can see such details as structure and bottom contours, as well as fish returns. The dual-beam transducer offers a viewing angle of 120 degrees so you’ll be able to get a full picture of what’s below you.

Other features include a quick release mount complete with swivel and tilt, hardware, trolling motor clamp, power cable, and transducer with mounting bracket. Despite its impressive list of features this unit is very easy to use and quick to install taking just minutes.


Users really seem to appreciate the way the menu has been set up on this fishfinder making it easy to use and find the details they want. The screen is also very easy to read, is vivid, and bright. Of course the 120 degree sonar makes it possible to capture just about everything happening below you and because it can read the deeper depths the unit is extremely versatile. Consumers like that the price tag feels like it should be an entry level fishfinder yet the quality and features make it feel like it should be priced much higher than it is.


While the reviews are mainly positive there are a few customers that have complained about the device not working not matter what the depth was. It appears that the transducer connection can sometimes come loose, which then results in not being able to see details on the screen. A simple fix to this is to ensure your connection is secure. Another customer had problems with the unit freezing and was unable to remedy the problem.


If you’re planning to visit water with deeper depths this is a great unit to have aboard the boat. This feels very polished and professional and the screen really does blow you away the minute you turn it on. The easy mount system, quick installation, and accurate readings all help to push this unit over the top and make it a great buy for your fishing adventures.

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