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Humminbird 110 Fishin’ Buddy Review

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Fishing is a considered a pastime for many people in many nations, and that is probably going to be the case for a very long time. In many places, fishermen are still integral parts of the economy – fishing will always be relevant. Here, fishing is still something a lot of people enjoy doing, for sport or for fun, and it’s gotten more and more advanced as time has gone on. In today’s day and age, where time is so valuable a commodity, sitting around waiting for fish to bite is, while fun, not something most people can afford to do. The Humminbird 110 helps do away with that problem.

Key Features

The Humminbird 110 features a 4-inch screen, which makes it very easy to read, whether in the low-light of dusk or dawn or in the bright sun of high noon. It’s waterproof, which seems like a given, but its still very important, given the nature of fishing. On top of that, it’s highly sensitive to the locations of a wide variety of fish. Basically, the Humminbird 110 gives you a “life map”, so you’ll know exactly where the fish are. This way, you don’t waste your time casting your lines into a part of the lake with no fish that’s literally a hundred feet away from a school just waiting to be caught.

On top of this, the Fishin’ Buddy can be easily placed in view of the fisherman while he or she has the rod in-hand, and is made to provide up to 30 hours of operation off of a single charge. This enables you to use it for even the longest trips, while the life map gives you the option of keeping it short.


The benefits to the Humminbird 110 are many. So many, in fact, that selecting just a few is difficult, even silly. Still, it must be done – these are the most important reasons to buy it.

  • “Life map” of all the fish reduces the amount of time you waste waiting for bites
  • Fishin’ Buddy eliminates the guesswork of fishing and allows you to ensure you’ll have fillets for dinner
  • Waterproof design keeps you from having to worry about keeping the device safe from the water
  • Easy to set-up, use, and deploy
  • Incomparably helpful for fisherman just learning to spot fish in the lake
  • Very useful for experienced fishermen looking to ensure a high-return trip
  • Ensures high efficiency of bait and other fishing supplies


At the end of the day, you don’t need to know where the fish are. Many people like the mystery of fishing, the question as to whether or not you’ll catch something this hour, or the next. But for those who aren’t so keen to wait around all day long, the Fishin’ Buddy is a great choice that can ensure a bounty of a catch any day of the week.

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