Humminbird 541 Fishfinder Review

Humminbird 541 Fishfinder Review

Every dedicated angler knows having fishing equipment like a quality fish locator can drastically increase the chances of catching fish every time when fishing. Fish locators or finders use sonar technology to give you an avid view of everything submerged under water. This fishing device can help you make the best of your time on water each time you go fishing.

The Humminbird 541 fish finder has various features any angler would wish a fishing device to have. In this article, you’ll learn everything about this fishing equipment, and why it’s one of the best fish finders in the market.

Features of the Humminbird 541 Fishfinder

#Temperature Sensor

humminbird 541 reviewThe temperature sensor is one feature most fish finders don’t have. The Humminbird 541 has this sensor. The sensor enables you to know the temperature of the waters you’re in every time. It is easier to know where the fish are hiding when you know the temperature of the water.

#Double Beam Sonar

The Humminbird 541 Sonar has a double beam with a transom mount transducer measuring 20 feet. When in waters that require a distance of more than 20 feet between your steer and the transom sonar, you can organize for an expansion. A double beam allows you to select between a wide edge sonar image and recurrence or a smaller shaft and recurrence.

The wide point sonar enables you to see the correct size of the fish even when in shallow waters. The small size of the sonar projects sharp picture and allow you to view greater depth. With the double beam transducer, you’ll get a good shot of both worlds.


The Humminbird 541 is perfect for going out into any fishing waters. Its sonar can go as deep as 800 feet. Therefore, you can use it when fishing in the sea, lakes and even rivers. The depth of this fish finder makes it very unique from others in the market.

#Excellent Resolution

The screen resolution is excellent, allowing you to see even the little points of interest like sticks and rocks. The clarity of the 240 X 240 pixel screen is among the best for a watercraft mounted sonar unit.

#Extra-Large Screen

What good is a fish finder if you can’t see anything with it? The Humminbird 541 has an extra-large screen that enables you to view every creature submerged in water. The 5” inch screen with a monochrome LCD also enables you to easily distinguish between the fish and other creatures.

  • A quality fish finder
  • Affordable price
  • Simple
  • straightforward design
  • Depth caution alarm
  • Uses 12-volt power
  • Temperature and speed display
  • Works in both deep and shallow waters
  • Includes a double shaft transom mount transducer of 200/83 kHz
  • 240 X 240 pixels resolution
  • Monochrome LCD display screen
  • Powerful 5” inch screen
  • The technology is somehow overtaken by time
  • No color screen
  • Basic performance
  • Screen is unable to split

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Highlighted Features

  • Temperature and speed display
  • 12-volt power requirement
  • Can cover up to 800 feet deep
  • Has a double bean transducer featuring a 20 foot cable
  • 5” inch LCD Grayscale with 240 x 240 pixel resolution
  • Great customer service and guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Does the Humminbird 541 come with a speed sensor?

Unfortunately, this fish finder does not have a speed sensor. You can however purchase a speed sensor separately and plug on the device to use it.

  • Can one use the 541 in the dark?

The fish locator has a backlit display and therefore can be used at night. You can adjust the brightness settings to your liking and use in all conditions.

  • Does the Humminbird 541 have a transducer?

Yes, the Humminbird 541 includes a double beam transom mount transducer with a 20 foot cable and in-built temperature sensor.


The Humminbird 541 is among the top fishing devices you should have. The fish finder features a sonar unit with quality components. Apart from this, you can purchase the fishing device at a reasonable price.

The Hummingbird 541 fish locator has a quality display screen, a double mount transducer with sensor, and can go up to 800 feet depth of water. Although it lacks a speed sensor, this fish finder still gets the job done and will keep you on your toes.

The Humminbird if offered with a guarantee. You can take back to the manufacturer for a refund in case it does not match your expectations.

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