Lowrance Elite 5X CHIRP Review

Lowrance Elite 5X CHIRP Review

I love fishing. It’s exciting when I set out for fishing and reach the fishing ground, cast out and after a few minutes get a catch. However, this wasn’t always the case before.

If you are like me, and you have experienced the frustration of going fishing only to come back with either small fish or no fish at all. If you can relate to this, you need a fish finder. The device can help you catch big fish within a short time.

The Lowrance Elite 5X CHIRP is a perfect fish finder for both beginners and experienced fishermen. You will not know how easy the fish finder makes your work until you get your hands on one.

Features of the Lowrance Elite 5X CHIRP

#Installation Instructions

lowrance elite 5x chirp reviewInstallation is usually a challenge when you have a new gadget. Thankfully, the Lowrance Elite 5X package includes installation instructions that will guide you on where to place what. The package consists of a transom mount transducer, installation hardware, and mounting bracket. You will set it up in a short time.

#CHIRP Sonar

A fish finder makes it easy for you to find targets and quickly separate the bait from the fish. And nothing makes that possible like the CHIRP Sonar. The technology enables accurate target spotting even at deep depths. You can even locate fish as your boat is moving.

#Advanced Signal Processing

Also called the ASP, the Advanced Signal Processing technology automatically adjusts the settings on your fish finder to enable you have a clearer view of the bottom details, fish and the general structure. This will spare you from having to constantly re-adjust your settings like is required with most fish finders.

#5” Color LCD Screen

The 5” inch screen of the fish finder is another noteworthy feature. The screen’s high-resolution display pops out colors and allows you to distinguish fish from other sea inhabitants. Since the screen is wide enough, you can separate it and have a multiple-windows view. The screen will enable you know what is taking place under the water surface.

#Down Scan Imaging

Down scan imaging shows the exact location of fish below your boat and their picture-like image. It also includes a Down Scan Overlay technology that overrides the imaged down scan pictures onto the CHIRP Sonar to provide an even clearer image of what is happening under the water.

#12 Months Year Warranty

Technology is unpredictable, and more so when it’s allowed to interact with water. So, the 1 year warranty offered by the device’s manufacturer is a great reassurance. The warranty covers both parts and labor. Therefore, if anything goes amiss or dysfunctional, you can get it replaced for free.

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  • Down Scan imaging produces more precise results
  • Five screen inch allows multi-viewing
  • which helps save time
  • Color display makes images distinguishable
  • Weather resistant. Therefore
  • there is no cause for worry during whether extremities
  • Ideal for both beginners and professionals
  • Pocket friendly price and excellent value for money
  • Customer service is helpful
  • Down Scan imaging does not cover less than 6 feet of water. Therefore
  • the device is not useful in shallow water fishing
  • Lack of consistency
  • Impossible to mount on a side bracket
  • Weak mounting software
  • Extra flush mounting
  • No easier alternatives for mounting anything
  • Can be complicated for newbies to learn

Highlighted Features

  • 5” color LCD
  • Structure Scan fish finder
  • High-resolution display screen
  • Advanced Signal Processing
  • Broadband CHIRP fish finder
  • One-hand tilt and swivel adjustment
  • Overall lightweight
  • Multi-window display
  • Pocket friendly price

Tips for Using the Lowarnce Elite 5X CHIRP

Like any technological gadget, you should know how to use the fish finder before going fishing with it. Although the model is user-friendly, when you don’t know how to use it, it can be a nightmare. For instance, you will get clear images when fishing in depths shallower than 1,000 feet. However, the manufacturer indicates the device should be used in waters that are more than 1,000 feet.

The device also does not have a GPS unit. For better results, you want a fish finder with a GPS. Therefore, you should either purchase a separate GPS unit to use with this model or choose a different fish finder.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does this unit produce any sounds and is it possible to turn those off?

Yes, this model often makes beeping sounds. But there is a button for turning the sound off      to enjoy a more tranquil fishing experience.

  • Sometimes the sun can be too bright making viewing difficult. Is there a sun cover to help with this?

Sadly this model does not have a sun cover. So if you are really particular on that, you can look up other fish finder options.

  • Does this model use battery or power? And do I get those on purchase?

This model is operated on power and comes with a cord that you plug into a power source on    your boat. You won’t need any batteries.

  • How far can this fish finder go under water?

You can view depths of up to 300 feet with this fish finder. This is sufficient for locating a lot of big fish.

  • What will I use to tell speed and location with this model? Does it have a GPS?

Unfortunately this model does not come with a GPS. You can however purchase a GPS separately to use with it.


The Lowrance Elite 5X CHIRP fish finder offers you an excellent opportunity to improve your fishing game especially on open water fishing grounds. It comes with great features and at a pocket friendly price.

The Down Scan imaging and CHIRP sonar provide quality images that will help you distinguish fish from other water inhabitants. The clear images will allow you to aim for the most attractive fish.

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