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Lowrance Fish Finder Reviews [2023]
Lowrance Fish Finder Reviews

Lowrance Fish Finder Reviews

One of my favorite fish locators that always gets the work done is the Lowrance fish finder. This is a perfect locator for anyone new in using these GPS fishing gadgets and for newbie fishermen who want to get ahead on their game.

There are varieties of Lowrance fish finders in the market. Each of the devices has its strengths and weaknesses. Read these Lowrance fish finder reviews to make the best buying decision.

Best Lowrance Fish Finders

ImageProduct NameDisplay SizeEditor RatingPrice
Lowrance Hook-3X Sonar3"4.7

Check at Amazon

Lowrance Elite-5X CHIRP5"4.2

Check at Amazon

Garmin Striker 5DVLowrance Elite-7 Ti Touch Combo7"4.5

Check at Amazon

Lowrance HDS-9 Gen2 Touch Insight Fishfinder7" 9" 12"4.6

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Lowrance Elite-4 Fishfinder4"4.1

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Lowrance Hook-4 Sonar/GPS4"4.5

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#Lowrance HDS-9 GEN3 Insight Fish Finder

Lowrance-HDS-9-GEN3-Insight-FishfinderI decided to start with the best because there’s nothing more motivating as going angling with the best Lowrance fish finder. Although the Lowrance HDS-9 GEN3 has many similarities with other fish finders, it is more user friendly. The device produces quality images of the bottom of the water because of its in-built Scan Sonar and CHIRP.

The images from beneath the water are relayed by a powerful, multi-layer color screen. The images are colorful and lively, making you feel like you are right next to them. The pop colored images will help you relate better with the world under.

Back to user interface, the Lowrance HDS-9 is relatively easy to use. Installation and mounting onto your boat is easy. It will only take you a few minutes to start having fun with your new gadget.

Highlighted Features

  • Easy installation
  • Friendly user interface
  • Powerful multi-layered screen
  • In-built Scan Sonar and CHIRP
  • Easy to use
  • Images are copycats of the real objects under the water

Amazon Review & PriceOur Review & Verdict


#Lowrance HDS-9 Gen2 Touch Insight Fish Finder

lowrance hds gen 2 reviewThe Lowrance HDS-9 GEN 2 fish finder is a favorite with many fishermen for its excellent performance and great features. This device has a simple yet wholesome design that has everything you need for a successful fishing trip.

Among the features of the locator is a broadband sounder capable of overlaying maps and using the trackback feature to record your favorite spots. This fish finder’s screen has a wide screen and can display 7”, 9” or 12” sizes, all with a touchscreen control.

Lowrance fish finders are famous for their attractive user interface. In this respect, this model does not disappoint. The interface has features redesigned menus and five different push-button controls that make it easy to use.

The Lowrance HDS-9 GEN 2 also has 4-channel sonar technology, which enables you to overlay downs onto the sounder view for the best fish and structure display.

Highlighted Features

  • Touch screen control
  • Redesigned interface with 5 push-button controls
  • The broadband sounder is of unmatchable quality
  • Trackback features
  • Four-channel sonar technology

Amazon Review & PriceOur Review & Verdict


#Lowrance HDS-7 GEN3 Insight Fish Finder

The Lowrance HDS-7 GEN3’s interface has been reworked and the result is superb. On the interface, you can choose between using the keypad option and touch screen, depending on your preference. The gadget also features a Structure Scan Sonar and a built-in CHIRP that enable display beautiful images of the real underwater world.

The Lowrance fish finder comes with an in-built, internal GPS antenna. The antenna provides direction when in water. With it, you can fast and easily find fish. The GPS also helps you to avoid unsafe spots on the fishing ground.

Finally, the fish locator has an insight of both inland US waters and USA charts for your convenience. There are also the two different transducers, 83 KHz and 200 KHz to improve your fishing experience.

Highlighted Features

  • In-built Structure Scan Sonar and CHIRP
  • Two different transducers (83/200 KHz)
  • Internal DPS antenna
  • Improved interface for improved user experience
  • Insight USA charts for inland and coastal waters

Amazon Review & PriceOur Review & Verdict


#Lowrance Elite-7 Ti Touch Combo

Wlowarance elite 7ti reviewe are getting to the more affordable Lowrance fish finders. With these devices, some features found in the high end models are missing. The Lowrance Elite-7 Ti Touch Combo locator has a 7-inch, high resolution color display that produces brilliant images and intricate details.

The display screen is touch-enabled. Therefore, you can easily access various feature of the device with the simple move of your thumb. The device also has side buttons, if you find it easier navigating using them.

For the best fishing experience, the device has combined the Structure Scan Sonar with both CHIRP sonar and DownScan imaging. It also has TrackBack, which makes it easy to revisit the data and mark your favorite spots using a waypoint.

The Lowrance Elite 7ti also has an accurate internal GPS antenna that has a detailed updated USA map. You also have access to the GoFree Cloud that you can use to shop, purchase and download different upgrades like maps for your finder.

Highlighted Features

  • CHIRP sonar
  • DownScan Imaging
  • Structure Scan Sonar
  • Excellent quality 7-inch LED screen
  • TrackBack features
  • GoFree Cloud store for shopping
  • purchasing and downloading
  • Accurate internal GPS antenna

Amazon Review & PriceOur Review & Verdict


#Lowrance Elite-5X CHIRP

lowarance elite 5x chirp reviewThe Elite-5X CHIRP Lowrance fish finder is another affordable fish locator. However, the cheap price does not compromise its quality. The device features a 5-inch color LCD screen for displaying the busy world under the water surface. The screen has easy-to-use buttons on its right side to help you access various features.

The Elite-5X CHIRP Lowrance uses two main technologies: Structure Scan and the Broadband CHIRP fish finder. These make it easier for you to track fish. The transom mount transducer enables you to see what is happening under the water. Therefore, you can easily plan your bait to avoid wasting time drawing your line in uninhabited waters.

Highlighted Features

  • Broadband CHIRP finder
  • 5-inch color LCD screen
  • Transom mount transducer
  • Structure Scan
  • The Screen has access buttons on its side for navigating the features

Amazon Review & PriceOur Review & Verdict


#Lowrance Hook-4 Sonar/GPS

lowarance hook 4 sonar reviewIf you are on a tight budget and are looking for an all rounded fish locator, go for the Lowrance Hook-4. This model has a 4-inch, high resolution display screen that produces great images. The device’s technology is the CHIRP Sonar Plus down scan imaging, which is one of the best in the market.

The Lowrance model uses advance signal processing. Therefore, you won’t have to manually adjust your settings to enhance details of the underwater images. This means you can focus more attention on fishing than fumbling with your device.

There is also the TrackBack feature that allows you to revisit recorded sonar waves and use the information to locate the specific spots. This Lowrance retails for less than $300 and is one of the cheap fish finders in the market.

Highlighted Features

  • Advanced signal processing
  • CHIRP Sonar Plus down scan imaging
  • TrackBack feature
  • 4-inch color display

Amazon Review & PriceOur Review & Verdict


#Lowrance Hook-3X Sonar

lowrance hook 3x fishfinder reviewStill on affordable fish finders, the Lowrance Hook-3x Sonar is another device that is worth considering. In comparison to the other fish finders we have reviewed, this is quite cheap. However, it comes with all the basic features that you need.

To begin, this fish finder has a backlit LED color display screen with a 320px x 240px resolution. The images produced by the display are so sharp such that that you can even see them where there is bright sunlight or at a wide angle view. There are also broadband sounder details that enable you locate the thermocline, structure details, bottom contours and your target fish. Most of the settings are automated by the advanced signal processing. Therefore, you can go fishing without paying much attention to these.

There is also a double frequency operation (83 KHz and 200 KHz) that gives life to the underwater images and helps you understand your fishing ground better. For example, the 83 KHz frequency can cover a wide area of up to 60 degrees. This makes the Lowrance 3X Sonar convenient when searching large grounds or large fish.

Highlighted Features

  • Broadband Sounder
  • LED backlit color display
  • Dual-frequency operations
  • 320 x 240 pixel resolution

Amazon Review & PriceOur Review & Verdict


#Lowrance Elite-4 Fish Finder

lowrance elite 4 fishfinder reviewThe Elite-4 Lowrance model can show multiple displays while still stressing on the most important information you were after. The 4-inch screen is surprisingly wider than most others of its caliber and is very efficient.

This gadget features a hybrid dual imaging technology that enable it to produce some of the most powerful and clearest images of the underwater worlds. This device has a broadband sounder that works to a maximum depth of 1,000 feet and with 83/200 KHz element.

The fish locator also has a HDI transducer and an in-built GPS antenna to help you navigate around the water. The GPS antenna provides a comprehensive, up to date US map with clear directions of the path to take.

Highlighted Features

  • 83/200 KHz
  • Hybrid dual imaging
  • GPS antenna
  • 4-inch screen
  • Maximum depth of 1
  • 000 feet

Amazon Review & PriceOur Review & Verdict


#Lowrance Mark-4 Combo

lowrance mark 4 comboThis Lowrance model is in the list of the best fish finders due to the detailed underwater information it provides, and other capabilities. The fish finder features a 4-inch gray scale LCD screen and works at 83/200 KHz and 300 watts.

This fish finder has a built-in accurate GPS that will make you familiar with the fishing ground and help you locate your favorite fishing spots. It also comes with a chartplotter that has a base map. The chartplotter will help you with navigating the fishing grounds. You also get a transom mount transducer that operates at 83/200 KHz for the device.

The LCD screen provides a grayscale display. The display is clear, no matter the conditions where your boat is. Finally, the Lowrance Mark 4 Combo is sold with a one-year warranty on the parts, inclusive of customer service.

Highlighted Features

  • 300 Watts
  • Internal GPS
  • 4-inch grayscale LCD screen
  • Chartplotter with base map
  • Internal GPS

Amazon Review & PriceOur Review & Verdict



The Lowrance fish finders are the most intricate, enjoyable fish locators to invest in. From the above Lowrance fish finders review, you have a great place to start if you are looking at getting these devices. The above are the best Lowrance fish locators based on features and value.


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