Lowrance FishHunter Pro Review

Lowrance FishHunter Pro Review

Looking for an honest Lowrance FishHunter Pro review? We got our hands on this fishing device and put it to the test. This is what we found out.

Lowrance FishHunter Pro Review

The Lowrance FishHunter Pro is best suited for those looking to take their fishing game a notch higher by adding a touch of technology to it. The Lowrance FishHunter was not designed in a day but guarantees to make your day and your fishing experience even better.

Lowrance FishHunter Pro


What Is a Lowrance FishHunter PRO?

Just from the name, you can easily tell the function of this handy tool. The Lowrance FishHunter Pro helps you find areas with more fish. It has a wide searching scope that enables you find different types of fish, locate a common spot and also catch them. The best thing about it is that it comes with an app that is compatible with both iOS and Android devices with Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth.

FishHunter is equally stylish. It provides users with substantial findings thanks to the transducer. Plus, it converts the findings to a RAW view. This means that you’ll have sonar feedback just like the old school sonar view. What’s more, you can easily observe things happening under the vessel because this particular model brings you every detail. Anything that the sonar scan can capture will appear on the screen.

Lowrance FishHunter Pro

In addition, you will be able to gather detailed data from the sonar view and also rearrange it according to your personal specifications by simply switching to the fish view. This model allows you to find fish with ease by projecting a rather simple view from the water column.

The fish finder will also try to visualize an icon of a fish as well as the depth when informing you how different types of fish appear. It’s a convenient feature as it helps fishers tell the difference between the fishes to avoid any confusion. What’s more, Lowrance FishHunter can also double up as an ice fishing flasher.

Using the dual beam sonar will give you detailed feedback as it operates on 675kHz and 475kHz. It’s also gives you high performance since its capable of enduring different circumstances ranging from 30 degrees Celsius and below zero. The best thing about the Lowrance FishHunter is that you can also catch different types of fish behind the boat. You can also customize the sonar feedback using the settings according to your personal specifications.

There’s also an option of getting notifications straight to your mobile phone about different things that the sonar captures within its range. It additionally features an alarm that lets you know what’s happening under the vessel when you are fishing.

Lowrance FishHunter Pro

Frequency Fighter

Even though it’s not exactly a sonar CHIRP, it typically helps fishers approach the technology as it gives them high-definition feedback. Plus, the device can operate on more than one frequency including 675kHz, 475kHz and 381kHz thanks to the cutting-edge Tri frequency transducer.

Fishers can get precise scans when using a high frequency on the sonar. However, this is not applicable under all circumstances because low frequencies usually operate better under deep waters. Besides, it offers better scanning and precise images.

Strong Battery

The fish finders should at a particular distance from the water for better results. The display action is faster which makes the FishHunter more powerful since it’s capable of functioning perfectly well in 160 feet width and 150ft depth.

In terms of the device’s energetic potential, it’s important to note that Lowrance FishHunter usually uses lithium polymer battery. This therefore means that the device can run for more than eight hours continuously which is quite impressive especially when compared to other models in this category.

Lowrance FishHunter Pro

As you know, fishing adventures tend to last longer, sometimes even days. That’s why it’s always advisable to carry along a spare battery in the bag.

Thanks to the Lowrance FishHunter supplies, anglers can enjoy fishing outside the boat. This area is not covered in the electronic marine market. It’s an excellent solution for those fishermen that usually enjoy different activities from the docks, banks, piers and through the ice. You can also choose to angle from the rear part of the boat.

Lowrance FishHunter is portable for ease of carrying and transportation, especially when moving around to different locations. You can cast the device into the water while angling and check the sonar feedback on display. You can alternatively use your tablet screen or smartphone to observe the results.

The FishHunter app provides users with a perfect connection. In addition, the transducer sends the data to your tablet screen or smartphone through a Wi-Fi connection. In this case, you don’t need cellular or internet connection.


  • You will get a notification when a fish appears around the sonar net
  • Lowrance FishHunter is lightweight and portable for ease of transportation, carrying around and storage
  • The sonar allows you to search less and instead do more fishing
  • The unit stays in sight since it features a flashlight at the top
  • Lowrance FishHunter will give you a better fishing experience thanks to its unique features and applications


  • Some fishers find the Lowrance FishHunter a bit heavy
  • Charging takes a lot of time and can be inconvenient
  • The Wi-Fi connection will not always be stable
  • Some users find trouble understanding the RAW mode

Features of the Lowrance FishHunter Pro

The Wi-Fi connection is dependable since you won’t need extra networking. A Wi-Fi connection is the most preferred option as compared to Bluetooth.

The device and your tablet screen or smartphone tend to create an effective contact that doesn’t require any extra access. What’s more, the phone will always be at your disposal for the main function.

  • Fishing Imagery – Lowrance FishHunter features a fish view application that displays icons of the fish. In RAW mode, users get unfiltered sonar feedback. The Raw views and ice-fishing flash usually come in handy when fishing under ice.
  • Floating Layout – Lowrance FishHunter is uniquely designed which makes submerging it into water quite challenging. However, this typically means better Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Making Maps – By angling the Lowrance FishHunter behind the boat, you can effortlessly create customized color charts of different fishing spots and the lake if you so wish.
  • In-Built LED Light – Fishing during the day is a breeze but the handy built-in LED lights come n handy at night or under lowlighting conditions. It comes with a rechargeable battery.
  • FishHunter App – The FishHunter app is free. It enables users to log waypoints, catches, follow friends and stream your catches. It works on both iOS and android devices.

Transducer with three different frequencies – Lowrance FishHunter usually supports three different frequencies including 675kHz, 475kHz and 381kHz that come in handy under different circumstances.

As earlier mentioned, Lowrance FishHunter has the best Wi-Fi connection. It comes with a floater uniquely designed to help prevent this handy tool from sinking which can lead to poor connectivity with the tablet screen or smartphone.

The Lowrance FishHunter additionally features a flashlight at the top that makes it visible at night and under poor lighting conditions.


Lowrance FishHunter is one of the best handy tools on the market when it comes to fishing. Both professional fishermen and rookies can have the best experience using it since it comes with reliable features to see you through the process. What’s more, you don’t need any knowledge to use it and is easy to operate.


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