Lowrance HDS 7 Gen 3 Review

Lowrance HDS 7 Gen 3 Review

The Lowrance HDS Gen3 incorporates cutting-edge fishfinder technologies and the latest advancements in GPS navigation. Read this Lowrance HDS Gen 3 review to know how the gadget performs.

Lowrance HDS Gen 3 For Sale

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Lowrance HDS 7 Gen 3 Review

The new and revolutionary Lowrance HDS 7 Gen 3 Fish Finder & Chartplotter combo features a simple-to-use multi-touch LCD display with advanced Lowrance target separation, a significantly improved screen, speedier interface and full fishing boat system control.

Check the video below for an overview of the fishfinder.

Networking On The Lowrance HDS 7 Gen 3

The Gen 3, Lowrance’s newest HDS (High Definition System), has a unique combo of commercial-level features that are simple to operate. At its core, the Lowrance HDS Gen 3 ‘Network’ is a system that is easy to set up and understand.

This fish finder features Lowrance Ethernet, which can be integrated with Lowrance’s exclusive StructureScan HD technology, CHIRP sonar fishfinder and chart sharing, and Broadband Radar. Full fishing boat integration, including system and engine monitoring and control, is made possible by NMEA 2000.

The Lowrance HDS Gen 3 comes with built-in wireless that allows smartphone and tablet connectivity. The gadget also has GoFree, a cloud-enabled offering that allows you to upload and download maps, apps, and software updates straight to the fishfinder.

Below is an overview of the networking feature of the HDS Gen 3 fishfinder.

System Control Panel 

The user interface of the Lowrance HDS Gen 3 Fishfinder Chartplotter combo is revolutionary. There is a new option on the interface that Lowrance calls the “System Control Via the Power Button”. This new interface allows quick access to power off, stand-by, LCD screen brightness and more.

You can control the broadband radar, entertainment and auto controls, and the GoFree wireless on the Lowrance HDS Gen 3 fishfinder. Moreover, if you are fishing in cold weather, rough waters, or if you just prefer the keypad operation, you can use TouchLock Control to manually shut down the LCD touchscreen. There is also a Data Overlay feature that allows you to customize pages in any way that you wish to see them.

Here is an overview of the new System Control Panel:

Simple to Use 

The HDS Gen 3 fishfinder & Chartplotter combo is built with simplicity in mind. When we first used the HDS Gen3, there was virtually zero learning curve. Accessing all the great features, such as StructureScan and CHIRP sonar, was effortless.

Creating Custom Pages On The Lowrance HDS Gen 3

One example of the ultra-premium features of the Lowrance HDS Gen3 fishfinder and chart plotter combo is is how simple it is to create customized pages and save them for future use in your list of favorites. Let’s take a closer look at how this works.

Broadband Radar – Lowrance HDS Gen 3

A hallmark trait of the Lowrance HDS has consistently been it’s expandability. In the following video, Lowrance reviews their award-winning Broadband Radar on the HDS Gen 3. Broadband Radar creates the ultimate in target detection, situational awareness, and collision avoidance during night time, fog and rain, and low light. You can see far and near with a virtual pair of eyes unique to Lowrance HDS Gen 3 fish finders.

StructureScan HD on The Lowrance HDS Gen 3

In the following video, shot in the Florida Keys, StructureScan HD sonar imaging is put to the test. You can learn how to read StructureScan HD in real-life water structure and also how to locate fish that are holding position near the structure.

Power Pole Integration On The New Lowrance HDS Gen 3

HDS Gen3 fishfinders feature wireless compatibility with C-Monster’s complete line of compatible Power-Pole products. Power-Pole products are effective hydraulic boat anchors and also full-electric Micro Anchors which quietly and quickly anchor your fishing boat or kayak in shallow-water scenarios.

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The intuitive LCD touchscreen control of the Lowrance (HDS) High Definition System Gen3 screen enables fishermen to wirelessly set the anchor, thus saving fishermen any added minutes or steps, allowing them to stay focused on fishing. The impressive and innovative Lowrance SmartSteer LCD interface enables fishermen to easily switch between trolling motor, electric-steer, or outboard-motor control.

This unique system also enables anglers to conveniently convert paths to routes in order to retrack a previous path and therefore make a perfect pass by structure or fish.

Smartsteer Xi5 Anchor Mode of The Lowrance HDS Gen 3

Lowrance and MotorGuide have teamed up to bring their market leading GPS navigation, trolling-motor, and fishfinder & chartplotter capabilities together to offer fishermen a whole new level of boat control and functionality.

These technologies are seamlessly integrated for form the Lowrance SmartSteer fishing boat control package. The SmartSteer control on the MotorGuide Xi5 trolling-motor will most certainly offer new exciting fishing opportunities as seen here in the following video demonstrating the great new Anchor Mode on this Florida lake.

Similarities To The Gen 2 – Lowrance HDS Gen 3

If you are familiar with the HDS Gen2 TOUCH, then you should strongly consider upgrading to the Gen 3. Gen 2 Touch owners will be pleased with the similarities of the new Lowrance HDS Gen 3. Take a look.


SpotlightScan surround-scan is a sonar imaging system available in the new HDS Gen 3. This system helps you to quickly identify prime fishing locations within your general larger area even before making your first cast.

See how this awesome feature works:

Return to Waypoint 

This option allows the angler to recall your favorite waypoint and navigate easily to it.

Smartsteer Xi5 Repeating Routes

The following video shows the heading lock, jog, route recording and route playback attributes of the HDS Gen 3. You can recall a route or plot a new course and automatically steer along the route.

As you can see from all of the above videos of the Lowrance HDS Gen 3, the fishfinder is, hands-down, one of the best fish finders for sale online. While the gadgets won’t make it on the list of cheap fish finders, their value is unmatched.

The features that you get for the price cannot be beat. We highly recommend that you pick up yours from Amazon today.

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