Lowrance Hook 3X Sonar Review

Lowrance Hook 3X Sonar Review

Read our Lowrance Hook 3X review for an overview of this sonar fish finder. Find out its features, pros and cons, and where to buy.

Fishing is a great pastime especially with the right fish finder for extra help. If you are looking for the best fish finder on the market then the Lowrance Hook 3X Sonar is your best bet. It not only gives you a better fishing experience but is also reasonably priced.

This review will come in handy for those looking for the best fish finder on the market. Whether you are walking along the shore or fishing on a boat having a perfect fish finder gives you a better fishing experience as it makes it a breeze. Here’s everything you need to know about the Lowrance Hook 3X Sonar.

Lowrance Hook 3X Sonar


Lowrance Hook 3X Sonar Review

Features of the Lowrance Hook 3X Sonar

LED Backlight

Lowrance Hook 3X Sonar features an LED backlight that helps brighten up the space for you to see things clearly. It’s a three-inch colored display that typically provides a clearer picture of everything around you including the water.

The best thing about this LED backlight is that its quite visible and easy to read even under low lighting conditions and bright sunlight. If you are using the fish finder on your side, then you can clearly see the monitor as it has a wider viewing angle.

Lowrance Hook 3X Sonar

The LED backlight has a 320 by 240 resolution that makes seeing the happenings under the waves quite easy.


Lowrance Hook 3X Sonar come with a broadband sounder attached to it to let you know what’s closer to where you are. The sounder helps identify fish, thermoclines, bottom hardness, bottom contours and structure details.

What’s more, you get to know common hiding spots for different types of fish and move where they have gathered. No stone will be left unturned with a combination of the sounder and the LED backlight since the fish won’t be able to hide even in the deep ends.

A sounder can easily identify the environment and process all the information to the Lowrance Hook 3X Sonar display.

Advanced Signal Processing

This feature automatically adjusts the Lowrance Hook 3X Sonar settings. Advanced signal processing can detect structures, the bottom and fish with clarity and precision. You can drop it in the water to allow it to identify everything around that particular area.

The best thing about this Lowrance fish finder is that it doesn’t require manual tinkering thanks to the advanced signal processing alternative. The fishers can follow the hiding fish or pick out the reefs. The fish will have nowhere to hide when you are using the Lowrance Hook 3X Sonar.

Dual Frequency

Lowrance Hook 3X Sonar usually uses dual frequency to allow users to get a maximum view under the boat. This handy tool runs at either 200kHz or 83kHz for ease of getting optimal exposure underneath the water. The viewer can get up to a maximum of 60 degrees when it comes to conical coverage when using the 83kHz sonar option.

Dual frequency comes in handy when searching larger areas especially in the hiding spots and showing the biggest fish arch. The fish cannot run away since you’ll have a clear picture of what’s happening under the surface.


  • Lowrance Hook 3X Sonar has a clear display
  • This fish finder is valuable
  • You can choose different sonar settings depending on the depth
  • You can clearly see the bottom structure when using the Lowrance Hook 3X Sonar
  • You’ll clearly see the water depth when using this fish finder
  • It displays the temperature of the water
  • The dual frequency simulates different fishfingers
  • You can see clearly in poor lighting conditions and bright light alike
  • It displays a lot of information
  • Setting it up is easy


  • Some users find the wiring harness a bit short
  • Lowrance Hook 3X Sonar isn’t waterproof
  • You cannot use this fish finder at a high speed
  • This fish finder can display inaccurate readings

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Lowrance Hook 3X Sonar come with a transducer to let you mount on any trolling motor?

Absolutely! Setting up the Lowrance Hook 3X Sonar is easy and so is installing it on the boat.

2. How does the device detect if there are any fish nearby?

If you want to get a clearer picture of the fish, you can change the settings by setting it to bent humpback curves option.

3. Does Lowrance Hook 3X Sonar use a 12V battery?

Yes! Lowrance Hook 3x Sonar uses a 12V battery. However, the device doesn’t come with the batteries so you’ll have to buy them separately.


The Lowrance Hook 3X Sonar is the real deal in terms of value. It has it all except you cannot use it at a higher speed. You’ll have a better fishing experience since you’ll be able to see all the hiding spots clearly thanks to the different unique features.


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