Lowrance Hook2 4X Review

Lowrance Hook2 4X Review

Read our Lowrance Hook2 4X review to find out what this fish finder has in store for you when fishing at the lakes.

Most people usually complain that fish finders are overwhelmed with different features that are not even related to their function. You can spend lots of money on relatively expensive options that not are not quite effective like some high-end gadgets from big brands.

There are anglers that find them quite handy although majority prefer the old school dependent hooks. It’s for this reason that we are reviewing an effective and affordable option specially designed by Lowrance, a marine-tech giant.

The name guarantees endurance and excellent quality. Here are the experiences we had with the Lowrance Hook2 4X. Let’s dive right in!

Lowrance Hook2 4X Review

What is Lowrance Hook2 4X?

Lowrance Hook2 is a handy tool best suited for fish finders but can also be used for other peculiar activities. The 4X model has nothing on the Hook2 series, especially the renewed ones. Lowrance Hook2 4X features some accessories but there’s nothing worth writing home about. However, you’ll have an amazing experience using this handy tool when angling it in shallow fresh waters.

Lowrance Hook2


In addition, Lowrance Hook2 4X usually comes in two different packages, one with a GPS antenna which is quite the opposite for its counterpart. The Lowrance Hook2 4X without a GPS antenna doesn’t affect the performance of the fish finder. The difference between the two packages is that the latter has fewer options.

There are a few reasons to go for the Lowrance Hook2 4X with a GPS antenna. Plus, it’s relatively expensive. Settling on a reasonable option is not that hard. In addition, there are a number of accessories and features that help determine the effectiveness of a fish finder. They are different from one another by many essential characteristics that will change the entire game when it comes to the angling adventure.

It’s certain that traducers tend to represent features that most anglers often look out for. However, the Lowrance Hook2 4X performs perfectly in terms of functionality.

The best fisher finder should be easy to use and operate saving you the hassle that comes with struggling with different settings and looking for better angles. Lowrance Hook2 4X features a striking yet simple design for ease of use and is also one of the simplest fish finders on the market. When the water conditions change, the sonar adjusts the settings to bring you a clearer image on display.

The best thing about the Lowrance Hook2 4X is that you’ll have the right information of where you are headed to and where you were going. All this is possible with the GPS navigation settings. The fish finder is loaded with an inland mapping of the United States of America that brings you more than a thousand lakes coverage. You only need to set the system before you start fishing.

Key Features

  • Lowrance Hook2 4X comes with a one-year warranty from the manufacturing company
  • The SolarMax display offers excellent performance
  • This fish finder comes with an in-built GPS navigation feature
  • It has extra features including transducer, transom bracket, mounting brackets and power cable.

Sonar Beam

When talking about the solar beam, a lot of things usually remain unclarified since it’s a wide topic of discussion. This means that you’ll get great coverage when scanning with the device. However, the information displayed is not detailed enough since it doesn’t show the exact size and shape of your possible catch. But some people find it reasonably practical.

Lowrance Hook2

Operation Frequencies

Lowrance Hook2 4X shows high performance in some areas and frequency of operation is not an exception. Currently, the CHIRP solar technology is an essential feature for a variety of fish finders on the market. We can blame this situation on popular brands like Garmin and Lowrance.

In terms of specific settings, even high-end models from renowned brands always try to isolate frequency channels. Regardless of the cutting-edge system, fish finders always incorporate CHIRP sonar technology as a basic.

The most common frequencies of the CHIRP sonar system are usually 200, 192, 83 and 50 kHz.  It typically sends out a number of frequencies in an ascending order and is quite popular as it uses different frequencies.

The Lowrance Hook2 4X software usually shows images with precision. It receives scanning information and other details from the sonar that does thorough examination. The Lowrance Hook2 4X comes with the CHIRP but you can’t arrange the frequency options.

Most professionals hate relying on the scanning results offered by the sonar system since they term them as modest. The other half find this option satisfactory. At the end of the day, the manufacturer was only looking to provide an affordable option for its consumer base as opposed to a high-end product.

Energy Capacity

Energy capacity is where the Lowrance Hook2 4X lacks as it tends to show the weaker side. This category is usually exaggerated in most publications but the model in question uses about 200 RMS watts when it comes to power. However, this figure is on the lower side of the spectrum but its acceptable. It’s of great importance in relation to the nature of sonar.

You should also know the exact meaning of RMS when converted to other frequencies. Lowrance usually uses a CHIRP sonar detector with a wide spectrum that’s why it’s important to know the depth of the frequency. It’s possible to take a signal image of 50Hz to 800 feet depth with Lowrance.

Remember, the Lowrance Hook2 4X runs on 200watts. Tuning this handy tool at 200 kHz gives you a clear image from a 200feet depth. That’s why most advertisements always mention that it has a range of about 500 feet.

User Interface

One of the most popular advantages that the Lowrance Hook2 4X offers to customers is the useful yet simple handouts. The options are quite different and large enough to tell the difference. Plus, you can change the settings effortlessly since navigating them is easier. What’s more, all the options are easily accessible by a press of a button.


Not all options are high-end products that’s why we are talking about economical options. Save for the high-end technology that involves the use of a touchscreen, Lowrance Hook2 4X features a keypad interface.

In addition, it has different setting buttons that are not only easily accessible but also easy to control. This is because you might want to change the settings to a more delicate one when it comes to software settings. However, changing the software settings in other models can be quite tricky.

The best thing about Lowrance Hook2 4x is that the control buttons are neat to use and press. You can do anything with ease by simply holding the rod as the operations are relatively easy with this handy tool.

Advanced Auto Tuning Sonar

You’ll come across different weather conditions when fishing which is quite normal.  The advanced auto tuning sonar technology enables the device adjust on its own when the weather changes.

Wide Angle Coverage CHIRP

Advanced technology usually provides the user with multiple sonar coverage as compared to its counterparts that fall in this category. You can cover larger areas in a short time and detect more fish using the Lowrance Hook2 4X thanks to the wide-angle coverage CHIRP.


  • Lowrance Hook2 4X has a GPS antenna for navigation
  • Top tier performance as compared to other different CHIRP sonars
  • High-tech auto tuning sonar
  • Chart plotter with excellent performance


  • Lowrance Hook2 4X doesn’t have a structural scan, side scan and down scan
  • The GPS antenna is not quite reliable in terms of performance
  • Lowrance Hook2 4X Review

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Using the Lowrance Hook2 4X hard?

Lowrance is a renowned brand that focuses on making easy to use products and this Lowrance Hook2 4X is no exception. This model is simple and equally sophisticated. Lowrance Hook2 4X comes with detailed instructions for ease of installation and convenience. This allows you to focus on fishing as opposed to wasting time focusing on the installation process.

2.  Does Lowrance Hook2 4X Show Speed?

You can edit the data fields to change the settings by clicking the menu options on the page. Choose the SOG option then apply it. As simple as that and the speed ground will display on the screen.

3. Is an iPad Screen More Convenient Than a Lowrance?

Marine electronic monitors are an excellent choice in different sunny conditions. This is because they are specially designed to exert maximum power as opposed to other types screen tablets and phones.

4. What Kind of Display Does the Lowrance Hook2 4X Have?

Lowrance Hook2 doesn’t have advanced technology features but are quite decent for use. The display is no different as it compares to those on high-end models in terms of size. The SolarMax technology display is handy on brighter days.

What’s more, the display features different energy saving options that are usually valuable. It tends to shine a little brighter especially when a great amount of sunlight falls on it. The display is equally convenient since users don’t have to stand right in front of it to see what going on owing to the range of different viewing angles.

Lowrance Hook2 features different viewing angles that are clear from about 70 degrees except at the bottom from about 50 degrees. It comes with an additional ultraviolet light for a good view without disturbing the fish.


Some professional fishermen don’t mind spending a fortune on universal devices. However, Lowrance Hook2 4X is a relatively decent model with excellent performance. It’s a perfect choice for those who want to spend the day relaxing on the boat while fishing. Lowrance Hook2 4X performs well in different fishing situations.


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