Lucky Fish Finder FFW718 Review

Lucky Fish Finder FFW718 Review

Those who love fishing or enjoy adventures around water, whether looking to catch a fish or not are quite conversant with a fish finder. Fish finders are handy tools especially when it comes to helping you snag the next whopper with ease. You are missing out if you’ve never used this device before. In layman terms, fish finders usually use sonar to give the user an accurate direction of the water underneath.

A fish finder can tell you the number of fish in a particular area, the exact location and size of the species using high frequency sonar signal. The device is quite handy as it not only helps you save time but also ensures you are more productive in terms of performance. You’ll be able to cast the line only where you are sure you can get the bites. If at this point you are fascinated with the idea of a fish finder then you should try out the Lucky Fish Finder FFW718.

Lucky Fish Finder FFW718 Review

Lucky Fish Finder FFW718


Features of the Lucky Fish Finder FFW718

Wireless Operation

Most fish finders on the market are typically semi-permanent handy devices that the angler has to install on the boat in order to use them for better results. For the most part, the idea is usually quite effective but gets a little complicated when you want to fish along the shores or want to use a different boat for fishing. Fortunately, the Lucky Fish Finder FFW718 allows you to fish anywhere you like and also carry it along with you.

The receiver and wireless transmission work perfectly well in different environments within the range of about 120 meters. Plus, the fishing process will be more fun and enjoyable since you’ll b able to catch lots of fish in a short stretch of time.

Sonar Transmitter

Most fish finders on the market are a single unit which typically means that fishers only get a chance to monitor the fish around them. This is because they have to hold the device when in use which makes monitoring the fish on the furthest end or on the opposite side quite challenging. However, with the Lucky Fish Finder FFW718, you can effortlessly cast out the portable and compact sonar transmitter that usually floats on water.

Casting out the portable sonar transmitter allows you to see the exact location of the fish without necessarily going in with the boat which can possibly scare them away. The portable sonar transmitter produces a high-pitched sonar frequency about 125kHz which is enough to give you accurate readings without scaring the fish away or disturbing them. In addition, users can get the depth range up to about 45 meters which makes it ideal for ponds, rivers, lakes and open oceans.

The best thing about this fish finder model is that you can carry it along with you for any fishing adventure.

Larger Display Screen

The whole idea of using a fish finder is not only to help you catch more fish but also clearly see whatever you are doing. There are many fish finders on the market and they all have different display screen sizes. Some fish finder models usually have tiny screens and are equally cluttered that you can’t tell the exact details of the displayed data. However, this is not the case with the Lucky Fish Finder FFW718 since it features a large display screen for ease of decoding the data.

Lucky Fish Finder FFW718

Lucky Fish Finder FFW718 has a large display screen and only shows the most important data which makes reading easier. It not only helps save time but also prevent any confusions that may result from inaccurate or incorrect reading.

Pros and Cons of Lucky Fish Finder FFW718


  • Lucky Fish Finder FFW718 is easy to use making it ideal for all your fishing adventure needs
  • This fish finder model saves information
  • It’s entirely waterproof
  • It features a large display screen for ease of reading the displayed data
  • Its operation is versatile
  • It’s a long range fish finder model
  • This handy fish finder model offers wireless operation for convenience
  • It’s a battery saver and comes in a complete set


  • The readings are not always accurate
  • You can wear this fish finder model around the neck but for that to happen, you have to put it in a waterproof bag
  • The portable sonar transmitter is waterproof but the receiver is not so you’ll have to place it in a bag to prevent it from getting wet as it will interfere with its performance
  • The portable sonar transmitter and receiver don’t usually connect automatically – it takes some time

Carrying Case

The Lucky Fish Finder FFW718 comes with a large enough waterproof carrying case for ease of transportation. This fish finder model is equally portable. The best thing about it is that you can use it without removing the case for extra protection in case it drops. The carrying case is a bit thick, clear on the sides and features a lanyard that allows the user to wear it around the neck for convenience.

Lucky Fish Finder FFW718 comes with the following;

  • Waterproof carrying bag
  • Neck strap
  • External antennae
  • Manual Guide for quick references
  • Free button cell battery for the sensor
  • Wireless remote sensor
  • Dot matrix fish finder


Lucky Fish Finder FFW718 is an excellent choice for professional anglers and the novice looking for a model that’s easy to use. It has all the features you need for accurate readings. You can never go wrong with this fish finder model as it’s one of the best on the market.

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