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Where are Plano Tackle Boxes Made?
Where are Plano Tackle Boxes Made?

Where are Plano Tackle Boxes Made?

If you love fishing then you know how amazing it feels doing it on a sunny day. You sail to the best fishing spot with your essential tools in the boat. You throw the bait in the water and manage to catch fish in your first attempt. All this is possible with the right tackle kit at your disposal. This is where the Plano tackle box comes in. But, where are Plano tackle boxes made?

Where Are Plano Tackle Boxes Made?

In the past, anglers used to carry heavy tackle boxes when going for fishing. The tackle boxes could rust easily since they couldn’t withstand salty water. These type of tackle boxes would shock the fishers and non-fishers alike. Fishing was not only tiring but also expensive since anglers had to replace the rusted tackle boxes frequently after use.

However, the practice prompted Warren Pete Henning to refurbish the existing tackle boxes. In 1952, he came up with Plano tackle boxes made of plastic. The plastic tackle boxes were rust-free, durable, lighter and had multiple storage compartments. Making the plastic tackle boxes was quite a hassle and a journey since at the time, plastics had a bad reputation and were not popular.

Warren Pete Henning used molded plastic to make the Plano tackle boxes. The manufacturers felt the need to add storage compartments in the tackle boxes in 1969. This made them redesign the Plano tackle boxes with some cantilever trays. The first worm-free Plano tackle boxes were introduced to the market in 1974 and are still used by fishers to date.

In 1972, the manufacturers of Plano tackle boxes came to the limelight as Plano Molding Company. This is where the Plano tackles boxes were made. The company is confident in their product since more than 50% of the American population uses Plano tackle boxes. To unlock this level of confidence, the company, which is based in Texas, continues to revamp the Plano tackle boxes since their invention in 1952.

Plano Molding Company usually brings innovation to the tackle boxes to give anglers a better fishing experience and also improve their techniques. Currently, the company offers a range of products to facilitate both hunters and fishers. Their products are versatile which makes them the leading company in the fishing industry.

Plano Products

Where are Plano products made? At this point, we know where Plano tackle boxes are made and we can now explore other products from the same company that relate to fishing. Some of the most common products from Plano include;

  • Spool box
  • Satchels
  • Worm wraps
  • Storage box
  • Tackle backpacks
  • Speed bag
  • Rod tubes

Plano Molding Company provides a range of equipment for hunters as well. Ranging from the rifle case, choke tube, ammo storage case, sportsman trunk, arrow case, crossbow case to gun guard. It has everything a hunter or a fisher need.

New Fishing Products

Plano Molding Company aims at bringing advancement to all hunting and fishing gear. To work towards this idea, the are always launching different innovative technologies. Their 2018 fishing products were all about making the most of your time in water for a better fishing experience. Here’s an updated list of the company’s fishing products:

  1. V Crate

It’s specially designed for Kayak fishing. It has improved storage functions as its modeled on a crate of milk. It additionally features a waterproof bin at the base to protect the contents especially when fishing in salty water.

V crate is equally compact but has enough room to hold all your fishing gear. It comes in 3700 stowaway size.

  1. Soft Crate

Soft crate is made to complement different storage options. Just as the name suggests, it’s soft, customizable and lightweight.

plano soft crate

It’s also convenient to use since the sections are removable. It’s best suited for professional anglers and the novice alike owing to its compact size.

  1. Z Series Bags

Z series bags features zipper less and brazenly patterned tackle bags, wraps and tackle backpacks. These bags are not only waterproof but also durable.

The zipper less bags are specially designed for ease of access compared to its zippered counterparts. On the other hand, the pockets have hook and loop closures.

These bags are integrated with adjustable straps with tool holders and slip pockets.

  1. KVD Series

The series includes signature tackle bags with molded tops. Plus, these KVD series tackle bags can comfortably hold full size stowaway utility boxes.

The TPE coating helps protect the bag from other external elements and water. The red interior, on the other hand, increases its visibility in areas with poor lighting conditions especially during the night.

  1. Weekend Series

The weekend series is a modern version that includes speed bags, tackle bags and tackle cases with storage compartments that are easy to access.

plano weekend series

The Weekend series compliments different sports fishing styles with its tan and grey colors. All these items contain multiple D ring molle attachment points to increase the storage spaces.

Benefits of Using Plano Products

You should always go for Plano products because:

  • All their products offer improved storage
  • Their products are water resistant – the O-ring and Dri-Loc seals reduce any chance of water leaks significantly
  • The utility boxes from this company offers a range of configurations and come in different sizes
  • They have hydro fog bags helps protect the contents inside and also drain out excess water. Plus, it makes cleaning the bag easy.
  • The user can strap down the bag to the boat thanks to the Utili Tackle Bottom Rail System for ease of accessing the gears.


The Plano Molding Company began with refurbished tackle boxes and is now the leading suppliers of fishing gears in the industry. They were recreating essential fishing products with no limitations when it comes to technologies for their tackle boxes. Fishers and hunters can never go wrong with Plano products as they guarantee the best experience.

All you need for your next adventure is the Plano signature on all your gears.


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