Best Fanny Packs for Travel (Guide)

Best Fanny Packs for Travel (Guide)

Cringing at the thought of traveling because of fear of large backpacks or suitcases? You don’t have to anymore. At least not with the affordable fanny packs voted the best for carrying essential items this year.

Fanny packs are an ideal and convenient way of carrying essentials when traveling as well as running errands on a busy day. Fanny packs are convenient as they can be strapped around your waist to conceal your items and make you feel more secure.

One question you may have is, “can I get a fanny pack that will be spacious enough and still offer security for my items?”

Well, read on. You will be shocked by the choices you have when it comes to fanny packs.

What is a Travel Fanny Pack?

A fanny pack is a handy bag that has an adjustable clip fastener. The faster enables you to wear the pack around your waist. Most people use fanny packs during the day to keep loose items like mobile phones, keys, money, charger and others.

The popularity of fanny packs comes from the security they offer. Because many people wear it at the front, it is difficult for someone to steal their items.  Moreover, wearing fanny packs allows you to go about your duties hands free.

Fanny packs are an ideal combination of class, convenience and affordability.

Types of Fanny Packs

There are different types of fanny packs in the market. The packs can be categorized as below:

#1. Fanny Packs for Exercises

biking while wearing a fanny packThese fanny packs are designed to be carried when doing exercises. Their main work is to hold water you will take while working out.

Exercise fanny packs can be worn at an arm’s length to make exercising even easier. Most runners or gym enthusiast find the fanny packs handy.

#2. Hunting Fanny Packs

Hunting fanny packs resemble travel one but are mostly in camo design or khaki green color that camouflage with the hunting environment. These fanny packs will ensure your hands are free during hunting to better concentrate on your target.

#3. Hiking Fanny Packs

Hiking fanny packs are also popularly known as lumbar fanny packs. The fannies are designed for both hiking and camping. They have a large pouch, similar to traditional backpacks but much smaller and consequently more mobile.

#4. Travel Fanny Pack

This is the most classic of all fanny pack designs. It has a strap that fastens around the waist with a buckle fastening and a small pouch that sits on the belly. Travel fanny packs are the most common types of fanny packs and the easiest to get.

What to Consider When Buying a Fanny Pack

Although fanny packs look like small bags that won’t trouble you much when buying, you can end up with one that won’t meet your needs. There are some factors you should consider before purchasing a potential fanny pack.

These include:

i)                   Weight

This is one of the most important considerations to consider as it touches on your health.

The weight of a fanny pack is mainly determined by its size and the material used to make it. If you will be using the pack to carry a lot of items, choose one that is spacious but light which will not strain your back. The best travel fanny packs are both spacious and light. These packs are an ideal choice as they are made to be worn around your back.

ii)                 Storage capacity

The best size of fanny pack to purchase will depend on how you will be using the pack. Go for a medium size fanny pack if you do not have many things to carry. A large fanny pack will be ideal if you have a lot of items to carry.

You might need to use a fanny pack on several occasions. Therefore, don’t narrow your limits. The storage capacity of a fanny pack will also most likely determine its cost.

iii)               How discreet is the fanny pack?

Some fanny packs are easily concealed for security. These act more like money belts and ensure your items are safe, especially when you are in a busy location. You can use such fanny packs daily to carry your phone and charger, money, wallet or other loose items when running errands.

Best Fanny Packs for Travel (Comparison Chart)

Fanny PackSizeTypePhone Pocket
Our RatingPrice

Tinyat Travel Fanny Bag reviewTinyat Travel Fanny Bag

Up to 40"TravelN

Freetoo Running Belt Workout Fanny Pack Running Bag Waist Pack reviewFreetoo Running Belt Workout Fanny Pack

Up to 33"WorkoutY

Allen Nomad Waist Pack with Water Bottle Holder reviewAllen Nomad Waist Pack

Up to 54"HuntingN

WATERFLY Fashion Durable Unisex Outdoor Sport Gym Camping Hiking reviewWATERFLY Fashion Waist Pack

Up to 42"HikingY

DTOM Concealed Carry Fanny Pack NYLON-Black reviewDTOM Concealed Carry Fanny Pack

Up to 42"HuntingY

X80 Multi-Use Two Zipper Fanny Pack

Up to 36"TravelY

Undercover Fanny PackUndercover Fanny Pack

Up to 46"TravelY

WindTook Fanny PackWindTook Fanny Pack

Up to 51"LumbarY

YUOTO Outdoor Fanny Pack

Up to 47"Hydration/HikingY

AccMart Waterproof Fanny WaistAccMart Waterproof Fanny Waist

Up to 57"Hydration/Lumbarv

Getting a Good Deal for a Fanny Pack

Purchasing a fanny pack should not be an expensive affair. However, if you have not set your priority and don’t know what you are looking for, it is easy to buy the wrong pack. Before starting to shop, know the type of fanny pack that you need.

Below is an overview of the best fanny packs for different activities.

Best Fanny Packs for Travel

#1. Freetoo Running Belt Workout Fanny Pack Running Bag Waist Pack Review

Freetoo Running Belt Workout Fanny Pack Running Bag Waist Pack reviewLooking for a stylish and a convenient pack when running or in the gym? If so, the Freetoo Running Belt is for you. This pack is small enough not to slow you down but spacious enough for storing everything you need while exercising.

The Freetoo Running Belt has two large pockets made of water resistant material. The pockets will protect your items from rain (if you’re running in rain), sweat, and other spillages. The pack has two large pockets; one that can fit a mobile phone that’s less than 5.5”. It also has an adjustable buckle fastener (from 27”-33”) that will snugly fit your body.

The Freetoo is the best fanny pack for exercises as it can store everything you will need at arm’s length. To prevent ripping, avoid putting items with sharp edges in the bag.

Check Customer Reviews & Price at Amazon

#2. Allen Nomad Waist Pack with Water Bottle Holder Review

Allen Nomad Waist Pack with Water Bottle Holder reviewFrom Allen Nomad Waist pack reviews on Amazon, it is clear why it’s the best fanny pack for hunting. The hunting pack is made of a tough and durable material that can withstand rough environment associated with hunting. The material is also waterproof; you can continue hunting in the rain if you’re feeling too good to stop.  The material is also camouflage to sync well with the hunting scenery.

The Allen Noamad Waist Pack has a padded belt that is adjustable to 54″. There are three compartments in this bag with strong, quiet zippers. The compartments are spacious and accommodate various items. There is also a grab handle at the top that make the bag easy to use on the go.

This fanny pack is not only ideal for hunting but can also be used for other outdoor activities. With one of these packs in your hands, you will never have to worry about losing you items.

Check Customer Reviews & Price at Amazon

#3. WATERFLY Fashion Durable Unisex Outdoor Sport Gym Camping Hiking Review

WATERFLY Fashion Durable Unisex Outdoor Sport Gym Camping Hiking reviewLooking for a stylish but durable fanny pack for your hiking expedition? You should check the WATERFLY fashion fanny pack that comes in a variety of colors and has a grey adjustable belt.

The hiking funny pack is made of breathable nylon to prevent it from sweating against the body when you are walking. The material is also reflective, which will be handy when you’re walking in dark areas. The belt fits warmly against your body and makes it comfortable to carrying the bag.

This bag has multiple compartments. The main compartment is spacious enough to accommodate essential hiking items.  In the smaller compartments, you can carry loose items like cash, phone, or keys. All the compartments have strong reinforced zippers. On the side of the bag there is a gauze side pocket which you can use to carry your phone or your water bottle.

The WATERFLY also has a grab handle at the top that makes it easy to take off the bag, place it down and get it back on as efficiently as you need to while on the go. I doubt there is any other bag that will outdo this one in terms of performance.

Check Customer Reviews & Price at Amazon

#4. Tinyat Travel Fanny Bag Review

Tinyat Travel Fanny Bag reviewWant to carry your essential loose items on your waist instead of in a large shoulder bag during your holiday and weekend walks? The Tinyat Travel Fanny bag has fulfilled your wishes.

This fanny pack is available in multiple colors to suit your mood and style. All the different colored bags have an adjustable black belt. The fastening belt can go up to 40” measurement.

The travel fanny pack is made of a nylon material that is durable and water proof. The front pouch of the beg fits snugly below the belly and is so light. You may even forget you are wearing a bag.

The front pocket is spacious enough to carry you essentials. There is also an extra small front accessory pocket where you can put your keys or small phone. Both pockets have strong zips that secure your belongings.

This bag is ideal for traveling in busy places since its discreet enough and secure.

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Other Fanny Packs We Love

#X80 Multi-Use Two Zipper Fanny Pack with Cell Phone Pocket Review

The X80 Multi-Use Two Zipper fanny pack is true to its name. The pack is primarily designed for use as a travel fanny pack. However, its all-round design makes it good for everyday use.

The fanny pack comes in an assortment of colors with a black strap and two spacious pockets. The main pocket is spacious enough and also has a key chain that you can use to access your key easily. The other pocket is also spacious to accommodate a big phone like the iPhone 7.

This bag also has an adjustable waist strap that goes up to 36”. The bag is made of lightweight material and will therefore keep extra budge away from your body and reduce strains. While the bag is a functional item, it also makes a fashion statement as is evident from Amazon reviews.

Check Customer Reviews & Price at Amazon

#DTOM Concealed Carry Fanny Pack NYLON-Black Review

DTOM Concealed Carry Fanny Pack NYLON-Black reviewThis fanny pack is ideal for carrying a gun because of its concealing nature. According to the product description, you can carry a full sized gun model 1911. However, it can also be used for other purposes. The zips are also strong enough and reinforced making them safe.

This fanny pack is a slim fit and will closely hug the body for extra security.  The belt is also strong and adjustable.

The DTOM fanny pack has two compartments; one main large one for storage and a smaller one where you can put your keys and wallet. The smaller compartment can also fit a sizeable smartphone. There is another pocket in the small pocket where you can store your USB cable or other cables like a camera cable.  No other concealed fanny pack can beat the DTOM fanny pack.

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